Finally… Defensive target set to follow Perez for Arsenal medical

Arsenal are claimed to have agreed a deal to sign Deportivo La Coruna’s Lucas Perez yesterday, and are now claimed to have agreed a fee with Valencia for Shkodran Mustafi also.

The Spanish striker will already be booked in to fly to London to complete a medical this week, having been withdrawn from his current club’s squad which will take on Real Betis on Friday.

A deal is now also being completed for Mustafi, with only the signing of a contract and a medical needed to be dealt with, and the German international will usurp Alexis Sanchez as the club’s second most expensive signing, behind fellow World Cup winner Mesut Ozil.

The pair could even be made available for the upcoming tie with Watford this weekend, with Gabriel Paulista and Per Mertesacker already ruled out of the defence with injury, although the striker will more than likely start his Arsenal career on the bench.

At centre-back we have been relying on 20 year-old Rob Holding for the opening two matches of the campaign, and have already shipped in four goals, and an experienced head is definitely needed if we are going to get our season back on track.

The news that we are now willing to pay the £35 Million asking price is a little frustrating, given the fact that talks have been ongoing for some time, and we should have come to an agreement over the price some time ago, but the season is still young, and he will hopefully settle quickly into our squad.

Gabriel struggled to earn a regular starting role last term, and I think Mustafi will be able to keep the Brazilian on the sidelines once he returns from injury, although there will hopefully be more of an improvement in Paulista this season also.

Is our transfer window now finished with Mustafi and Perez? Are we happy with the duo?

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  1. Even if we get both Perez and Mustafi, I fear it is too little too late.
    I doubt, they are the world class, we really should be aiming for, and for sure a lot of damage has been done by dragging it out till now.
    But I suppose it is better than nothing.

    1. This kind of relentless pessimism makes mainstream media job so easy in bullying fans and people in general. Negative thoughts will always attract bad karma. In a negative atmosphere nothing good happens. Sure, there may be some light spots here and there but nothing of a substance will actually happen.
      We are at the end of an era (one hopes) and I made peace with the fact that I can’t understand how our club operates. Well, as everyone, I know that they run a business and sometimes this business delivers one or two trophies. I don’t even care what board is doing and I focus simply on the football because this is what I want to consume. Not rumours, not gossips, not feuds. Fsck all that. I love football and that’s all there is to me.
      And since we are at football obviously, our performance was subpar for the reasons I gave right before every game. I may have been lucky in calling it out but luck plays a huge part in being successful.

      1. Almost forgot. If this is the price for Mustafi (35 mils) I will say it here and now that I don’t think Arsenal will buy him. Wenger doesn’t bend to outrageous demands. I don’t have to tell you that. You all know very well that he will take his chances with Holding & Kos and maybe even keeping Chambers around until Gabriel + Mert will be fully fit.

          1. Could not escape the fact that you put two options. Guess that’s not really smart if this is the new world of football. I chose to leave it. Can’t blame me for not paying for something I don’t believe is worth the asked amount.
            I do understand paying huge amounts for something you really want. I truly do. Especially when the party holding the asset you want does not need to sell. In that case, yes, I am the person which is buying provided I have the finances or the power to buy. Even you lot saying this is the new world in prices know very well that this 50 mils quote for Mustafi or 25 mils for Evans is clubs seeing we have a gap and they try to monetize on our need. Sure you will say, that’s how the market works. Offer and demand. There is definitely a demand at Arsenal. A striker and a defender. But there is no demand for Mustafi or Lukaku in particular. Why? Because they are no improvements over what we have as our best CF and CB. And paying price for improvement while adding only numbers is silly. So yes, there’s a demand for numbers and if in the process we come across a big hit then even better! But it is not our fault that Valencia or any other team can’t obtain a better TV deal so that they can juggle with the money. It is not how it works. Otherwise all English clubs will buy stars during this transfer window.

