Few offers reported for 23 year-old Arsenal Academy graduate who wants out

There are a hell of a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds, both outgoing and incoming, but so far there has been extremely little movement either way.

One player that we were expecting offers for is Ainsley Maitland-Niles, who has not been able to find any game-time in his preferred position of midfield, and was sent out on loan at relegated West Brom for the second half of last season.

At the end of the season, which saw the Baggies relegated, Sam Allardyce suggested that Maitland-Niles should return to Arsenal and stick to his best position of right-back unless he can start scoring goals to contribute to the team. Allardyce told the Mirror: “It’s the same for every midfielder, or every attacking midfielder like them, they have to add some goals.

“Overall, Ainsley has done the job we asked him to. He’s played where we have asked him, he’s played where he wanted to. He’s made a big contribution. But there is just one thing missing: Those goals that we ultimately needed.”

But the Academeny graduate has made it clear that still wants to play in midfield, and he wanted to talk to Mikel Arteta when he returned from his loan.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Maitland-Niles said: “If I was to get a phone call from someone at Arsenal and they said they’d like a meeting tomorrow, then it would be easier that way.

“They can tell me whether they’ve got plans to play me in the future or if they want to sell me. I’ve heard they want to make some space [in the squad] and some money so I’m not sure.

“I want a decision. I want some clarity. And then hopefully I can get to work with whoever I need to get to work with.

“Whether that is finding a new club or whether that is carrying on with my training. I would like some kind of indication of what is happening. Where they see me.

“If it works out it works out, if it doesn’t then kiss Arsenal goodbye. It’s been a long journey but a proud one at that. Maybe they still want to do something and things could change. If not, there’s always other teams.”

So, the other teams mentioned so far are Southampton and Watford, and he was mentioned as a possible swap option involving Wolves’ Ruben Neves a couple of weeks ago, and Everton was mentioned as a possible destination by the Mail.

But there has not been any serious rumours of offers coming in, so it could be that he could stay at Arsenal. With numerous reports of Hector Bellerin leaving, perhaps Arteta could persuade him to return to the right-back position to give us some options next season, but AMN doesn’t seem interested…

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  1. I’m not AMN but if I was it would be a no brainer for me – which would be to play for Arsenal as a RB than in the midfield with Watford.

  2. silly boy trashing his own career.Wins an international call up as rb/rwb then refuses to play that position.sigh

    1. You think everyone likes to settle for Less in life, right??😏
      Why will a midfielder who has qualities of Gigi Wilnaljdum or Michael Essien be happy playing RB??
      That was how John Mikel Obi left his central midfield role to play defensive 4 under Jose Mourihno!!
      He was a star Midfielder in a FIFA U 20 W/C in 2005.
      It affected his Playing abilities badly!!
      I want to support AMN on dis!!
      He is a good midfielder n we should keep him as a back up!!

  3. He could have been our own milner with his ability to play well in multiple positions but if he is unwilling to budge on his midfield fixation despite 3 coaches suggesting otherwise then his choice.

  4. In one respect I feel rather sorry for AMN. He is not at all a bad player but he is just short of the quality we badly need to improve our team and MA knows that, which is why he has been trying to sell, or if not, then loan him.

    But at 23, he is not going to much improve . Not old of course but neither is he young in todays game and if you have not really proved to be top grade at 23, it is unlikely, that you will ever become so.
    Pro football is a ruthless game, which is one reason why payers are so overpaid.

    I said I feel sory for AMN in one respect but lets face facts; a 23 year old young man with a degree of talent who is earning tens of thousands of pounds every week, is not someone we should break our hearts about , Id say, speaking as someone who believes in looking at lifes priorities and keeping things in true perspective.

  5. I wonder how many teams would be in for Haaland if he said the only place he wanted to play was goalkeeper…

  6. Not surprised regarding this. Half decent player that didn’t want to play a certain position(nothing wrong with that, it’s his choice).

    Instead of just being sold immediately but MA he’s been dragged along and now devalued. Should’ve just been sold, not complicated.

  7. Maitland-Niles needs to improve,as a midfielder, he’s got no eye for passes, he’s shot accuracy is bad but he’s fast and strong,

    A lot of players have had to play in other positions as advices by their coaches and have rightfully excelled,

    Mctominay was bought as a striker, casimerio wasn’t a Defensive midfielder, the list goes on and on,

    Sometimes we need to take a moment to rethink, that’s all.

  8. I think it’s best for both parties to move on, ainsley is very talented but it just hasn’t worked out for one reason or another. I do think he will have a lot of suitors due to his versatility which should help drive his price up around the £20m mark.

  9. I have watched AMN play various positions and there iß a position that he will fit in very well.Let us try him at
    8. Try him during preseason at 8 and you will be surprised.
    AMN is energetic and very forward moving inclined. Try him at 8 and he will give us goals and enough assists
    AMN is adequately versatile and defensive when the need arises
    We cannot afford to lose him Mr. Coach. Try him at 8 .

    1. An 8 needs to score goals. AMN is rwb or RB at best. I would be more than happy if our 2 RB choices were AMN and Chambers, but will Arteta that is the important thing. He seems hell bent on replacing every player that he didn’t sign.

      1. I though it was AMN who was insistent
        To suggest that he is hell bent on removing every player he didn’t sign is nonsensical to me anyway

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