FIFA regulations could see Mesut Ozil walk out on Arsenal in the summer

Mesut Ozil has been made a scapegoat after some Arsenal players reportedly refused to take a pay cut to help the club.

The German has been a divisive figure at the Emirates since he signed his new contract.

He has failed to produce the level of performances that made the Gunners give him his new bumper deal.

The wage cut episode was a chance for the former Real Madrid man to show his good side and get the fans behind him again, but he blew the opportunity.

The fall out from his refusal has continued to affect his image and the German could leave the Emirates for nothing in the summer, according to FIFA regulations as cited by the Daily Star.

He has just a season left on his £350k per week deal at the Emirates and he knows that he won’t command such a wage in any other place alongside a transfer fee, however, he could, if he so decided, walk away for free without any transfer to burden a club that is prepared to pay him a hefty salary.

This is because a FIFA rule allows players to end their contract if their team decides to readjust the agreements that both parties have signed.

Ozil has been adamant that he will see out his Arsenal contract, that isn’t because he wants to do something good for the Gunners, but because he wants to collect all his wages as he won’t even get half that much elsewhere.

But that does not change the fact that Ozil is now in a position to simply walk away without any sanction if he so chose.

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  1. When you have a contract worth over £18million a year and you know that such riches are not readily available elsewhere why on earth would you move on? I’d be gobsmacked if he got such favourable terms anywhere else in Europe but China or the USA -it’s possible.
    I’m past caring what Ozil earns as he and the majority of them all earn sums that are totally unjustified

  2. Ozil wont be leaving, why should he? Hes winning the lottery every week at Arsenal, hes got no incentive to leave at all. Easy life, easy money.

  3. Not taking a stance one way or the other here, but……………..

    I have never seen the term “scapegoat” associated with one person so often in my life.

    Smoke and fire come to mind.

    Just saying .

    1. AJ, maybe you were not part of this site when a particular Iwobi was still an arsenal player, some even call me an obsessed Nigerian even though am French, some says he will end up at Brentford for less than 10million, but Everton paid 40million for him, some say only arsenal can give him a 50k weekly salary but now he’s on 170k in everton, So believe me,after ozil leave arsenal, there will be a new scapegoat.

  4. An irrelevant article, as the writer is fully aware as are we all too, that Ozil will not willingly leave before his obscene contract is up inJune 2021. Of course we can dream but dreams are not reality.

  5. I think I’ll celebrate Ozil’s departure more than any other signing or departure so far. As Stan Adams says perfectly, Ozil has been a cancer to AFC.

  6. To liken Ozil to cancer is a disgrace .The reason for our lack of success for over a decade cannot be attributed to one player but to a failure of Management to resolve glaring weaknesses on the pitch.Ozil is vastly overpaid but he is only one of many and due to the Pandemic the chickens are coming home to roost sooner than anyone expected.Fans will no longer accept the blatant inequalities which have been ruining the game for years.Players, pundits ,Management and last but not least, the parasites which are known as “agents” have drained our great sport of funds which should have been reinvested in ” grass roots” and used to reduce the outrageous gap which has arisen between the Premier League and lower league Clubs.

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