        1. Budd, do you not think it’s possible that a large factor holding up the Mustafi deal was potential left over funds for an attacker?? As in wrapping up the deal for Perez with a very reasonable release clause may’ve relieved a bit of pressure on the leftover funds to acquire a CB?

          1. It may be the case but you know very well (everyone knows to be more specific) that Wenger does not bend when he is held for ransom. Maybe he has no choice or he will say to the board that it was not his call to pay 35 mil pounds for Mustafi otherwise I don’t see how this would happen.
            Put it like this: if Mustafi deal is done for 35 million confirmed then it is clear that Wenger does not call the shots when offers are made for players. I think we can agree on this one.

            1. I disagree. Both Xhaka and Mustafi are progressed well beyond their years and considering Mustafi is 24 and earned a place in the incredibly good defensively, German squad, there may just be something special in them.
              Both are very good currently, but also yet to reach anywhere close to their prime with a lot of room to grow. If Wenger sees world-class potential in a young player, I absolutely think he would be willing to pay for that potential. Also, proven on multiple stages which cannot be said for Lacazette.

              1. I did not say otherwise. I just expanded on the fact that Valencia quoted us 20 mils initially for Mustafi. Then 50 and apparently now 35. I doubt Wenger would pay almost double what was he quoted initially (in case it was him leading the negotiations). I don’t disagree with the fact that both may turn out to be absolutely bargains and extremely successful.

            2. Perhaps there’s more too it Budd
              Wenger wasn’t even in the country when we spent 16 million on Welbeck so perhaps it’s been decided above Wenger head again
              All I know is that Holding is not good enough to save our chances this season if we have to rely on him for 16 or 20 games
              He maybe will be later down the line….but NOT now
              So who cares what amount is spent on a CB so long as a better one is brought in we all know that all ayers are overpriced I mean 100 million for Pogba
              Really ????? So 36 million for an average player is about the going rate these days
              I don’t lie it or agree with it but it’s how it is

          2. Josh is right. It is not a coincidence that both transfers would go through at the same time while paying more for a CB than expected, and less for a striker.

            If Arsene offered Vardy £20 mil, he was likely willing to go up to £25. If Perez is signed for £17 million, there is some room in the budget to pay more for the CB that we really wanted, rather than settling.

            1. Arsenal did not offered Vardy 20 mil. It offered Leicester 20 mils (release clause) and 100k/week for Vardy. Nothing more. Why would Arsenal offered more than release clause? If the player does not want to move you can pay even 100 mil.

    2. Some of you guys seem to have an agenda this season. To say yes we were right and we should fail as a club. Why don’t u just be happy with the signings. City paid £50 m for stones and united pud 30 for Bailey who was playing in second division 2 years ago. Just be happy for Arsenal that we have made 2 signings. I have criticised Arsene but am glad with the signings . Some of you guys will complain even if we signed Ronaldo , Messi and Jesus.

      1. “Some of you guys will complain even if we signed Ronaldo , Messi and Jesus” its true coz we all know Wenger, Ramsey can be ahead of all three in the starting 11 unless he gets injured, so yes we would still criticize Wenger

        but to be fair, Perez is better than nothing at all, at least he offers different dimension than Giroud

  2. Just go and read the article from the mirror and ull know how arsenal rated perez.its clear its a way to appease the fans this is why hate how our club does its bisna.but beggers cant be choosers so lets hope he becomes a hit for thing for sure giroud is still our main striker lets not kid ourselves here,i think perez will be used on the left

    1. Falling for absolutely anything the mainstream media have to say makes you a sheep following someone else’s thoughts while you sit back and relax and unable to articulate your own.
      You have a brain. Use it. Or someone else will do it for you.

  3. Very happy… The thing will all three of the major signings I like most from what I’ve read up on them is that they’re determined and fighters!
    Also… Cech, Mustafi, Koscielny with Xhaka in front is the best defensive core we’ve had in soooooooo long.

