Fibbing Mourinho REALLY hoping for Arsenal’s invincibles feat!!

After Arsenal lost to Chelsea on Sunday, despite a much more spirited performance from us, it meant that the Blues had dropped just two points, in a tough away game at Man City, from their opening seven games in the Premier League season. It also prompted Jamie Redknapp, as reported by Metro, to suggest that this Chelsea side were looking like the famous Arsenal team of 2003/04, dubbed the invincibles because of the amazing feat of completing a season with out a single league defeat.

But before the clash at Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho had dismissed the possibility in a Sky Sports report, claiming that it was never going to happen again, while also suggesting that this is because the Premier League is more competitive these days and so belittling what that Arsenal team at the same time.

The Chelsea boss said, “It’s something that happened once in a lifetime. I don’t see, in modern football with the competitiveness of this Premier League, one team being champion without a defeat.

“That will stay in the history as the second and the last time.

“(That is) my opinion, but we don’t know.”

Do not believe the Portuguese poseur for one second Gooners. That is exactly what he wants from his Chelsea side this season. Why did he mention it if it was not on his mind? All he is doing is the same as last season, with the talk of his `little horse` team having no chance against the might of Man City. Then if they had not crumbled at the end, he would have said their title win was some sort of miracle.

By the way, when he says the second time, again trying to make our feat look less special, it is because Preston North End did the same in the first ever football league season back in 1888/89 when they played just 22 games.

Do you really believe that the big head that is Mourinho does not think he can emulate Wenger’s achievement, or that he would do anything to do so? Let’s hope that someone beats Chelsea before then, but if not then their visit to the Emirates at the end of April is going to be all out war. Surely they can’t do it can they?

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  1. Henry>>>>>>>>> Costa
    Pires>>>>>>>>>> Hazard
    Viera>>>>>>>>>> Matic
    Chelsea don’t have much of a chance tbh. We have only played 7 games.
    We can still win the title. We need to be the leagues flat track bullies.

    1. I think we have shown that already by the number of red cards we have got. The players just need to learn how to get away with tough but fare tackles.

      1. No, mate, We need to tackle more and be more dirty so the referees wont get their cards out for every contact our players make with their opponents.

  2. Becoming the invicibles was very hard because the premier league is hard. it’s prob the only league that you can’t take any of the lower/middle teams for granted. it’s October and we have till May. A lot can happen till then.

  3. #u*k mourinho.
    The fault lies with Wenger.
    He didn’t address the DM position, even tho he knew we needed one.
    Didn’t sign out & out striker. The board had to sign welbeck.
    Turned down the chance to sign cesc, bloody idiot.
    Stadium, security, world wide fan base, thank you but football manager he is not

  4. Chelsea is powerul in every
    position and play a very
    disciplined game. But every man
    Jack (scuse the pun ) in our team
    played very well. In fact it was
    our best performance of the season.

  5. @Andrew AFC

    Thank you
    You are right… Next article!

    Talking or debating about the invincibles is almost insulting to those guys and the current players…
    This a “performance” that will stay in the history of British football for years to come and more.

    We have bigger problems.
    Replicate the past is impossible (especially the way we have been going for more than 10 years).

    Since the beginning of the season we have been pilling average performances (the Galatasaray game was just easy, since Galatasaray is not really of European standard anymore) with a manager still figuring what is his best 11 and best tactics (if he has any).

    Well yes, Mourinho is c*nt, but a c*nt who knows what he is doing and a proven winner.
    Can Chelsea win the league?
    Easy to answer… Yes!
    Can Arsenal win the league?
    Well, possible, but I will fade towards the “not a chance” (I would be gladly wrong)

    The most amazing thing is we are in that situation because of one man and one man only, Arsene Wenger (well the board is also keen since he has no pressure to deliver).
    The players will do their job because some of them have pride (like the FA Cup finale) and they will want to be in the CL next year.

    I knew we had no real chance against Chelsea (better team, better players, better manager…), so I am not surprised… What is still sticking to my mind is the draw at home with Spurs… That was a f*cking disgrace!!

    1. @LoCkAy
      The invincibles did it first in the modern era and that will always mean Mourinho will be second best. You what to play mind game Mourinho I can do that. 🙂

  6. @ddalll.
    Yes I agree about the DM.
    I see us hammering most teams from now on
    but the lack of a commanding DM
    and predatory striker shows up against
    the top teams. 4th pace sustainability does
    provide everything a football fan wants
    except the big titles.
    It comes down to ambition v’s risk.
    Our club chooses sustainability.
    Who am I to disagree.

  7. If it wasnt for Henry and co, more then half of the Arsenal fans around the world would not be fans.

    We will never beat Moro but i am sure some some small team will ( if possible managed by Pullis).

  8. Oh how i wish chelsea could slip up and lose 2 games on the bounce! Hey! Anything could happen in epl! Coyg!

    1. This is football, who knows they may just go and lose against Palace and reinvigorated Manu in their next two games.

  9. Off topic_____

    Messi is good, but La Liga exaggerates his prowess.

    Honestly, the most lame league presently is La Laliga. I swear, Messi won’t make it in England at all and without his Barcelona teammates he’d nothing.

    Back to the main topic, Chelsea can’t play unbeaten, sincerely it’s really not possible. The season hasn’t gone far, they’d soon be blown by the wind of reality. Just that we did not have a good defensive midfielder and Wenger often gets his team selection wrong together with the positions in which he plays his players. We could have won’t them at the Bridge.

    Let’s just hope Wenger makes good use ot the January transfer window, I’m very positive about the players we have currently, just need one or two quality additions.

    1. @KickAssFan
      We need more than one or two to compete we need a LW, CDM, 2 X CB and a world class CF. We also need to sell players that Wenger doesn’t use or hasn’t got faith in.

      1. @Andrew, sincerely, two would do. A world-class CB that can play as a DM, and a world class outright DM. The flanks have enof players already (Walcot, Ox, Sanchez and Campbell, at some point even Welbeck could be made to play there, trust Wenger).

        I quite believe in Bellerin, and I think he should be promoted (and we still have Jenkinso there who’s on loan), while there’s Debuchy and Chambers. But Chambers can be converted to a DM at anytime. And I also think Hayden just by the corner too.

        Sanogo should go out on loan and Benike Afobe should be recalled, he deserves a chance in the first team and I think he’s even better than Sir-no-goal. We also have Apkom too.

    2. True on that with Messi.

      Yes, Wenger will slap you rlly hard. Kim Kalstrom slap, bringing you back to earth.

    3. i don’t know what you’re talking about, I’d take Messi on our squad in a heartbeat. He has a strong supporting cast, but put any current BPL player in his spot and see if they can conjure the same insanity

        1. Lol! Sorry, I meant sign Messi and make him play as right back. But he’s already done dat to Ozil, right? Playing de poor fella out of position.

            1. @Mesut O-, u are damn right. Wenger de genius can do that, particularly when he moves from “A to B”.

    4. Oh please..Last i checked Messi has ripped apart most EPL opposition he has come across..AFC took 4 from him

  10. I agree, the Arsenal fan base is so impressive because of “that” generation of players who made us so proud, not Wenger. One of the best team in the world if not the best on his time.

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