Final day pressure to work FOR Arsenal and AGAINST Liverpool?

While Arsenal are still hanging onto the hopes of yet another top four Premier League finish after the recent run of wins continued this week with a 2-0 win over Sunderland at the Emirates, we are still at the mercy of the teams above us in the EPL table.

Manchester City would need to lose away at Watford while we would have to beat Everton and make up the five goal inferior goal difference, all of which is fairly unlikely I think you will agree, but there is a much better chance of pipping Liverpool to fourth place.

The Gunners would still have to win, but with Everton having nothing to play for their form has dropped and I do not think they will be too keen to do their local rivals a favour, so I think we can expect an Arsenal win on Sunday and I am sure that Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool squad will feel the same way and that puts a whole lot of pressure on the scousers.

They have not always dealt too well with pressure either, so I think their final game at home to Middlesborough could be a tricky one, especially if no early goal comes and the Anfield crowd gets nervous. They will be expected to win and are in pole position for the top four while Arsenal have nothing to lose.

Could this prove to make the difference on judgment day?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Don’t expect too much, fellas. Liverpool is too strong for Middlesborough. Liverpool would be really motivated and Middlesborough players have nothing to fight for.

    And it would be better if Arsenal focus on the Premiere League next season. They are still not ready for the Champions League. Not if the standard quality players are still in Arsenal.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Boro may have nothing to play for as a team but all the players will have individual performances to make, do you think they all want to stay at a club that is dropping down a league?

      Some of them WILL be playing for a move, I am not saying that it will be enough but do not underestimate the playing well to put themselves in the shop window mentality.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yeah, hopefully Adama Traore will score a hattrick in that game 😀

      2. Yossarian says:

        It’s a good point. And Liverpool have seemed to fare better against “Big” teams this season, as opposed to “Top” opponents.

        Will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. jean-pierre joly says:

    Arsene Wenger is ruining the club and he must get out this summer

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    This is why we will never win anything

    Fans still cant accept that it is over

    We will finish 5th and in Europa

    Its over

    1. Tony says:

      Do we really think Jurgen Klopp won’t like to play in the UCL next season?…gone are the days when we put our UCL qualification fate in the hands of some other clubs when we are also in the same league. Those that end up winning it don’t have two heads but work hard to achieve that and that’s the way this club should also think and not the usual “wenger trophy”…let’s be ambitious come next season but then again with a new manager.

    2. Janssen says:

      Some fans also don’t seem to fully grasp that Europa league will be harder for Arsenal than UCL. Playing Thursday night in Europe is a nightmare if you ask me.

  4. yagoonersya says:

    Sanchez is wenger in .In an interview he said protests are very bad against a man who has been in the job for 21yrs gave us the stadium and won cups,, then Sign the contract without creating drama. We have to accept wenger will stay he is already making plans for next season believing wenger will go is just being delusional

    1. Midkemma says:

      I read Alexis comments as well and had a good lol at the AOB who was using the image of him and his dogs in saying Wenger Out, at least pick a player who is unhappy with the manager XD

      I have moaned about Wenger not swapping tactics but I was impressed with us in our last game when we had a plan B, Wenger may be stubborn and I will not debate that opinion but this is a case of an old dog learning new tricks.

      We just need that old dog not dealing with transfer negotiations but working with his players, I hope Arsenal FC can make that happen so we can get the players in to help us compete, we are not as bad as a lot of Arsenal fans tend to make out. We had a bad season, not nice but a season is a season… Every team has bad ones sooner or later.

      Wenger isn’t the best but he isn’t the worst, I do believe we can win things still with Wenger if we can get the right players in.

      1. Janssen says:

        Do you guys seriously expect Sanchez to come out publically and say anything negative about Wenger? Where have you been? No football player does that.

        We will see what Sanchez really thinks of Wenger. If he believes Wenger is so great he will stay. I suspect he has no respect for Wenger or his peers since he has seen for the last 3 years they are not winners in his eyes.

        He will give Wenger the finger if you ask me, by leaving. That’s when we will find out what he really thinks of this club.

        I pray to god he stays because I don’t think we will replace him with an equally impactful player.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I would expect Alexis to not say anything if he was unhappy with Wenger, not defend him, you only defend people when you think it is right.

          You all think you know Alexis better than the man himself and that arrogance is hilarious!

          Alexis himself said Wenger was the reason why he joined, Alexis has publicly defended him… Does he have to get down on his knees and blow the guy before some of you moronic fans will accept what he says?

          If he is sold or not doesn’t mean he is unhappy, it just means the board cashed in on him like they did with Nasri, another player who has spoken out about how the BOARD deal with transfers but of course, it all got ignored as it didn’t support the stupid echo chamber you surround yourself with.

    2. RSH says:

      lmao, has anyone who is currently at the club ever said anything bad about Wenger? I’m sure Wenger is a very nice guy, but he just has no idea what he’s doing anymore.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Now I passed that ill thought out question, what next?
        A player? What about how Ospina has said he wants to leave, a player indicating they want to leave and it is because Wenger doesn’t play him enough. Oh no, Ospina didn’t spew vile like some of the ignorant fans do… so ignore him right?
        End of the day, the players seem to have respect for him and even if you do not believe it, that doesn’t make you right.

