Finance analyst explains why Arsenal is happy to increase season ticket prices

Arsenal will increase their season ticket prices by as much as six percent from next season, and it could be a consistent recurrence in the next few terms.

The Gunners already have one of the most expensive season tickets in England, yet they are prepared to increase the price, claiming it is necessary due to increased running costs.

Running a Premier League club is not easy, and Mikel Arteta’s team is one of the biggest in the competition. However, not every fan will understand why they have to consistently increase their season ticket prices.

Financial expert Kieran Maguire says it is a smart financial decision because it means they could sell more matchday tickets, which makes the club more money.

He explains on Football Insider:

“Arsenal will reach £100million in matchday revenue this season because they are in the Champions League.

“It does show that club owners are out of touch with the financial challenges and circumstances that face regular fans.

“From the club’s point of view, they’re quite happy to lose season ticket holders because they’d actually much rather sell tickets on an individual match basis because it’s so much more lucrative.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Running a big club like Arsenal is not easy, and the least we can do is to continue supporting the club.

We always demand new players and better experiences when we visit the Emirates, so we have to be willing to bear some of the costs by patronising them.

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  1. Seems to me to be a short term attitude

    Keep the solid support for all times – high flying or struggling. They will support through thick and thin

  2. The 4% and 6% increase isn’t just for Season Ticket holders, it’s also for Red and Silver members. Is there any real need for this increase, considering the amount the club gets from all the sponsors, plus the CL and PL money ? Last season the club earned £172.2m from the PL for finishing 2nd and from the televised games.

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