Finally Arsenal receive an offer for Torreira – But will he accept?

German side make permanent offer for Lucas Torreira

Lucas Torreira can be one of many departures from the Emirates Stadium, as the shop window slowly draws to a conclusion.

The midfielder was reportedly open to returning to Arsenal and playing for Mikel Arteta’s team. However, the Arsenal manager made it clear to the Uruguayan that he was not in his plans.

Thus, after spending a year out on loan at eventual Spanish league winners Atletico Madrid, the writing of Torreira’s career as an Arsenal player is on the wall.

Gianluca Di Marzio

Despite being a squad player at the Spanish capital, several clubs have shown interest in Torreira, who prefers a move to Italy or a return to South America, so he may not be keen on going to the Bundesliga.

Former Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri is keen to add the midfielder to his ranks at Lazio. While other Serie A sides such as Fiorentina and Jose Mourinho’s Roma are also credited to hold an interest.

Arsenal would be more than willing to listen to offers exceeding the €15 million mark. And even though that seems a bit underwhelming number, given how things have panned out in the past two years, that seems a rational figure.

The pandemic and the player’s willingness to move to Italy have made the task of making a profit on the Uruguayan international complicated for Arsenal. The North London outfit can just hope to stir up a bidding war for their talented midfielder.

Every Arsenal fan would wonder how things could have been so much better with Lucas Torreira at the red half of London. A genuinely talented player, who joined Arsenal on the back of an eye-catching and impressive World Cup campaign in 2018.

I wish him all the best for the future and hope that things work out for him, whichever club he chooses. He was a true fan favourite and his chant reflects the love the supporters had for him.

Adios and gracias, Lucas Torreira

Yash Bisht

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  1. As a supporter of AFC way, way, way, above ANY single player, I simply do not get this articles affection for a bit part player who has essentially been a huge flop for us.

    He had a decent start but his tiny frame and obvious unwillingness to settle in Britain and at our club quickly changed matters Since then, HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO AID OUR CLUB.
    So I repeat, , and I SPEAK ONLY FOR MYSELF, I will be glad when he goes and I SIMPLY CANNOT SHED CROCODILE TEARS about the”what ifs” this article mentions .

    The bottom line is that all such players are extremely wealthy and self reliant individuals and my REAL concerns are for helpless people everywhere, such as those desperately fleeing from the Taliban.

    I havenothing against him of course but neither can I FEIGN FAKE AFFECTION! Players come and go but our club remains and it will ever be this way.

    SOME PERSPECTIVE, PLEASE! Some MAY think me heartless but at any cost I will be totally honest and not ever pretend, as so many on here do!

    1. Lucas was never a flop, Mikel Arteta is the issue, How can all midfielders suddenly appear as flops even Matteo Guendouzi, and later Willock.
      He is clueless that guys.
      Xhaka wanted to go and he thinks otherwise.
      Willian he brought him to our team and what has he done besides going to the bank every week.

      1. Lucas is /was a talent wasted by Arteta. Arsenal
        is too big a club to coach for Arteta. Being an
        assistant coach to a good coach does not necessarily make Arteta a good coach. He almost
        wasted Laca even when he was on fire. He is wasting Gabriel. We don’t need Mari, Willian & Luis but we need Saliba. Mavarp

      2. “Lucas was never a flop”? You must live on a different planet than me. I am on Earth. Wherever are you?

      3. Totally agree. Arteta has a tendency of freezing out certain players. He has made sure that Guendozi leaves, Saliba and Masporonous also leave. Joe Willock is the latest victim. Lucas Torreira is a grafter despite his tiny frame. Surely I don’t think these players are that bad compared to what Arsenal has. Arteta himself is the biggest problem at Arsenal.

        1. Relegation bound Arsenal need better players. Arteta can’t take them far this season. They are the worst Arsenal team I’ve seen in over 3 decades.

  2. Arsenal willing to listen to offers exceeding 15mill 🙂
    No “details” of tabled offer.
    Roma would not pay more than 13 m for Xhaka.
    Only an idiot club would offer 15m for Torreira
    I’m thinking they offered nearer 5mill.

    1. Yeah, I agree. To offload the unwanted players at this stage they need yo be a bargain for the buying club, and 15m euros doesn’t sound especially cheap to me in this case.

  3. Selling Torreira would be a great sign that Arteta and Edu are ready to bury Arsenal alive. our important Guendo, Saliba, Martinez and Willock(GSM-Will) all gone through him (Arteta) is a sign of his limited days at Emirate should Torreira follows.

