Finance expert details how Arsenal spent £10.4million on sacking Unai Emery

Arsenal revealed in their financial report that they spent £10.4million on the sacking of Unai Emery and a finance expert has explained how it cost them that figure.

Emery was the club’s first manager after they fired Arsene Wenger and the Spaniard was expected to help them get back inside the top four.

He had won multiple trophies in France with PSG and also had success in the Europa League with Sevilla.

He helped the Gunners reach the final of the Europa League in his first season at the club, but his team started his second campaign badly and he was fired halfway through.

The Gunners had to pay him off and it was accounted for in their financial reporting.

Some fans must wonder why firing him cost that much but finance guru, Kieran Maguire explains that the Gunners didn’t pay all that money to him alone, but his backroom staff were also paid off.

“£10.4m is about par for the course,” he told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams.

“If you take a look at Liverpool getting rid of Brendan Rodgers, Everton with Roberto Martinez and lots of clubs with Jose Mourinho, it’s expensive to sack a manager with years left on his contract.

“If the manager delivers in terms of trophies and Champions League qualification, then they turn out to be very cheap and very good value for money. If they are not popular and they have to be sacked, that can be very expensive indeed.

“The clubs tend to try and tie up the managers on relatively long terms. It’s not just Unai Emery, it will be his coaches and assistants and so on. So that £10.4m covers more than one person but it is still a large amount.”


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  1. Peanuts, as far I am concerned. The increase in value of one player alone, Guendozi, has more than compensated for this loss.

    1. RFrancis, Any value is only realised when such player is sold. I am willing to bet that whatever fee we get for Guendouzi when he goes- which he will IMO and this summer too – will be far lower than some fondly imagine. This principle will surely apply to most transfers throughout world football, so I find your comment a little presumptuous TBH! In thr current tclimate £10 mill or so is not at all peanuts. You are seemimgly living in yesterdays world, not that of today.

      1. Debating John Fox on technical business concepts relating to football would certainly be interesting, but very boring for JA readers. I will take a pass.

  2. a non-story, as that’s the cost of doing business…seems like a reasonable amount to pay someone who was duped into thinking that we were seriously committed to reinventing the wheel, as his preferred style of play made no sense considering our roster at the time so everyone knew it was going to take some time…it’s clear that the club felt that anyone coming in right after Wenger was likely going to be a sacrificial lamb of sorts, which is why he didn’t have any say in the recruitment process…we should have been better prepared as this inevitable transitionary period had been bandied about for years; not to mention we should have learned something from the post-Fergie years

  3. fans still think that sacking a manager does not cost anything?

    clubs are run by contracts and budgets unlike Fifa21

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