Finance expert defends Arsenal’s £10 million sponsorship deal

Club finances are very important in keeping them alive, and the 2020 covid pandemic showed how fragile some clubs around the world are.

Arsenal and some others lost money, and they have been working hard to recover those loss of earnings.

Because of this, clubs accept almost any sponsorship deal being offered to them, even if there is a public backlash.

One such deal is Arsenal’s £10 million a year contract with the Rwandan government, which means they always wear the Visit Rwanda sign on their shirts.

They came under criticism for accepting the business deal because of the political issues in the country.

However, they have maintained that business relationship and financial expert Dr Dan Plumley has defended them.

He tells Football Insider: “Morally, it should be in the thought process.

But because clubs need more money all the time, it often goes out of the window. I don’t think in this regard you can criticise Arsenal as a single example.

“There’s Man City, Newcastle, PSG. Then there are all the other clubs receiving crypto and betting sponsorship. It’s tough to criticise Arsenal directly for this.”

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Making money shouldn’t come over morals, but the need to make as much money as possible quickly should excuse the club from some of its decisions.

As fans, we demand signings all the time and it takes a lot of money to make that happen.

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  1. Integrity sold for a measly £10mil…When we could have made that 5 times over off the sale of players we let go for “free”…
    Yeah, I’m criticising Arsenal directly for this…IJS

  2. A very complicated subject about which this article barely scratches the surface. I have long been saying the whole way Prem football is organised with its obscenity of ludicrous wages, is the single most immoral thing of all.

    These across the board crazy wages give an anchor to all the many other (and mostly based on finance) problems that still further corrupt all that surrounds our game.

    It does not even occur to the many shallow thinkers on fan sites, that the cowardly, lazy, and common charge of ref “cheating”, which scream across all fan sites, is itself a hugely corrupting device used without any thought at all by so many dim witted and wrong headed fans.

    Refs are generally not good but they are NOT cheats and to say they are is to libel them. How very much I wish just one-to start with – would take legal action against the stupid and cowardly fans who cry “cheat”!

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