Figures show that Arsenal needs fans back or they will be in trouble

The Arsenal Supporters Trust has revealed that the Gunners are facing a loss of around £120m if fans are not welcomed back into the stadium soon.

The Gunners are one of the teams that makes a lot of money from their stadium, with that revenue alone amounting to more than £90m in the 2018/19 season.

The fans have been shut out of the stadium since March and with a second wave of the coronavirus possibly coming, it seems that they will still be out for a while yet.

The Premier League is keen to get the fans back in the stadiums to save clubs from more financial problems and the Trust have the same fears for Arsenal.

Because the final months of last season were played behind closed doors, matchday revenue fell to £77m and the Trust predicts that if just 25% of fans are allowed in the grounds this season, the Gunners will make just £20m from stadium revenue.

The Trust summarised: “Estimated losses of £44m this year and £80m next year.

“And if fans don’t return soon and more broadcast contracts see reductions it could be much worse.

“Arsenal still run a bloated wage bill (well over £200m a year) and carry significant debts – both player installments still owed to other clubs and to KSE (stadium loan legacy). We do not know yet what interest, if any, is being charged to the club.

“Potential losses of at least £120m (possibly £150m) over 2020 & 2021 demonstrate why Arsenal have to be so careful in transfer market.”

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  1. If the club had been run the right way all the while, keeping the team competitive and all, it won’t be in such a financial mess. Other than TV money, tickets and merchandise, the major way for clubs to get profits is by winning major trophies (EPL and CL). This would automatically drive up the TV money, and merch sales for the club.
    That being said, even in it’s current (sorry) financial state, the only way out to properly invest in the squad. I believe we have a potential great in Arteta, all that’s left is for the owner to go all out and get the coach his targets…… but he didn’t invest in Arsenal to win trophies, that was his statement…. I wonder how he can actually call himself a savvy business man, without a basic knowledge in business, “you have to spend money to make money”….

    1. On the flip side he could potentially sell up? Who would have thought that Covid-19 could possibly save Arsenal Football Club?

      What a sorry state of affairs 😢

  2. Yes if the financial strain becomes too much Kroenke can always do us all a favour and sell up! Him and his Wife are rolling in cash and he’s still a miserable bugger lol

      1. Indeed it is Sue but you just never know, Kroenke might decide enough is enough and look for another money maker 😂 I’ll get off his back if he delivers Aouar and partey though 😆

        1. Apparently Atletico want Torreira… the plot thickens. But they have to sell before they can buy! Sounds familiar, right?!
          Omg Price just won a tournament in Germany, beating Cross and fans were in the arena!!
          Get in there 💪

          1. Yes on one year loan with option to buy but they won’t budge on the 45 million release clause of partey 🤦‍♂️ Newcastle I think also looking for loan of Chambers and Mustafi to Lazio ? Maybe Sokratis to Napoli 🙂 that might be an empty arena very soon again Sue although I hope not, it’s not the same without the fans right ?

            1. Arsenal are deep in talks to sell Lucas Torreira to Atletico Madrid, with Thomas Partey moving in the opposite direction. Sale of Emi Martinez making up the difference.
              Arsenal will then sell Sokratis, Sead Kolasinac and Callum Chambers, and go “all out” for Houssem Aouar. #AFC

              1. I hope we find a suitor for kolasinac especially after yesterday. I hope Bayer leverkusen didn’t watch that match, they may be having second thoughts.

  3. Stan sell Arsenal?? Mmm interesting if we cant get fans in the stadium to turn a profit… maybe count our lucky stars that he may well want to sell up and save the hassle but I doubt it very much. Until Dangote comes in with a £3b bid then Arsenal will stay under the yank for years to come!!

    1. Why are some Arsenal fans obsessed witj Dangote? Has he ever owned a sports club where he spent load on it?
      Is he known to be a luxury spender like the Russians and Arabs?

      I just don’t get it. What evidence is there that has given some of our fans that much assurance and optimism that Dangote it the owner Arsenal need?

      He has been talking about wanting to buy Arsenal for more than 12 years and has never made any attempt to even inquire.

      And what makes me doubt him is that he wants to first concentrate on opening another refinery then may be he might think about buying Arsenal. That should tell you all you need to know. He seem no different from Kroenke. Has more important things to concentrate on other than struggling Arsenal. Arsenal is just an after thought for both men.

      Just an observation.

      1. Good observation mate, ppl just wish, but not be careful what they wishing for. Most people want kreoke gone but what is the assurance that the person that will buy from kroenke will spend like that Arab, what if we get someone in mode of Newcastle owner Ashley?
        All investor want profit not many are football lover.
        I still prefer kroenke systems and with right decision we can get things right, don’t forget Gazidis mess is still not cleaned up yet. Until the mess is cleaned we can’t judge new regime, because they are handicapped already, 350k Ozil wage is still a huge thorn on wagebill

      2. The major difference goonster and to answer your question on why we’re obsessed about Dangote, he’s a die hard Arsenal fan. That alone is more than enough reason to be excited. Kroenke on the otherhand is not even a football fan, he’s just a business man. Period

      3. And the fact he wants to open a refinery first is to increase his streams of revenue to invest heavily in Arsenal. You think he’s building a refinery for fun? He would still do really well for himself financially without buying Arsenal, he’s buying Arsenal because he’s sick and tired of how the club is being run

      4. And point of correction, Nigerians are as much a luxurious spender as The Arabs. Ask any Nigerian anywhere, Nigerians love to flaunt money and put their money where their mouth is

        1. Spot on Kstix..
          Was going to reply exactly just that.
          Even Russians don’t spend as much as Nigerians..
          And Dangote is an Arsenal fan.
          The major problem is if Kreonke is even interested in selling..
          Reason why Usmanov gave up.
          Hopefully the impact of Covid would make him have a rethink

  4. Even Club of real Madrid size have estimated their earnings will drop from 800m to 500m so to soften the blow a bit and in an offset attempt, they have sold some players and loaned out few to take some pressure off their wage bill. That has resulted in saving of upto 150m they predict. We need to do something similar. We need to trim our squad but this will be a short term minor fix. We need long term strategy so need better pay structure, less but right amount of club employees and last we need to compete n win some major trophies so we can bring those lucrative kit deals, merchandise profit, tour money and the tournament prize money so we need to invest in quality players . Our problem is we have quantity but not too much quality.

    1. So true, Mohsan.

      Speaking of quality and quantity..

      If we can get the likes of Ozil off the books we can make a big saving. I don’t want to get into the whole “Ozil thing” again but surely the club are in a position to tear up a contract if a player goes “rogue” or does not perform to his/her maximum potential?

  5. its the same conundrum for all teams, we are not special in that concern. It boils down to who manages it the best. We are no different to anyone else.

  6. Another wave of Covid could kill the professional game of football as we know it! Or, at least level the playing field with lower teams having lesser debts a chance to rise?

    As for mega rich owners like Kronke and Co. we may see them willing to sell before the club values drop to much? It’s a little worrying to be honest but I guess most “big” clubs are in the same situation.

  7. How is ozil going rogue? Hez done nothing to justify tearing up contract , and if they did try , it would cost them alot more in legal fees . And oh how you would moan .

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