Fickle Arsenal fans need to be patient and trust in Arteta

Perspective please! by ThirdManJW

Just like an angry kettle, I am steaming right now! Not with the defeat at Anfield, or the way we approached the game, but with the reaction of some of our fans. Talk about fickle!

Reading some of the articles, and comments over the last day or so, one would think we got absolutely spanked by Liverpool! Not only that, but we were in a dire situation, with no progress whatsoever. Same old Arsenal apparently! This will rile some of the complainers up, but are you completely delusional?

Now a lot of you may be thinking, how dare ThirdManJW have a pop at us for moaning, when the majority of what he says in regards to Arsenal is negative. Whilst it may be true that my comments usually had a negative vibe, it’s only because I am a realist. I try my best to go on facts, logic and reason. It was dreadful for a very long time under Wenger, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and it barely improved under Emery, so of course I found it extremely hard to find any positives. Ultimately, my criticisms were proven correct, as Arsenal just kept getting worse. I have since been very positive about Arteta.

I am now writing as a realist again, to give some perspective to the current Arteta doom merchants. This time its realism steeped in positivity. So, let’s talk about facts, and get some perspective, in regards to the main talking points from the Liverpool defeat.

Liverpool’s strength

Probably the most laughable thing, is that it seems some felt we should be getting a result at Anfield. Liverpool at home, is the toughest game in world football these days. Eased slightly with the lack of fans, but still a nightmare fixture for ANY team. Even if Bayern played there, they would most likely lose, and ship some goals. Yet Arsenal should be getting something from this game? Yes, we have beaten them recently, and even I felt confident, but Liverpool at home are a different beast! They haven’t lost a home league game since April 2017. 46 games unbeaten. That’s how tough the fixture is, and that’s not even mentioning the gulf in quality between the two squads.

How we approached the game

I think it’s fair to question Arteta’s team selection, i.e. Saka is one of our best players, so why didn’t he play? I wouldn’t question the tactics though. Many have been complaining about our tactics. Too negative! We should have been more attacking! I think a history lesson is needed. We have been nothing but attacking in these games for as long as I can remember, and what was the outcome, time, and time again? Spankings, and humiliations! So, it’s understandable, and fantastic to see, that we now have a manager who recognizes our weaknesses, and sets us up in a more pragmatic manner. Also, prior to the game, we had won 5 out of 9 against the top teams, and been competitive in almost all of those fixtures. So, why would Arteta want to stray from a winning formula? Although Liverpool dominated the ball, that was the plan, and at 2-1 when Laca messed up his big chance, Leno hadn’t really had a lot to do. The plan almost worked again.

Overall progress

Another complaint I keep seeing is that we’re never going to get anywhere playing this way. Really? Have people just had their memories erased? In only 7/8 months, Artetaball has yielded two trophies, European football for this season, and has given us an excellent record against the top teams. One should also remember that this is with a dreadful squad of players, who’s confidence was at rock bottom. Also, we have won 3 out 4 games so far this season this season. So clearly, the way we play is still working!

To summarize: We are very early into a new process/project. Despite that, we are clearly progressing, we have an identity again, and moral around the camp is great. We are winning trophies, and beating the top teams. Just imagine how much better we can get when Arteta gets his own players in, and has more time. This season has only just begun, and we already have a 75% win rate. Of course, we need new blood, and hopefully we can get one or two more in before the window closes, but it will still be another 12/18 months until the team can really be molded into what Arteta wants.

I get that fans have no patience left after the seemingly endless regression under Wenger, but we need that patience back again, and we need to trust Arteta.



  1. Admin Pat, I have always believed self criticism is the best way to improve one self. Looking at the teams weaknesses and improving them to add to their strengths is the only way to bring success.

  2. Finally an article which looks at the bigger picture rather than just fickle reactions to a loss to the best team in Europe right now.

    I trust Arteta’s vision and am interested to see what his squad looks like at the end of the transfer window. Improve our midfield with a couple of signings and then I truly believe we will be a major threat to others wanting a top 4 spot.

    1. Thirdman

      You ALWAYS complain at people putting their points of view. Just let people have their views and their space to say what THEY want. Just say what you want without constantly knocking others.