    1. Of course you would be happy you’re the same guy who said Giroud was a better striker than Aguero,I’m sure you think this Luis Perez and Mustafi are world class!

      1. They are not (although maybe Mustafi can be called that since he is a WC holder) but you fail to see the fact that we don’t pay WC prices for them either. A bit of perspective.

        1. £35m for Mustafi is a world class price for a defender,Alexis was bought for the same amount of money,we are simply over paying for Mustafi because Wenger dithers and dilly dallys early on in the transfer window now we are desperate paying Valencia money that their player is not worth!

          1. Aham. And what would 50 mils for Stones would be? Extraterrestrial? Galactico? Mark my words, if Wenger is to decide on the amount Mustafi will not come here for 35 millions. If he only says he would like Mustafi and then shown the door out the negotiations room then this would be the price AFC will spend for Mustafi. Truth of the matter is that there is plenty of decent CBs if we are looking for some depth only. If you look for the future, well that’s another story. But then again, Wenger must be convinced that Mustafi is one for the future. Not like I see anything wrong with that. I have nothing to say in this anyway. I am watching the show. Just beautiful.

            1. Exactly… Can’t stand these one off transactions being cited as the norm.
              Di Maria and Depay cost how much for United and were how good in the prem?? Does that mean we’d have to pay double Falcao and Balotelli’s wages to an incoming striker for double their goal return?

            2. I’m talking about Arsenal over paying for Mustafi this has nothing to do with Man City and Stones whom I don’t rate anyway because English players are not world class!

      2. Haha no i didn’t mate… I just pointed out the hypocrisy of one fan claiming Giroud’s final day hat-trick shouldn’t be counted, but i’m sure he was more than happy to count Aguero’s 5 against a relegated side.. That’s the only time I can think of even comparing the two.

        And of course you wouldn’t be happy!! Only happy when you’re sooking about something…

        1. My memory is pretty solid so I’ll remind you when you made this claim it was when Giroud was scoring lots of goals last season and soon after that claim he went on an awful run of 15 games without a goal in the EPL,you even used the penalty excuse that he doesn’t take penalties like Aguero!

          1. Ahhh I think this was when I compared his goal contribution per min last season to the other top scorers in the league..
            I compare stats mate, and i may have said ‘he’s done this better than Aguero this season’ and yes ‘if you take away penalties their contributions are similar’ at the time, but I’ve never said Giroud is better than Aguero. I think Giroud’s a very good striker who gets undervalued on here. But Aguero is world-class when fit.

            1. I have to ask your opinion on this,do you think taking penalties is easy?I’ve seen a number of top players miss penalties from Messi to CR7 to Roberto Baggio to Ozil to Schevchenko etc

              1. Not at all… But I think when you’re comparing strikers open play goals are far more valuable. (or banging in free-kicks)

  4. Perez is not CF,
    he has Sanchez style,
    we need a Striker has Giroud style but with more skills

    1. What we need is a Suarez or Aguero type of striker,someone with pace,finishing,strength,never say die attitude and winning mentality

  5. I’m astonished people are sulking and crying about the transfers it’s almost like Perez isn’t good enough because of what we’re paying 16.9m which is a release clause anyway and with mustafi it’s to much money even tho mangala bailly were 30m stones 50m it’s almost like u guys can’t except being wrong about wenger from you’re over inflated keyboard warrior egos it’s so laughable get a life you’re a fan not experts .shameful

    1. haha dear god… so now some fans criticisms of Wenger is he spent too much!?!?!?
      Are you kidding me?

