Financial analyst discusses Arsenal’s financial woes over the last few seasons

Financial analyst Kieran Maguire has discussed Arsenal’s financial struggles over the last few years as fans compare Stan Kroenke’s investment in the club to the LA Rams which he also owns.

The Rams have enjoyed significant investment and have just repaid that spending by winning the Super Bowl.

However, Arsenal has not made the top four since 2017 and have not been competing for the major trophies.

Mikel Arteta’s side has also not been among the best spenders in the English top flight.

Fans now want Kroenke to spend as much as he spends on the Rams, but financial expert, Maguire says the Gunners have not been making enough money to persuade him to spend heavily on them.

He tells Football Insider: “Over the last eight years, Arsenal have made an operating loss of £63m. They have managed to offset some of that with player sales, but even so…

“If you can’t generate profit in your day-to-day operations, that’s disturbing.

“This is indicative of the importance of Champions League participation, which would substantially impact on those figures.”

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Kroenke is a businessman, and he has a lot of interests. He would focus on making money from his different passions, and the one that makes him the most money will get the most attention.

There is money in owning a club like Arsenal, but Kroenke will not want to spend more than what he makes from his Arsenal investment.

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  1. We need CL football to get increased revenue and we need too four to help with that. The fact we haven’t been in the top four or CL for 4 years is having a massive effect on the spending power we have and attracting the right players. The longer it stays that way the harder it will get to get it back. We have a great chance of top four this season, probably our best chance for a few years. Failure to achieve that would be detrimental to us moving forwards.

  2. Kroenke only cares about one thing: the appreciation in the value of the club since he first acquires it. The year to year fluctuations in profit /loss, league championships and status in Europe are meaningless to him.

    It’s time to find a “sugardaddy” owner, someone (or a country) willing to dig deep into their pockets to get a real winner, to boost their ego and standing on the world stage. This is real talk.

    Arsenal FC, to the Kroenke’s, is not – and will never be – the LA Rams.

    1. when it came to the Rams, he knew that he had to spend money to make money, whereas with good ole Arsenal, he knew we had to spend money for him to make money, then he just sat back and watched as his investment almost quadrupled without lifting a hand or spending a plum nickel

      1. We spent the most in Europe last summer in the year after making our biggest operating loss on record. Stadium investment will begin work this summer. I really don’t know when this myth that the owners don’t invest will die.

        And hell no to a sugar daddy investor. Call me old fashioned, but shrewdness in the market should be the mark of success, not bottomless coffers.

        1. he didn’t spend any of HIS money whatsoever, he simply authorized us to spend our monies…no one’s talked about us deviating from the self-sustaining model, even following the significant spending of last summer

  3. That’s partially why the youth movement and acquisition of young talent.

    No need to spend a penny on defenders for couple years when Saliba returns.

    After bringing in 2 strikers, no need to spend big on attacking players either.

    After a midfielder this Summer, likely no more big spending in midfield either.

    Looking like the plan is to acquire young talent on long contracts, and be patient while they develop and improve.

    I don’t expect any big transfers after this Summer, and believe Kronke will let this young squad grow and improve under Arteta.

    He won’t compete in the market with City, Utd, Chelsea, and the oil barons. Instead he will trust this process to pay dividends in the long run, and trust his young squad to grow and improve together.

    I much prefer this to the band-aid approach; you just need to properly scout and identify the right players for the club.

      1. I’m still the same on Arteta SueP, if we don’t make Europa or CL, then Arteta has to go, no excuses.

        If he does get us back to European football, then he should get an extension, maybe 2 years more.

        I was just commenting on what I believe Kronke’s long term view is. I think he’s finding young talent and patiently letting it develop, as we saw last Summer.

        Minimal spending after this Summer’s business, with his young squad in place.

        1. I’ve always liked this youth revolution at the club, making stars, just had serious reservations about Arteta leading this revolution.

          Arteta has to show improvement this season, and I think European football is make or break for Arteta.

          He has the control, the financial backing, even the trust to freeze out, oust, and loan those he didn’t think fit his squad.

          If he is successful Arsenal is successful and I’m very happy. If he fails then our club is underachieving and time he moved on.

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