  3. The lack of CL football under AW at the end of his illustrious career and the Emery tenure which was a total disaster left the club in dire straits and leadership at the top of the club only added to the problems

    I read all the calls to sign top coaches in Allegri or Ancelotti and then Vieira and Henry as former players, but neither of them good enough in management to emulate their genius on the pitch

    We all know Arteta’s history but none of us knew if he could be ‘that man’. I was excited but anxious about his appointment as so much was resting on it.

    There is no easy fix in today’s EPL. Even wads of money can’t buy a title straightaway like it did with Blackburn. City took time to get established. I actually think it’s a miracle that Arsenal are where we are now. We are in Europe and Cup winners. Much more solid, more of a team, a great work ethic and a belief that better times are ahead -all without big money changing hands (so far). Hopefully that will change before the end of the transfer window

    A bit of positivity from some of fan base wouldn’t go amiss. The first sign of a poor game it’s either Arteta for the chop because of useless tactics or the whole first 11 for just being useless. I hate it when Arsenal lose but the turnaround from a year ago is staggering and I salute Arteta. He is still the fledgling but well on his way to soaring. (Ends with a crescendo of orchestral music)

    1. I said it once and I am going to say it again no one is invisible at the club and no one is perfect. So MA made a mistake and will make se more mistakes in future. He is a human being. He has impressed so far and I have been saying for some time he is no ordinary manager bec if he was, he would not have been held in high regards by two of the best managers in my eyes. But then there is other side to this if he makes a mistake or something does not look right, us as fan have full right to criticize him. Given the criticism is constructive, there is no point in abusing some one that is not going to improve their performance and won’t do any good to you either. I definitely think he got it wrong in Liverpool match, we should have attached them look what Leeds almost achieved and then remember the 4-4 we had with them in past. I think with a team like Liverpool specially at their ground winning is difficult but you can get a draw only by attacking not by defending and soaking up the pressure. Their defence is weaker then offensive same as us so why play to their strength. When ever we ventured forward and attacked they struggle to cope. I hope we put out a more attacking team today, I don’t care if we loose but I want to see us fearless and not hide from any team in world. We need that attitude if we want to progress and become one of the elites in Europe again.

        1. Lcw
          Quite rightly there is nothing wrong with criticism as long as it is constructive as Mohsan has too.

    2. Spot on, SueP!

      Even Klopp was powerless at first. He too inherited a team very much on a down spiral. He got them stable again. After a few seasons, he he managed to get them at the top again. It took, patience, hard work and bit of cash.

      I will say though, Liverpool fans were just like us at first. They put pressure on the owners to spend though and eventually they gave Klopp more funds as they could see he was the right man. All we can do is give MA some time to do his thing in his vision. Any manager in his position deserves the same!

    3. Sue P, For that music I can recommend Ralph Vaughn Williams’s The Lark Ascending! It soars to the sky and goes higher and higher. Seems most appropriate to me.!

  4. For me, I have no problem with the loss as I expected us to lose. Infact, how we got over them the 2 previous times still surprises me.

    My problem is the way we lost. We were totally outplayed and outclassed. Apart from the one through ball from Ceballos to Laca, we created absolutely nothing in the match.

    You say “Liverpool at home, is the toughest game in world football these days”. Leeds recently went there and gave it a real go. I’m not sure they’ll say it’s the toughest match they’ve played. I just want to see the team fight and try and whatever the outcome, I’ll applaud them. We are the Arsenal, please play with pride and ambition.

    1. I agree, Maxis. That is why I am looking for a better performance tonight.

      Sometimes, it is more about how you lose and not why. In reality, we looked nervous. We were first to nothing and second to everything. We tried to play out from the back and miss-passed the ball too much. An all too familiar scenario. Our biggest problem is that no one fears Arsenal anymore. Especially teams like Liverpool. The likes of Leeds will fancy their chances against us. In fact, not many teams will fear us. They know if they close us down quickly and pressure us, we will give the ball away. I’m sure MA know all this already and we just have to give him time to get the team believing in themselves and the football they play. For now, we just have to keep biting our nails I guess 🙂 .

  5. The issue is most fans don’t have opinions, their opinions have them.

    They fall easily for articles and sound bites from the media which tries to tug at their emotions. Everyone knows how emotional Arsenal Fan’s get, it’s the easiest way to gain views, likes and clicks.

    I think it’s because Arsenal fans appear the most online, via social media or YouTube, we now think we’re suddenly football experts, or Arsenal isn’t in a transition period with Arteta.

