Finance analyst explains why Arsenal is not as successful as Kroenke’s other enterprises

Stan Kroenke owns other sports clubs apart from Arsenal, and he has found more success operating the Colorado Mammoth and the LA Rams than he has with Arsenal.

This sometimes makes the club’s fans question his commitment to the Gunners. However, the American businessman does his best.

Arsenal is heavily funded, but they still get outspent by some of their rivals which has made success scarce in recent campaigns.

Financial analyst and pundit, Kieran Maguire has now explained why it hasn’t been plain sailing for him with the Gunners.

He tells Football Insider: “It’s harder to find success in a European sports model than it is in an American one.

“Because of the democratisation of franchise sports, the draft system etcetera, the whole aim is to give as much chance of success as possible.

“That is the exact opposite of what we see in European football where dynasties are created and maintained because of huge financial advantages over competitors.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Operating a successful football club in Europe is becoming harder, but it is doable.

The likes of Manchester City and Liverpool have proven that by making the right investments and putting the best manager in charge, you can develop your club into a winning machine.

Hopefully, we will continue spending to rebuild the team as we have done in the last two summers.

If that continues, we will be guaranteed success in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. “The likes of MC and Liverpool have proven by making the right investments and putting the best manager in charge, you can develop your club into a winning machine.”
    Enough said…

  2. You dont think Bissouma is a good signing. Every Arsenal fan i know wanted Bissouma at Arsenal. He is a beast

      1. He was released from police investigation a couple of weeks ago and case is now history…IJS, 😊

  3. It’s not a lack of investment, but a lack of proper management. Vinai should have been gone with Gazidis.

    What other big club would hire someone like Edu, no experience but mostly connections to Brazil and South American market. Sounds more like heading the scouting department, eh?

    What other big club would hire an assistant manager with no experience? It’s not Arteta’s fault, but the combination of Edu and Arteta running things has slowed the rebuild compared to an experienced manager who has done it before.

    Perhaps we would have been better if Arteta got his 2 1/2 years experience at a lesser club while we had a caretaker manager to get us through the rebuild, then hire a manager to capitalize on the rebuild.

    We all hope Arteta is successful for the sake of our club, but it’s always the club first. Players have been moved on when they didn’t deliver, now it’s time for Arteta and Edu to deliver.

    Rookie tag is off, he’s had 2 1/2 years now so this year it’s time to show everyone he has learned, he can adapt, and he can overcome.

    Excuses simply won’t work this year. He’s had nearly 350 million to spend so far, got players he handpicked, and the control he wanted. It should be top 4 finish or win Europa league. Anything else is not progress and there should be consequences.

    A new manager doesn’t mean starting over. Tuchel took over from Lampard and won the CL with that squad. Getting more from what we have is possible. If Arteta can’t then consider getting someone who can.

  4. Seems to me MARTIN, that Liverpool apart- and that is becaiuse Klopp is a genius manager-that ONLY clubs whose owners are corrupt monsters able to throw vast and endless sums at trophies.

    It is becoming next to impossible to compete on even terms with the City’s, PSG’s, Chelsea when under Abramovitch and soon now probably Newcastle.
    Normally financed clubs, Liverpool apart, cannot compete in an EVEN RACE with the corrupt clubs.
    value and increase their asset value, than they lose on team building.
    Such owners(eg Kroenke) are NOT fans and care nothing for trophies – even though they claim to, but lie about it – and are in it for the dosh and the power. Sob!!

    1. Somewhere in your post you forgot to add that we have spent half a billion in 3 and a half years (and probably another 100 million before the start of the season )while giving players away for nothing ,how much more money do you want Stan to spend .
      You might want to check where we are in club spend among Europe’s elite in the last 5 years .
      Money is Not the problem but poor management .

  5. We need work horses in our team, – Big technical players…I learned that when Arsenal was outpowered by Crystal Palace and by Newcastle…the Arsenal players looked like students learning from masters.

    The Logistics of looking for only soft spoken and very morally upright players is out major undoing… football needs some Patrick Vieira vs Roy Keane encounters… that’s where the rain started beating us from … Arsenal is a team of wimps now… Let’s change that mentality and we shall see trophies

    1. We just signed Viera so we are not far away, just go get Kane and we are invincible again. We still finished the season well above those two clubs you mentioned. Their work horses didn’t make them finish top 4. You keep making reference to those two matches forgeting we played them with most of our core players out injured. We beat burnley, Chelsea and even Westham, these are teams with big physical players so stop this your over emphasis on big players, this is football not rugby.

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