Settled Ozil commits himself to Arsenal “family”!

Despite there not being any real open interest in Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil from other clubs, especially none that has been reported in the media, Arsenal fans can rest easy knowing that Ozil is very much settled in North London.

There had been concerns at the end of last season that some of Arsenal’s biggest stars, including Alexis and Ozil, were becoming frustrated with the club’s supposed lack of ambition and inability to regularly compete for major honours every season. As a result, the rumours started that they were unhappy and we’re looking to leave the club this summer, but Ozil has put all rumours to bed for now at least, with the German international stating that he is more than happy at Arsenal.

In a video for Arsenal Player, on, Ozil stated that he is happy at the club and that one of the reasons why he will be staying with the Gunners, is because he feels settled in North London. Ozil said:

“I’m the sort of person who can integrate quickly. I’m a normal person and people who know me know that I’m quiet and just like doing my thing. That was the case here, with the Germany national team and in my youth. I was and still am very open when I meet people. It was like that at Arsenal too. I lived in Spain and got to know the wonderful culture and people there. Now I’m in England, where I’m learning the language and the culture. I’m proud of that.”

Ozil appreciates having his own personal time and space, as well as being integrated into a strong bond with his teammates. Ozil has previously stated how in London he can achieve both these aspects, but we can see by the lack of interviews that he does (and has openly stated) that his nature is that doesn’t like being in front of a camera all the time. For Ozil at Arsenal, he has been able to settle into that family like bond that many of his teammates and other players from past years have mentioned. Arsenal is a family club with everyone playing for the team rather than for themselves and Ozil certainly appreciates that.

So whilst we can be happy that our main man is settled at the club, all we need now to satisfy our concerns completely, is for the German international to sign a new contract with Arsenal, as soon as his European Championships adventure is over with Germany. Next up Alexis please!



  1. What! ? No mention of the message that Arsenal fc sent Özil on Facebook? ?
    Some reports ( Metro ) have called it beggingly cringe-worthy! ? ?

    ” We miss you Mesut, Love from Arsenal fc x ”
    ? wtf is that about? ? and why haven’t they sent Sanchez one? ??

  2. There is a difference between being happy at the club and happy with what the club is achieving.

    I cannot see ozil or sanchez signing a new contract until later in the year. They will wait until they see who arrives this transfer window and how the team performs next season. From this aspect the current transfer window is very important.

    When they joined it appeared that the financial constraints were being lifted and Arsenal were heading back to where they used to be, at the top of the PL and challenging for CL.

    Last summer no outfield players were signed, title challenge was over at beginning of may with loss to swansea, 10 points adrift of winners at end of season. Kroenke says he is not “involved” to win championships,

    Basically they probably believed the story that as repayments on stadium were reducing the increased income from new commercial deals that Arsenal were on the up. Instead, kroenke thinks that fans have been happy with top four for 12 years so will continue to be happy with top four, and maximise his income. We have one top signing per season, ozil, sanchez, cech, xhaka. This summer is a bit different because we know that welbeck is out so we need a striker.

  3. OT. I have a friend who is a manu supporter (he was born and bred in manchester so he does have an excuse) he is convinced manu knew that welbeck was an injury crisis waiting to happen, that is why they sold him to us.

    1. Jonm that’s BS because Welbeck was not this injury prone when he was playing for Man U,something is wrong with Arsenal’s training methods that results in players being constantly injured

      1. Obviously Arsenal’s injury record speaks for itself,
        But as for Danny Setbeck ? he also has a history of Knee Problems and muscular issues! ? ?

        Danny Wellbroke’s INJURY HISTORY:

        hyaline cartilage May 9, 2016 .
        Knee-OP Sep 3, 2015.
        Patella problems May 4, 2015.
        Knee Problems Mar 30, 2015.
        Thigh problems Dec 29, 2014.
        Muscle fibre Aug 29, 2011.
        Thigh problems Jan 6, 2011.
        Knee injury Mar 25, 2010.
        Knee Problems Nov 19, 2009.

        1. Thank you Dr. Fatboy. Now, we all knew the reason behind Danny’s long-drawn injuries, because you were the doctor (hahaha)

      2. Dee, that is what I thought but then I read about the new medical facilities opened in 2012.
        The first of its kind in the Premier League, it will enable United to fast-track players back to fitness and identify potential injuries up to six months before they occur, through ground-breaking technology. Kitted out with CT and MRI scanners and other cutting-edge equipment as part of a five-year agreement with Japanese company Toshiba, the centre will mean United will no longer have to rely on nearby hospitals.

        Perhaps this cutting edge technology identified Welbeck as a long term injury problem. I was surprised they sold him to us at the time.

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