    The fact that we were in the game up until the 80th minutes until the 3rd goal was a clear sign of improvement, we’ve been humiliated at Anfield for far to long before that.

    But I’ve accepted that most of our fans are emotional wind bags, and media businesses scoop that up, the only way I managed to also not turn emotional is accept my opinions are only valid when tested against other opinions.

    1. I never understand this kind of reasoning.
      Why do people thinking that anyone with a different view to yours is because they have been influenced by the media?

      It’s so dismissive. It’s like when for example some fans criticise a given player, you then have that player’s fans going on about “You are criticising him because you bought into the media etc.”.

      People have different opinion no each and every aspect of life. Just because they might have an opposite view point to another person does not mean they only have that differing opinion only because they are gullible and only go by what the media and social media tells them.

      Just saying. Don’t be so dismissive of others opinion.

      1. What an awful and pointless reply, next time save your fingers the hassle and keep your opinions to yourself👍

  6. There’s no such thing as “fickle fans”.

    Starting today, am going to explain one of the certain things that IMMEDIATELY informs one of a future great coach.

    1. Pressing from the front:
    This is the FIRST THING that great coaches like Klopp and Guardiola instill in their teams even before looking at tactics and skills.

    If atm (a whole half a year) we still allow teams like Westham an immense amount of time on the ball, then we’ve not changed any one bit. Arteta being a graduate of Guardiola I thought this was plain obvious to him.

    This pressing alone is what distinguishes teams like ManCity and Liverpool from the other teams. It breads that FEAR in opposing teams;;;; so those 2 teams end up playing 60% of their matches almost at halfway line.

    That’s the basic starting point;;; the next points I’ll give them subsequently.

      1. Herbz. Don’t mind those caught in the web of self pity & feeling of inferioty complex to Liverpool. They can afford to celebrate b’cos our team played so gallant to avoid being beaten by the best team in the world by just 3-1. Arsenal has improved so much under Arteta, they say, by their warped estimation. Yes, ofcourse I will rather belong to fickle Arsenal fan group than see myself celebrating mediocrity. B’cos this is what these Arsenal fans are doung. Playing drab, non creative layback system where the opposition is posting twenty something shots to less than 10, and yet someone has the temerity to be celebrating such a shamble? In such a situation is there any wonder that they try to rope in Lac as the fall guy for missing a goal despite getting us our only goal due to his quick football reflexes? How many of such chances did LiverP if I may ask such characters, anyway? The factor of fear is still much with the team. What has Arteta done to address that irritating bug? Nothing. Arteta could have made a better selection of the players at his disposal without any biases, instilled self belief & confidence in the team & approached the match, better than the drab layback system exhibited by the team especially in the first half of that shameful match. That layback strategy shows how much Arsenal has deteorated. It was indeed a strategic error on the part of Arteta to employ the same system in that game after having used it in the Communit Shield. There is indeed nothing worth celebrating in negative football.

    1. At Anfield the gunners were afraid.

      secondly quick release of the ball into the opposition half to put pressure on their defenders, would have helped. Liverpool defenders were just strolling while ours were overworked.
      Look what Leeds did to Liverpool, What Liecester did to Man City, and now Everton are playing same pressing game.
      Let the team not get afraid of opposition.

      Slow passing near our goal will not help a thing.

    2. @Herbz, the great Guadiola got whooped 5-2 at his backyard the other day, why did’nt his team press at the front? you’ve got to have the right players and the process of understanding the pressing drill takes time. Arsenal’s Major problem now is in the midfield, none of our midfield players is comfortable on the ball except ceballos, so we basically play by-passing the midfield, xhaka and Elneny both receives the ball and turn towards our goal in search of safety, ceballos has to come deep to get the ball. A team like Westham has all their midfielder comfortable on the ball so the will boss Xhaka and Elneny, so Arteta has to play long balls to bypass midfield play. Besides, Xhaka and elneny are slow, they dont press so the forward players like Laca, Auba, willian are left to do the Job in isolation, this is not effective pressing.

      1. SIRJOE, what a shrewd and accurate reading of team tactics right now. It proves why we urgently need top quality in our midfield and to lose the slow plodders and backwards or sideways only passers. Without true creative equality in midfield we are always hampered. We have only one one of such quality but the tragedy is that he is not prepared to work as others do and as all need to do. Consequently, we need creative artistry and we need it now.