      1. Honest to god question… You’re citing inflated prices on incoming transfers as a reason Wenger should be sacked?

  6. To be honest, I’m not excited about Lucas. This isn’t the top striker we’ve always cried for. I would be so happy if he proved me wrong though.
    I’ve been reading the comments here and the previous articles about Lucas. What annoys me is how Arsenal fans have learnt to settle for less. You will see guys thumbing you down for not being happy about Lucas as if he’s an Aguero or a Lewandowski or an Aubameyang. I know most of us have seen such signings before and we know how they end up (Chamakh, Welbeck, Arshavin, Gervinho and even Giroud). Don’t call me a pessimist, I’m rather a realist. If we pay premium tickets we are supposed to be getting premium players.

    On the Mustafi price, I don’t care. I think he’ll come good for us.

    1. Why is everyone not holding a season ticket must always come with the phrase “if WE pay premium tickets”. It is simple, give it up. There are tens of thousands in the waiting line. It is not like before, if you forfeit your season ticket you will lose it FOREVER. There’s no way you can jump the queue now when the queue itself is at least the same as Emirates capacity.

    2. Arshavin was a top player, russian captain and fan favourite when he arrived, remember the chant, “we have arshavin ???? Adebeyour”. Price was not cheap then, it was a record price for arsenal. I have no idea what went wrong subsequently.

      Chamakh came for free and was very good when he arrived, RVP was injured and chamakh scored lots of goals including the fastest ever for arsenal. Scored for us in CL, it was a record, scoring in six consecutive CL matches. Then it all went wrong, possibly he was overplayed (not used to PL) and lost confidence/form.

      Giroud came to play alongside RVP and ended up replacing him. He would have been good for the original purpose which was backup to RVP.

      I think most fans on here want a top striker like Lewandowski, Aguero, suarez etc but theIr clubs are not going to sell and I suspect the players would not agree to a move to arsenal, unless the transfer fee and wages were astronomical, and that would be beyond our budget. So we have to settle for less, hence the optimism that we have signed someone with 25 goals and assists compared to griezmann’s 27 in la liga and perez plays for a lesser team.

  7. Football is sport. Sport is entertainment. I get angry sometimes with Arsenal’s lack of drive to become the best team in the world, us fans can see the potential for that….that’s why we get angry with Arsenal management.

    But Arsenal has done enough in the transfer market to stop me griping… I’m gonna sit back and just enjoy the football this year. Arsenal for better or worse, I’m a fan!

  8. Lots of differing opinions on here, Wenger cannot win.

    After numerous complaints about wenger being tight fisted and unwilling to pay the market rate we are now getting complaints that we have overpaid for mustafi. In reality we do not actually know what we have paid.

    If we had signed griezmam (75 million) there would be euphoria on this site. We have signed Perez (17 million) and lots of adverse comments, not good enough, basically should have paid more for better. In la liga last season griezman had 27 goals plus assists. Perez, playing for a much weaker team had 25 goals and assists.

    We shall see how these signings turn out but I am hopeful. Perez may not be the upgrade we wanted on giroud, but he gives us depth, going in to a busy season with just giroud as our only fit effective striker is far too risky.

  9. Some years ago, quite a lot in fact, a young lady found her way into my hotel room in Leicester. I argued with the desk clerk next morning that I did not invite her therefore I should not pay. My colleague ( a much older and wiser than me) gave me this advice. “Pay up and shut up”!
    Arsene Wenger now has to learn as I did. That my friend is the price you pay.

  10. Not happy at all with our continued march to mediocracy. It all remains reactive haphazard stuff from our friend Wenger and his lot.

    Perez?? Are you kidding me?? If he was going to be the solution to our striker problem why did we wait till now to sign him?? At that price we could have brought him in 2 months ago and he could have been ready to lead the line in the first 2 games of the season when we knew we would not have Giroud back. This is a desperate singing and I doubt this guy will do more than warm up the bench for Giroud.

    Anyone who falls for this signing belongs with this club. The “this is better than nothing” crowd have been successfully manipulated by Wenger into lemmings heading for the abyss. Being happy with this signing means you have firmly been brain washed into accepting top 4 is a great result. And to some extend those that are happy about this signing prove Wenger right when he says that sepnding the money is meaningless request. And fans who just want him to spend the money are silly.