        Evidence points towards Alexis respecting Wenger, your DELUSION demands otherwise.

        1. RSH says:

          your comment isn’t very coherent. Either way, my point stands and you helped prove it (i think?). Sanchez’ statements say nothing about whether he wants Wenger to be in or out, because at the end of the day, people will only say good things about Wenger. And that’s fine, but it doesn’t indicate anything in the end.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Champions League football again…who cares?! Why do some fans still want

    I was watching ArsenalFanTV, and there was a fan on there saying that he’d rather finish fourth, than win the FA Cup. How ridiculous is that! It just goes to prove how much Kreonke, and Wenger’s mentality has infected the fans. It seems there is some fans that would prefer to look back in pride at Champions League qualification, rather than actual silverware!

    People put way too much stock in the Champions League, especially Arsenal fans. It didn’t do Chelsea, and Leicester much harm not being involved in it in recent years.

  6. Tony says:

    Do we really think Jurgen Klopp won’t like to play in the UCL next season?…gone are the days when we put our UCL qualification fate in the hands of some other clubs when we are also in the same league. Those that end up winning it don’t have two heads but work hard to achieve that and that’s the way this club should also think and not the usual “wenger trophy”…let’s be ambitious come next season but then again with a new manager.

  7. yagoonersya says:

    I would take champions league football any day over fa cup.Europa league is like a curling cup failure to finish top4 affects our top level status as club that we have achieved for record of more than a decade,if we are truly rebuilding I don’t mind the manager who gets us through that period

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      That’s funny cause I thought winning actual trophies was what made a club big..not consistent qualification for champions league to be duly romped by any decent club that comes our way.

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    Clutching at straws

    Whilst I generally find Wenger’s comments about players being on the beach somewhat embarrassing and recognise the fact that the position that Arsenal is in right at the moment is of our own making, I take exception to the criticism Wenger has gotten for this comment because I strongly believe that if the likes of Mourinho or Fugurson had said it, they would have been praised for using mind games. Anyway, kudos to Wenger for raising the issue of the “integrity” of the game and squarely putting the likes of West Ham (that didn’t work), Watford and Middlesbrough in the spot light. I think however, improbable as the chance maybe, the effect of highlighting the integrity of the game and the fact that Sky will be airing the game will bring added pressure on the game which could have unexpected results. After all no one wants to be embarrassed in public.

    Clutching at straws.

    1. Midkemma says:

      If we look at how Rangers fans reacted to Jon Torals last game then Wengers holiday comments have been proven right, our own loaned out player was moaned at for playing like he was already on holiday.

      I wonder if Wenger also said that to remind his own players by having a dig at other teams, if AFC now play poorly all the players can be blamed for playing like they was on holiday…

    2. Quantic Dream says:

      The problem with Wenger, the players and certain sections of the fans is that they think Arsenal has got a divine right to win games. They think all we got to do is simply show up to a game and the opposition will duly roll over for us and allow us our well deserved 3 points. This entitled, spoilt-brat mentality is precisely what saw the likes of Palace and West ham romp us all day long when they showed hardwork beats talent. Even the days of Ferguson when man utd was getting by on fear factor they never took their games lightly and were made to struggle for every win often scraping a 1-0 or 2-1 win in injury time. So for Wenger to come out here and now blame other teams for not being soft enough on us or being too easy on other teams just shows how pathetic and beaten the man is. He has literally exhausted every possible excuse out there from blaming referees, to the pitch, to fans, to outside investors to now blaming the damn OPPOSITION THEMSELVES LOL! Man wonders never cease. Pathetic!

  9. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Yeah, Everton won’t be wanting to do Liverpool any favours but at the end of the day a certain Lukaku will be looking to claim the Golden Boot.
    If we couldn’t put 5 past Sunderland then there’s no way that we’ll score that many against the toffees.
    The most that we can hope for is Middlesbrough getting a point at Anfield and we beat Everton. Though it is possible for City to slip up at Watford, I doubt that we will be fortunate enough to make up the goal difference to leapfrog them. It would be a very sad state of affairs if we were to fail on that front.

  10. Vlad says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Liverpool have beaten every team in the top 6. Yet they lost to Burnley, Hull, and Swansea. This is exactly why I love Premier League. Anything can happen on any given day. Do Boro have anything to play for? How about their pride?! I recall an already relegated Newcastle side tearing Spurs apart (5-1) on the final day of last season. Let’s hope Boro can do the same to Pool.

    1. Clinton says:

      Yes, and Trump will be impeached.

    2. Elliot says:

      That was the best day of the season lol! I’ll have to youtube the highlights later… thank you buddy

  11. Nebsy says:

    If we look at this season as a whole, we can notice a few “traditions” have become broken.
    – No st Totteringham’s day
    – Sunderland finally relegated
    – Wenger beat Mourinho
    – Arsenal won agains Stoke away
    – Arsenal won against Soton away
    – Wenger changed formation

    What other tradition is left to be broken besides seeing Cech save a penalty?

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