      2. My friend, we’re going to keep on buying world class players left, right, center, bit if they’re not put in the right system and MENTALITY, they’ll have no effect at all.


        1. Gabriel was one of the best for forward passes,,,, What happened to that here???
        2. Willian to me atm is ineffective, why??

        You revisit that match and notice how Lacazette and Willian were very tired,,,,, but Mane, Salah etc were still energetic. Why???

        Because if you don’t utilise the press, and keep chasing and making half-hearted challenges, you get tired more often.

    3. Don’t mind those caught in the web of self pity & feeling of inferioty complex to Liverpool. They can afford to celebrate b’cos our team played so gallantly to avoid being beaten by the best team in the world by just 3-1. Arsenal has improved so much under Arteta, they say, by their warped estimation. Yes, ofcourse I will rather belong to fickle Arsenal fan group than see myself celebrating mediocrity. B’cos this is what these Arsenal fans are doing. Playing drab, non creative layback system where the opposition is posting twenty something shots to less than 10, and yet someone has the temerity to be celebrating such a shamble? In such a situation is there any wonder that they try to rope in Lac as the fall guy for missing a goal despite getting us our only goal due to his quick football reflexes? How many of such chances did LiverP miss, if I may ask such characters, anyway? The factor of fear is still much with the team. What has Arteta done to address that irritating bug? Nothing. Arteta could have made a better selection of the players at his disposal without any biases, instilled self belief & confidence in the team & approached the match, better than the drab layback system exhibited by the team especially in the first half of that shameful match. That layback strategy shows how much Arsenal has deteorated. It was indeed a strategic error on the part of Arteta to employ the same system in that game after having used it in the Communit Shield. There is indeed nothing worth celebrating in negative football.

  7. Facts being used to predict the future in an unpredictable game like football is often an effort in futility! The above points by ThirdManJW remain a function of purely random factors. In real terms, we judge by every game in football. Fact, in his first season, didn’t Emery go almost 20 games unbeaten? Where did that end up in the long term? Yes, Arteta is making considerable progress and that’s good to hear, but it isn’t enough to predict the future. Consequently, fans must continue to judge per game! If it is poor in a game, then it must be spoken and that justifies being fickle! Being fickle isn’t wrong from a fan’s point of view! It is the way it must be! Even the best coaches can only assess developments after each game. Statistics and facts fly out the window immediately the whistle is blown per game. So, do not pop at fans for moaning, they only have learnt from history that facts and statistics in a random game like football, and in the EPL in particular, doesn’t count! Patience is advised, I agree, but expressions over an immediate game is permitted as well! We only learn from each game and move on!

    1. What a sensible post with proper realistic perspective. I always appreciate those who bring intelligent thought to their posts. And the opposite of that sentence is also true, to my irritation, in certain fans.
      We should also factor in our own various personalities and allow for that, though I do find some comments so moronic that I need to respond. That is stupid of me and when will I even learn that you cannot properly and successfully debate with certain low level intellect fans, as some have neither the wit nor intellect to even understand my posts.

      1. Yes Jon you need to make allowances for your equals. We are all Arsenal fans with different levels of English and intellect.
        Be nice!

      2. @Jon, I really do understand your viewpoint. It is often necessary to know what should be debated and what should not, and I again have to agree with you. However, It’s also gladdening to read the different opinions of the members of our wonderful Arsenal family, including the often highly emotional, or often skewed opinions. Together, it makes a beautiful ecosystem in the end. I agree with @Pat that we should make space for the highly intellectual ones as well as passers-by who drop emotional comments along the way. It all contributes to the beauty in the end. I often identify those who seem to apply thoughts to their comments and try to engage them; often, it will always conclude beautifully when we appreciate each other’s viewpoints. Thanks once again! See ya after the game tonight!!!

    2. I tend to disagree a little.

      When fans just moan at nonsensical things that have no basis on what actually happened in the game, or with absolutely no reasoning except their emotions and ego investments.

      As much as there is unpredictability within the game of football, there is a level of predictability in some cases. For example, good coaches assess the types of players that may work in their system and plan accordingly and buy the player, Klopp had some level of confidence when he bought the likes of Mane, Firmino and Salah. Yes there might have been risk (Origi comes to mind) but you cant just throw your hands up and accept that everything is unpredictable.