    I never wanted him to spend the money, I wanted him to bring in a world class striker and before the season started.

    The only thing I can hope for is that Perez will be our main striker this season just so I don’t have to deal with an other season of Giroud and on his youtube highlight films he looks a much better finisher than Giroud. Having said that anyone can be made to look good on a highlight film.

    What Wenger really thinks of him will become clear once we see who is going to be our starting central striker.

    I hold my breath on Mustafi, time will tell if he is as good as some think.

    Its probably me who is deluded and not all who are happy with Perez. I still live in the age and frame and mind that we should get back to former glory days and win the PL. As such I compare who we sign to our top competition. I don’t see Pep or Mouinho or Conte sign Perez. They would have singed a player of the claiber of Ozil or Sanchez but Perez? It just reeks of a lack of ambition.

    I hope City will beat Man U to the title this year. These two teams and managers will probably be the most exciting thing about the PL this season.

  11. I did research on both the players extensively for half an hour on YouTube lmao .These videos can be tricky i even thought giroud was a super striker when we were about to sign him, so i couldn’t consider those videos as nothing else but well edited montages. But mustafi and lucas perez look like they are similar to mertesacker and giroud respectively but have pace on their side. Mustafi obviously being 24 is a good buy.Perez i don’t know he obviously is quicker than giroud but this deal looks like the scouts huddled around looked for any striker who will cost less than 20 millions and has a bit of pace in him.And if we buy him isn’t wenger contradicting himself about his imaginary boxes about age and resale value.He is 28 already he doesn’t have a good resale value i bet.But nothing is official yet, so it could all just be a rumour. I’d be happy with mustafi deal if it goes through and not so excited if we sign perez .Already looking forward to next season:)

    1. mohit I agree it is hard to be fired up about Perez despite the player filling our biggest need.

      For me, I would rather bring in one superstar per transfer window than 4 decent players.

      If it is true that we had a budget of around 100, I would have preferred to gamble on Holding and Chambers until Gabriel comes back and sign a better striker for 50 million or so. We could even have saved money on Xhaka. Coq and Elneny are solid and Gundogan was 14 million less expensive or there about.

      We could have sold so injury prone but “talented” players to raise more cash.

      Sign Higauin or Aubamayng for 90 or Lukaku or Lacazette for 60 or 50, Holding for 2, Gundogan for 21 and we would have spent 113 in the best case scenario. Sell Walcott for 20-25 and we would have a net spend of 96 million and a very happy Ozil/Sanchez/fans and a great energy around the club.

      1. lol at selling injury prone players & buying Gundogan.

        I bet we were rejecting £20M+ offers for Walcott every week.

        1. If you can’t get that kind of money for one of Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshire or Ox you are doing something wrong IMO.

  12. OT: Sometimes the way article writers here slate Gabriel Paulista is really unfair,have you cared to know if he has learn simple english? Because communication is part of football.

  13. Well I want to be optimistic and not a doubting Thomas but on till I see the new signing either playing in the peach not on the substitution bench will I believe. The clubs can change their mind they want the players back.

  14. Perez was a striker we were looking at in the January window, so we were link with him long before the summer. We were linked to vardy, laca, and morata, because we were looking for strikers that got behind defenders or played on the shoulders of defenders.

    We can also say wenger was not in the mind of replacing Giroud as his number one striker, which i feel the majority of arsenal fans wanted, however the objective of wenger was different for us as stated, his objective was to find the replacement for the Welbeck role, i think his objective as been met with the replacement but not ours.

    Perez fits wengers bill, i do not have a problem with the purchase because i watch at least two matches with him when we were first connected to him and the energy and work rate he showed was admirable, in the match i watched he scored against Barcelona and he showed that fight that we saw from sanchez.

    he may not be what we wanted, but has the potential to become our main striker

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