Fergie says stronger Arsenal CAN now win Premier League

When Arsenal fans hear positive things about the current incarnation of the Gunners from Arsene Wenger or former players that are now working in the football media it is one thing, but when we hear it from someone who has no reason to give us any credit and who traditionally has been down on us as a club and a team, I think it strikes a chord.

The former boss of Manchester United certainly fits into the latter category of people, so when I read the comments of Sir Alex Ferguson on the Sky Sports website about our chances this season of finally ending the long wait for another league title it was definitely welcome.

The Scotsman did not say that we are favourites to win it, with that honour going to Man City under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, but he did put us in the running and reserved some special praise for the performances of our young Nigerian international star Alex Iwobi.

The reason Ferguson gave for believing that Arsenal could do better this time than in recent years is the same thing we keep hearing, that the current side has more steel added to the usual silk of our play. He also described as as a more sturdy unit, probably due to the resilience we have shown in games like the ones against PSG, Burnley and Southampton which in other seasons we may well have lost.

He said, “You shouldn’t forget Arsenal. The team is more sturdy. They’ve got better and more aggressive. I’m impressed with the young boy Alex Iwobi.”

This is not exactly glowing praise I know but I reckon it must have hurt him to admit it. The question is can we keep showing the traits that has made Fergie feel that the season could belong to Arsenal?


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  1. mohawk says:

    Mourinho’s nonsense continues unabated. I really do not understand why he is allowed to continue to participate in the EPL.

    Ban him. Finally and forever. All he does is poison every institution he touches. Enough.

    I have lived in the U.S. and in Germany. I cannot imagine that such behavior would be tolerated in the NFL, MLS or even the Bundesliga. Either the owner or the league would find a way to get rid of him. Why must England put up with it??? Send him to China or something.

  2. Well even last season we could have won it …but we didnt so his coments dont mean anything to me. Lets not forget City, Liverpool, chelsea and spurs are right there at or about the top with us.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t believe he really fancies city as favorites. The way they defend means one off day by the creative players probably means a loss, I can see a few late equalizers too. And if this is his old mind games putting pressure on a team that look soft at the back, well then I’m thinking about his sturdy comment. He says we have more resilience but highlights our least sturdy player. Maybe he is just being honest but it’s hard to tell, he still feels very passionate about utd, goes to the games, advises them, you never know. I think at this stage you would have to say liv are the favorites. Klopp has some winning experience and they will likely gain least amount of injuries. They play a very aggressive game and have the loudest fan base. I would say they are the favorites. Spu don’t have the experience, barely ever coming fourth, I think it would have suited them if they didn’t make Europe instead of pool, I think they’ll succumb to injuries and mental exhaustion. After liv looking at it now I would put Arsenal and City next in line, then Che then Utd. It could all change very quickly, bloody refs, stupid injuries, etc. Still a very long way to go, some would argue that it hasn’t even begun yet, even though it could’ve all been over for some.

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