Ferguson reckons Arsenal’s “invincible” season is the biggest achievement in football

Former Manchester United manager and one of Arsene Wenger’s greatest rivals, Sir Alex Ferguson says Arsenal’s “invincible” season in the 2003/2004 campaign is the biggest achievement in football.

The Scot was speaking in a new documentary on the life of Wenger as Arsenal’s manager due to be released next month.

Arsene Wenger: Invincible is the latest documentary from Amazon Prime and a trailer was released today.

Wenger and Ferguson were foes for almost two decades as the managers of the two most successful clubs in England in that era – Arsenal and Manchester United.

They have since buried the hatchet, according to The Sun.

Ferguson retired as the manager of United in 2013, while Wenger was forced out of Arsenal in 2018.

The Frenchman now works for FIFA and Ferguson agreed to be interviewed for the documentary.

When asked about Arsenal’s unbeaten 2003/2004 season, he said via the report: “The achievements stand above everything else.”

In another part of the released trailer, while speaking about their heated rivalry at the time, the Scot said: “I’m saying to myself: ‘Is he looking for a war?’”

The documentary is expected to be released in Cinemas and on the Amazon Prime streaming platform next month and the trailer suggests it would be one of the best football documentaries ever made.

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  1. What an admission by someone who has won everything that a manager of a Premier League club could achieve… except Invincibility in said PL!!!

    Of course, the cynics amongst us would want everyone to believe he doesn’t mean a word he says and he’s on royalties from the video rights.

    Personally, I concur with Sir Alex Ferguson, after all, he’s admitting Arsene achieved something he never could.

    1. Some fans seem to choose to believe implicitly every single word of any publicly uttered or written statement .
      Others, whether regarded as cynics or, as I PUT IT, REALISTS, have learned that in life many people say and also write things they do not mean, and they say them for many various different reasons.

      I learned that lesson many many decades ago. Some have still not learned, even when older than I am.

      1. @Jon Fox
        Please Dont make them wake from their Dreams .
        I see football and all related activities associated to it as art and business. Fergie has taken the script well.

  2. I wonder if Arsene will ever admit that Fergusons 13 titles and 2 CL titles makes Fergi the greatest manager ever?
    I wonder also if Arsene will admit that Mourinho was a superior manager who destroyed him when he came in 2005?
    And will Arsene ever admit that Pep Guadiola is also superior to Arsene?
    Will Arsene admit that his sacking was totally justified?

    1. No

      that said, from an innovative perspective, Arsene was superior to all the above mentioned names

      as for Fergie’s statement, for someone with such an astounding CV to bestow such an honour on the Invicibles is definitely noteworthy

  3. An achievement forever etched in our clubs history.

    Each season now, how many of us end up praying for the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Chelski to ship a defeat in order for us to retain our proud record.

    In his book, Arsene tells how he told his squad that they were capable of going through the season unbeaten before a ball being kicked – the rest is glorious history.

    But we very nearly pulled it off previously.

    I have a huge soft spot for George Graham.

    In 90/ 91 Graham’s side suffered just one defeat throughout the entire season on the way to landing the title.

    A season which saw us deducted 2 points for a punch up at Old Trafford, and Tony Adams jailed for drink driving.

    Incidentally T A was in nick, at the time of the game we lost – away to Chelsea 2 -1. …..would we have avoided defeat with Adams in the side that day ?

    Unlucky George ( why oh why the envelope, such an unnecessary ending).

    1. AJ, isn’t it strange that the two most successful managers in our time as supporters, should have left under such clouds of discontent?

      I can’t remember ever having read anything from GG, explaining his actions.

      History tells us that Herbert Chapman was also a revelation around his time at the helm and we both knew Bertie Mee’s influence at the club to be respected and acknowledged.

      Let’s hope in the near future, we will be able to discuss the positive legacy MA will be having.

      1. Hi Ken.

        Yep, strange – only at Arsenal perhaps.

        Whatever each individuals stance may be on Mikel, surely we all crave celebrating success under him- as we would under any manager in place.

        Of course if he doesn’t deliver, there’s only one outcome.

        It’s the time afforded to him that’s the question.

        But you’re right – Chapman, Graham, Arsene done so very much for shaping the club we are today.

        Onwards and upwards.

      2. Well said AJ and ken; couldn’t agree more. AJ the officiating (as far as I recall) in that 1-2 loss to Chelsea wasn’t the best either!

        1. Spot on Ozzie.

          I remember moaning for ages after ( and this exchange has brought the memories flooding back) we were denied a stonewall penalty for handball.

          If scored, and Smith still went on to score the late goal …. 2-2, and unbeaten all season.

          Ifs, buts and maybes but hey that’s all part of debating the great game.

    2. AJ IT WAS ACTUALLY CHELSEA 1 ARSENAL 0 and level at half time!
      Signed by the Gooner chief pedant, aka, me! And had Bould managed to finish that game, I FIRMLY BELIEVE GG would have beaten AW to manage The Invincibles!

        1. AJ I was there. It was 1-0. 100% certain! What ever any book might say. Books have been known to get “facts” wrong.
          It was almost snowing, freezing cold and we away fans were kept in for about half an hour til all the home fans had gone.

          I remember it like yesterday and that 1-0 WAS the score.

          1. Was you at Highbury when AW’s squad DID actually become Invincibles though?

            No “maybes or what ifs” GG didn’t do it and AW did – Sir Alex Ferguson said it all and it’s such a shame that some of our fans can’t enjoy this simple FACT – Fergie knows what he’s talking about doesn’t he fairfan?

          2. Hi Jon.

            How bizarre .

            Are we talking the same game.

            I was also there as in those days followed the side far and wide.

            As my memory served me ( books used only to preserve my sanity on this occasion) we lost 2-1 .

            2 goals from Kerry Dixon, and a late goal from Smudge for us .

            This was only game we lost that year.

          3. Ken, recognising the achievements of George Graham’s 1990/91 side surely doesn’t diminish Arsene Wenger’s achievements?

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