Fifpro releases statement in support of players after Man City vs Arsenal match is postponed

Players football union Fifpro issues strong statement.

FIFPRO has given its support to nations and footballing bodies who are planning to cancel games or playing behind closed doors because of the Coronavirus outbreak across Europe.

Their statement of support came after the Premier League had to cancel the game between Manchester City and Arsenal after the owner of Olympiacos admitted to suffering from the coronavirus.

The Greek businessman was in attendance when the Gunners lost to Olympiacos in London and he was reportedly in contact with some of the club’s players.

Those Arsenal players have been asked to self-isolate themselves for the next 14 days as the club looks to curb the spread of the virus.

League’s across Europe have either suspended their domestic games or they have asked for matches to be played behind closed doors, and FIFPRO has gotten behind those decisions as they support any means that can stop the spread of the virus.

“FIFPRO continues to monitor the consequences of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world and its impact on the professional football industry,” a statement released on Wednesday by FIFPro read, as cited by Football London.

“Cross-border travel and attendance in and around games creates a high risk, affecting everyone from spectators and players to match officials and club staff.

“To provide a reliable and clear course of action which puts people and public health we ask authorities and competition organisers to take transparent, reasonable and consistent decisions across the football industry based on government advice.

“Professional footballers, like other workers, are concerned about themselves and their families and friends being exposed to the Coronavirus during their daily lives.

“For players their exposure could come during travel, training and match days. Any actions relating to these activities must be coordinated in close cooperation with players and their unions.

“We ask that employers and competition organizers respect the wishes of players to take short-term precautionary measures including suspending training or competitions.

“We support the players and their associations who have requested a suspension or postponement of football activities in their countries or regions.

“As an international industry professional football is heavily affected by this situation in multiple ways.

“Matches behind closed doors and cancellations have a considerable effect on the revenue streams and cash flow of small and medium sized clubs.

“The football industry should therefore consider extraordinary solidarity measures to protect the industry and support clubs in need through, for example, financial assistance or advanced payments.

“As the situation changes, it is important to strengthen coordination amongst international football stakeholders, governments and public health experts in order to take the best possible course of action for our people and our industry.”

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  1. Strange one this. In years gone by, a club that had a flu bug ravage the team would play reserves and kids to fulfil the fixture. Have they changed the rules?

  2. Now we know why they beat us – infecting us with a virus that drained our competitiveness and ability to defend set pieces!!!!!!

    What a shame the spuds haven’t got an excuse like that – yet another year without a trophy – keep up the good work mourinho, we right behind you!!!!

    Seriously, all the Forest players have tested negative and our club have acted swiftly, seemingly they are confident that they have acted with the diligence required.

    1. Nah it’s not the virus’ fault. As I speak, Atletico are winning against Liverpool, olympiakos style. Can’t laugh when it happens against you, right?

      1. As I speak Liverpool are out Don’t know how Atletico did it What an effort
        Daniele Rugiane of Juventus tests positive for Coronavirus

        English football has been knocked off its pedestal for now and the world faces an uncertain time full stop

    1. Most likely next weekend will be the last scheduled games in PL for a while, since it’s going to get messy. I’m going to guess that only the euro 2020 playoffs will happen this month

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