Finance analyst reveals why Arsenal will always come as the second priority for Kroenke

Dr Dan Plumley has revealed that Stan Kroenke will always prioritise developing and expanding the LA Rams over Arsenal and he knows why.

The American billionaire owns the NFL franchise and the Premier League club, but he is struggling to lead the latter to success.

Arsenal has not played in the Champions League since 2017, while the Rams have just won the Super Bowl.

That accomplishment could be replicated at the Emirates if he invests more money into the club.

However, it doesn’t seem that will happen soon and the Gunners might continue to struggle to break back inside the top four.

Plumley believes Kroenke is benefiting more from owning the Rams over being the majority shareholder at Arsenal.

He tells Football Insider: “The economic security in American sports is the difference. Arsenal are 38th on that Forbes list and are worth $2.75bn.

“He has put around £5billion into the Rams and billions more across both franchises. KSE have other franchises as well.

“Arsenal are a very attractive business venture but the valuation of American franchises will always be higher because of the way the sport is run.”

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Kroenke is first a businessman, and he wants profits from all his ventures.

He knows which of his investments has been more profitable and would naturally want to focus on it.

The ownership of an English football club is profitable, but it probably dwarfs the benefits of owning an American franchise.

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  1. Kronke is geared towards profit as business is the other side of the coin to sport. Forbes lists it quite clearly; the difference in valuations is massive, over 2 billion.

    Kronke is far more familiar with American sports and how they operate (draft, salary caps, etc…) so it is no wonder there.

    On a positive side, I’m glad to see Josh take a more active role with Arsenal, and the difference is no surprise. He is clearly focused on Arsenal more so than his father, and maybe this will carry forward as Josh takes even more responsibility as time passes.

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