    1. waffle waffle waffle

      LT had 1 good season if you could call it a good season
      why pay a player to not play?

      its not that hes crap or anything, he just doesnt work for the way we play, needs to move on and so should you

      1. If Bissouma is so good all clubs would be in a bidding war for his Signature, but alas he is still in Brighton. I don’t understand the obsession with this very average player. Please enough of Bissouma, let’s respect and support our players. No coach in the Premiership would pick Bissouma ahead of Xhaka with both inform that’s it.

        1. That is not true. You do not need to be told how good a player is. You look at his performance.
          In terms of performance he showed us last season and he is repeating this season so far.

          Liverpool wanted him but the price of GBP80
          discouraged them

  4. On one hand we have a player who was left out for no apparent reason, answered questions he was asked honestly but performed professionally on the field but asked to leave when the manager publically threw him under the bus and let everyone know that he won’t play him again regardless. This person has been banned by the coach permanently.

    On the other hand we have a player that won’t be dropped regardless of how many games he costs the team, got nasty with fans, has had repeated disciplinary issues on and off the field, and made it clear to everyone that he wanted to leave the team. He was made the team captain.

    I would prefer torriera stay and xhaka leave. Torriera works best as a single pivot DM but can work well with a partner as well. Im not sure any of the other DMs, Partey included, are great as a single pivot.

    Doesn’t really matter cause arteta has the remote and isn’t sharing it till at least xmas regardless of how bad the team is. I want to say I applaud the team for giving a manager such a long time to build his team and prove himself, but I just have never been convinced by arteta as a manager. I don’t feel like he has the tactical ability at this stage to challenge for titles.

    Maybe he will in the future but putting a rookie in this situation was a bad idea. There are deep seated issues here with an absentee owner letting the 3 stooges run the nuthouse. Nobody seems to know what vinkai does exactly, Edu wants us to sign everyone through one agent buddy, to the point that we had to ax the scouting dept to pay for his agent fees, and arteta wants us to have 80% possession with no movement off the ball, like every bad version of the Spain team in the last 15 years.

    Any time a player’s skillset doesn’t fit his system he throws them under the bus publically instead of trying to fit his tactics to the players he has. It really feels like he’s treating the team like FM21 and doesn’t understand why it doesn’t go his way in real life.

    1. Was you at the Palace game?

      did you hear what our so called fans were calling him?

      So you want a player that does not want to be at the club, let alone be in this country for a player that does?

      man you need professional help

      We all know that MA likes balance within his playing team, do you think that if LT stayed he would get registered or play alongside TP over Xhaka ??? i really really dont think so

    2. This is a post with very little perspective or balance.
      Whether Arteta has the tactical ability to challenge for the title can only be assessed after he has been given sufficient time and support.
      It is also overly simplistic to suggest that a manager has to design his system around the players. If a player does not fit the manager’s preferred system it is quite reasonable to move the player on.
      The team is now being rebuilt and over time we will see whether his approach will make Arsenal more competitive.
      There is an excessive obsession with some fans favourite players which has become ludicrous.
      There are also specific issues with each of the players I suspect you are probably referring to.

  5. If we accept a bid from frankfurt would torreira be willing to move to the German club knowing that his preference is to return to serie a and will we then bring in another cm. It’s been said countless times, why on earth have not made a move for Bissouma who has started this season really well

    1. LT should honourably accept any permanent offer and leave, to me this guy has cheated us enough.
      We brought him in and after just one season he wanted out of the club, why did he sign initially? Now he has added to our woes, some say he would like to stay but for me NO, that ship sailed 2seasons ago

      1. It is in his interest to go to a team where he will be comfortable. We’ve done enough damage to his career already.
        I think the right thing is to go to where you want to go or wait for the manager to be sacked.

    2. Why on earth did or has any other clubs bid for Bissouma if he’s so good a player and he’s still at a club like Brighton? Why do we like hyping players who are not better than what we have? To me Bissouma is just another very average player and no coach will pick Bissouma ahead of Xhaka or Partey. Not sure he’s better than Lokonga.

  6. Arsenal have a lot of deadwood who would be best off the wage bill and bringing in even a small fee as that are just filling out the squad knowing they are never going to be part of MA’s plans. Torreira needs to be moved on, best for the club and player.

  7. Agree with jf about his tiny frame.The epl is known for its physical approach and he would lose in seven out of 8 challenges
    Since Wenger wanted to play tiki tika soccer the gunners have been bullied by sides that rely on brawn.
    Hopefully the board will recruit players with physical attributes ie 180cm minimum height and
    weight of at least 75 kg.
    If not the gunners cannot cope with the rugged

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