Fenerbahce ask fans to help them fund Ozil salary

Fenerbahce has asked their fans to make donations to help them pay Mesut Ozil’s £3.5m-a-year salary.

The German is joining the Turkish side from Arsenal after being frozen out of the Gunners’ first team.

The midfielder has reached an agreement with Arsenal to terminate his £18m-a-year salary. He will now turn out for the club he supported as a boy until 2024.

Mail Sport says Fener is already £460 million in debt, but they are confident that the German’s move will be able to fund itself with the commercial appeal that he brings.

The club’s president, Ali Koc has now asked their fans to break the SMS record by sending an SMS that will help them fund his move.

The campaign has been named ‘Mesutol campaign’ and each message will set the fans back by £2.

Koc announced as quoted by Mail Sport: ‘We have a request for our fans. Please continue to support us, we are also dependent on your financial support. 

‘On the day of the signature, I will ask you to break a record. With an SMS campaign. 

‘Maybe 300,000, 500,000 or maybe even a million text messages come together. This support will do us very good.’ 

The Turkish league is less glamourous than the likes of the Bundesliga, La Liga and the Premier League that Ozil has played in, but the German will still look to show that he isn’t finished yet when he starts playing again.

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  1. It sounds like our club, signing over the hill players for more than they are worth and getting themselves into financial trouble.

  2. So this is what football is all about now. A club begging fans to fund a players salary. This isn’t true otherwise Özil is not a footballer but just a blood sucker… l thought he loved the club, Why make them go through this?

    1. Asking help doesn’t mean they can’t stand for themselves, donations from fans can help the club find other parties

  3. Ozil and Arsenal reached an ‘agreement’ to terminate his contract 6 months early. So how much did Arsenal have to pay to reach this ‘agreement ‘? Probably at least half his remaining 20 mill salary. All in all Ozil cost Arsenal north of 100 million quid in transfer fees and salary. So how much did Arsenal get in return for the 100 mill expenditure? A big fat zero. A dignified solution? No. A cataclysmic financial debacle by Wenger and Gazidis. Those that followed both in upper management and on the field were saddled with this massive greed machine for 3 painful years. There was only one winner Ozil. And it is by no means over. Like Kolasinac before them Socritis Luiz Mustafi Pepe Willian Cedric Auba Laca Elneny are all set to leave on a free after huge transfer and or huge salary packages. Oh and don’t forget Saliba. Then there was Ramsey and the Sanchez /Mikhitarian debacles. The club wont properly recover until 2023 from these monumental financial failures. Emery and now Arteta have had to slog their way through this mess trying to keep Arsenal relevant. As Emery found out it is a thankless task while Arteta is hanging on by a thread. Arsenals reputation as a wise financial institution has proven to be a myth. Yet the buffoons running the club are not being called out.

    1. But but he is a Shirt Selling Genius. He Made all that £100 million back and more for Arsenal through his Shirt selling prowess..
      Ask some of his most avid worshippers on here.

  4. But isn’t he supposed to be a “Shirt Selling Genius” according to some fellow gooners?
    The money he is gonna make for Ferne on merchandise would be enough to pay for his own salary.


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