Ferdinand questions former Man United youth who stated that ‘Arsenal are better’

Ravel Morrison once told Rio Ferdinand that he was going to leave Manchester United and join Arsenal because they are ‘better’.

Ravel was once rated as one of the youngsters who had the most potential at Old Trafford, but eventually left the club in 2012 to join West Ham having failed to make his league debut.

Morrison now finds himself without a club at the age of 28, after being released by Dutch club Ado Den Haag last month, only four months after joining the club.

It’s safe to say that the midfielder never amounted to the potential that he showed at a young age, but admits that he once had the intention to leave Man United and join Arsenal, a statement that didn’t go down well amongst his team-mates at the time.

Rio questioned him on his previous comments for YouTube followers, saying: “At the training ground, this is how confident this kid was, we would be getting out lunch.

“Me, Giggsy, Nev, Scholes, Wazza, everyone, we are sitting down at the first-team table.

“And he would be in the queue and I remember him telling Gary Neville that Arsenal are better than United.

“He said, ‘I’m gonna go Arsenal, I am gonna sign for Arsenal soon if I can.’ Do you remember that, Rav?”

The former youngster didn’t deny his comments either, backing up his statement by saying: “Yeah, because I wanted to play with Thierry Henry.

“Obviously, Rio knows he played in a superstar team but the way I like football and my style, Arsenal were the one for me.

“You had Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Sylvain Wiltord, Nicolas Anelka, wicked.”

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If he wanted to play alongside Thierry you would imagine this conversation would have been in 2012 when the Frenchman returned to the club on loan, but the other players had long left the club by the time that Ravel Morrison would have been considering such a move, although he failed to make the cut regardless.

Could you imagine a young Arsenal youth telling today’s stars that they want to leave to go to a rival ‘because they are better’?


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