      Football is more of game of patience, building on progress, and more importantly finding the right formula and the players for it.

      Currently at Arsenal we have a lot of players who don’t fit Arteta’s formula, be it ability or mentality.
      The likes of:
      Nketiah(ability: lack of a football brain)
      Willock(ability: lack of a football brain)
      Xhaka(ability: far too slow)
      Elneny(ability: far to passive)
      Nelson(mentality: lacks confidence)
      Pepe(mentality: lacks confidence and urgency)

      1. @CanonSpike, your analysis of all our players has cracked my ribs awhile now!! Thanks for brightening my mood after today’s game! Thanks also for that analysis! I am forced to agree with your analysis concerning each player you mentioned.

        Yes, in terms of predictability, I don’t mean that people shouldn’t make predictions, for example, people predict scorelines and so on, however, it is in the unpredictability of such games as football that fans turn out to be fickle! Being fickle is surely to be expected because of the emotions, pain, and commitment that some fans attach to the game. Do not blame them or get upset with them when they get fickle because it only demonstrates the emotional condition at that time. The same fans that booed Xhaka, being fickle in that case, now turned out to appreciate him when he began to play well. That’s life! And that’s why I said judgement and assessment is made every game.

        Finally, I totally agree with you that patience is required and maybe that is what Arsenal fans may lack in truth. I would feel that “impatient Arsenal fans” should be the topic and not the case of fickleness. My opinion nevertheless!

        Nice Post @CanonSpike! I appreciate your opinion!

  8. I am satisfied we will improve with Arteta at the helm, but it will take time and as fans we must recognise that other Clubs ,who are stronger financially, are in a position to buy their way to success.That said, so far this season, Leicester and Leeds, who are not awash with cash, have impressed me with the attacking football they play, based on a high line back four and aggressive pressing .To do this successfully there is a need for supreme fitness which is difficult to maintain throughout the season it has to be said.If Arteta is successful in bringing in two top quality midfielders, I do hope he will switch to a more attacking set up, based on the Liverpool, Man City models.I fully appreciate why he felt obliged to use a more defensive system which has improved our resilience as a team, but if we are to be a real threat to the top four, we need to show that we are more than a match for the likes of Leicester.Regardless of systems, I am optimistic for the future under MA.

  9. TMJW, before I comment on the main thrust of your article (which I thoroughly enjoyed reading by the way), I must comment on one particular passage – that being that we have won two trophies under MA.
    I assume, therefore, that you are now counting the Community Shield as a trophy, something that you wasn’t doing when AW was in charge.
    So let’s just recap on the success of our old/ex Manager in that competition as well – played 9 won 7 GF 16 GA 6.

    All in all, 17 trophies in just over twenty years, including the “lost decade” of course, is the heritage of Arsene Wenger.

    NOW, on to your article and I agree with you 100% on everything you say about the negativity regarding Mikel Arteta.
    Such short memories some fans have – under Unai Emery, the club was spiralling downwards and, for the first time in many decades, we were talking about a relegation fight.
    There was a toxic atmosphere between the fans and players – we had no idea what UE was trying to achieve with his team selections and/or style of play – he had (seemingly) lost the dressing room – the signings made under gazidis and the three wise men were proving to be a mixture of excellence and chaos ( Aubameyang and Lichtsteiner) – the board having no direction whatsoever and letting UE stay on for another disastrous six months – humiliations such as the europa cup final – all the above examples were just some of the problems Mikel Arteta had to face and sort out in his first three months in charge…let alone what we, as individuals, think of the players he inherited.

    Mikel Arteta has been a breath of fresh air at the club, reminding me of the first time Arsene Wenger arrived at the club.
    He has addressed the fans with his thoughts and decisions and has achieved so much in such a short space of time.

    Of course MA will make mistakes and cause the fans to query some of his decisions, there has ony ever been one person who walked this earth and hasn’t made one single wrong decision so I am told!!!

    It’s great to read your positivity, but, alas TMJW, you are now going to find out what it is like to confront the negativity of the doom and gloom merchants who masquerade as fans and PL managers and delight in telling everyone else how our club should be run…their negativity is endless!!!

    Welcome to the “glass half full set of fans!!!” and long may it continue – I’m with you all the way and only hope that doesn’t put you off writng more excellent articles!!!!

