Finance analyst says a cultural difference is a problem for Arsenal’s owners

Doctor Dan Plumley insists Stan Kroenke is struggling to own Arsenal because of the cultural difference between owning a football club in England and a sports franchise in the USA.

The American also owns the LA Rams and they have just won the Super Bowl, while Arsenal is yet to win a league or Champions League crown in decades.

The Gunners have enjoyed some resurgence in the last two seasons, but the team still hasn’t returned to the Champions League places.

While the likes of Manchester City continue to spend their way to the top, Arsenal has struggled to get Kroenke to open his chequebook.

The American has benefited more from owning the Rams and Plumley believes it is the difference in the sporting culture in both countries that differs.

He tells Football Insider: “This is why they have come to blows with the fans, like with Super League. There are very different motives in America.

“The franchises are there to make money for their owners. English clubs, culturally, are not.

“There’s an argument to say that it’s your business and you should be able to take money out of it, but that’s just not football.

“It’s one of thing biggest problems in football that there is a clash of ideals because it just isn’t the way sport is structured over there.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal’s owners consider owning the club a business, understandably, they will only want to spend money as much as they can make from it.

It is profitable to own a football club in England, but not as much as owning a US Franchise.

If the Kroenke’s believe the club is not profitable enough, they should sell and leave.

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  1. The owners were hoodwinked by some economics professor. Now that they dumped him and the lies which brought embarrassment, they are on correction course and next season you will see Stan & Josh holding the EPL with Mikel. Success becomes a habit for the brave and strong, while the weak search for lies and excuses. Our time is coming soon.

  2. This dogmatic way of thinking is very problematic for Arsenal especially, look at City and Chelsea they’r much better than us.,..People moan about lack of spending then refuse what brings Mooney!!Arsenal are a business Indeed but like in any other business Needs to invest( in order to get result on the pitch)therefore You get rewarded off the pitch(income…)

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