    1. An excellent post Ken and well said. Necessary too!

      PS I “have walked this earth”, so your reference to me – I must assume it was me obviously – is not true. I do remember making ONE mistake. More of my Mothers mistake actually, if you get the drift”!

      1. BTW, as you know Ken, I have never and still don’t regard the Charity/ Community Shield as a TRUE trophy, even though a piece of silverware is up for grabs (and drops too it seems, eh Auba?).
        Yes, I know it was actually the FA Cup he dropped but surely I am allowed some poetic licence!

        1. Jon, how you are able to read my mind is both incredible and disturbing.

          I have always sided with The Arsenal’s view regarding the charity/community shield – they do not view it as a trophy, but do consider it important enough to record our results in our official handbook.
          As I say, just wanted to point out the difference from TMJW’s perspective when discussing AW and MA.

          Looking forward to a positive result tonight and also his team selection.

    2. Ken, if we are going to talk about new managers coming to the Arsenal, one must also consider the quality of the playing squads inherited in each case. One cannot compare the players Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch to the players Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta have had to work with.
      In defense of Emery, unlike Wenger and Arteta he wasn’t a fluent communicator in English and it was difficult to implement a style of play, when you have no say in the players being brought to the Club and the players available for selection are decimated by injuries. Saying a head coach has lost the players is fair enough, provided some blame is attached to so called “professional” footballers who down tools.
      One thing that Mikel Arteta is that he is trying to instill discipline and bring players along on a journey, his way or the highway. He is trying to move players on, who he believes can’t take Arsenal forward firstly. Secondly Arteta needs the support of the Board and senior executive to bring in the players he requires to play the style of football he believes will bring success. The defense is looking sounder with the availability of new recruits, now the midfield needs attention. The fact that Thomas Partey has been a target for over 12 months, the funds required to pay out his buyout of €50 million is known and yet Arsenal has 3 days to do the business is cause for concern.
      You, jon fox, Phil, Reggie, Eddie, Sue, I and others have been privileged to see great midfielders grace the Arsenal. I personally believe that the current midfield, despite Arteta’s best efforts, will not enable the Club to achieve better than sixth position.

  10. I do agree with article
    But also you can’t have it both ways
    When I wrote my concerns about lack of investment and net spend I was called negative and told by some we were contenders , Would win cl in three years , arteta better then Wenger , etc
    If you are a fan who said this based on a one off game of beating Chelsea, you can’t ignore a one off game of Liverpool

    1. Dan, the positivity wasn’t just based on one game against Chelsea though, was it?
      We had beaten City in the semi final and pool at home… plus all the negativities I listed in my post to TMJW had been addressed (some more so than others).

      To compare one with the other, as you are doing, is ignoring the bigger picture that MA has created.
      TMJW is correct in his assessment of how the club has moved forward and it beggars belief that some of our fans are already questioning him – yes, discuss some puzzling decisions like Matt Smith, but still support the man 100%.

      1. I agree it’s puzzling why anyone would question Arteta
        But I do equally feel some Arsenal fans got carried away last season in terms of how good are players are
        For every Chelsea / City performance there was a Brighton/ Villa

        1. I truly believe it was just the euphoria of getting our club back into some kind of semblance of order and respectability… along with the belief that performances by players who had been dismissed as dross etc etc were proving quite the opposite.

          1. It is not just us the fans to back Arteta. Right now, Arteta needs the backing of the board and owners to strengthen the midfield with Aouar and Partey, so that Arsenal can compete for a top four finish and silverware.W

            1. Wayne, it will be the same thing with Arteta, as it was with Emery. The difference being that Arteta is a far better communicator in English than Emery and he is “one of us”. Therefore it will take longer before the powers that be through him to the Wolves. As I said after Wenger left, the Board and senior executive have come up with a solution in that it costs less to replace managers, than competently scout quality players and negotiate contracts without wasting money to push for top four or a title.
              Arsenal’s nett spend, total expenditure and wages bill is Champions League, not eighth place level, yet it’s the owner’s fault. It is because of his failure to sack these muppets.

  11. Think some fans need to chill out and take a reality check.
    Arteta has been in the job less than a year and the team has already vastly improved in the way we play. We need another season or two to really evolve into Artetas team and playing philosophy. Think how long it taken Klopp to get Liverpool where they are now. Just back Arteta ( There will be blips & mistakes on way) and enjoy the ride.

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