Financial analyst reckons Arsenal’s quiet January will benefit them

Financial analyst Kieran Maguire has revealed that not signing new players in the January transfer window could be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal.

The Gunners offloaded some top earners like Sead Kolasinac and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

However, Mikel Arteta added no senior player to his squad at the Emirates.

Considering the club is battling for a place in the top four, that decision could backfire in this second half of the season.

However, Maguire is looking at the long-term benefits of it, and he claims Arsenal’s inactivity in terms of incomings and clearing some huge salaries means they will have room to do more in the summer.

He tells Football Insider: “Their wage bill has plateaued in recent years.

“These cuts could potentially shave a total of 20 per cent off the wage bill. It will give them more room to manoeuvre in the summer.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

A summer spending spree must be on the cards for Arsenal to avoid splashing the cash last month.

We needed to do that if we wanted to end this season inside the top four, but it seems the club is prepared to invest in the summer instead.

Our current players haven’t done badly, and they will hopefully do much better in this second half so we can end the season well.

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  1. or they could have moved players out and properly addressed a need or two so as to better ensure a successful push for a European position, then lowered the wage bill again in the summer, when Laca, Eddie, Leno, Elneny, Xhaka and others will either leave on a free or be hopefully sold on, which would in turn give them considerable flexibility for making more moves

    meanwhile overseas, the whole Rams-related narrative for Super Bowl week is rife with pundits and the like offering up kudos and platitudes in Kroenke’s direction for going all in with his “dream team” spare-no-expense approach….whereas in North London we’re looking desperately for anyone who’s willing to actual suggest that it was savvy on our parts to focus on wage bill slashing instead of bringing in suitable reinforcements…go figure?!?

    1. Kroenke has his priorities and the RAMS are clearly a much better managed prospect than Arsenal.
      Going by the figures released today Kroenke has spent a lot of money – to the tune of 850 million for which all he has to show for is a couple of FA cups – a tournament that some on here were happy being knocked out of at the first hurdle.
      As an investment to achieve success Arsenal have been, from a business perspective a bit of a failure – people should not moan that he chooses to invest his money in the RAMS – they are one game from reaching the top.
      Arsenal – however much we like them are a million miles from challenging for the title and it will be a very expensive outlay to achieve something that will never pay back your investment.
      Arsenal have been so poorly managed…

      1. the point of my comments were to shed a light on a few long-held myths about what is and isn’t possible with Kroenke at the helm

        for those who have suggested that he’s not interested in winning championships and/or unwilling to spend to do so, what has transpired at the Rams suggests otherwise

        not to mention the fact that he actually invested his own money in building the world’s most expensive stadium, which opened last year without fans, yet somehow these facts never deterred him from spending enormous sums of money for the purposes of pursuing a championship

        btw in a real sense the Rams were in a similar position as our club, League rankings-wise, so your analogy is a bit of a stretch

        as for the financial viability of investing in our club versus an NFL franchise, especially considering the fact that we’re an internationally recognized brand unlike the recently relocated Rams, who usually have more away than home fans in their own stadium, I think you will find that the financial windfall of European success would be on par with that of the Rams, should they win the Super Bowl, at least over the short-term

  2. Or it could be us now trying to pay out EL priced wages instead of the CL type fees that we were paying our players

  3. It will only be a good decision if we get a top 4 finish. If we dont, then it proves the ambition of our club is not there.

  4. Benefit financially? Ya so what….

    I’d rather benefit in football! Or is there a cup for saving money?

  5. We went for Vlahovic with all guns blazing and he turned us down ? We had no second choice as the remaining options have been in poor form. Would you be happy with Isaks 4 goals I’m 18 games when you’re paying 75 million? The likes of Jonathan David and Oisheim aren’t going to move in January when silverware is still on the cards. Top 6 is the goal this season, which I believe we will achieve. I’m the summer if we can bring in a top cm and cf, the left winger at forrest and a back up rb and cm we have a real shot of top 4 and maybe more.

  6. Financial Analyst, Hmm.

    What is he analyzing though.

    Is he looking into the financials of KSE, or is his whole premise based upon what did or didn’t happen in the January window?

    My suspicion is that his article is based upon the latter,

    Since we did NOT bring in a single one of our “target” players suggest to my cynical mind that we never intended to.
    So all of the so called noise and activity in January was meant as a distraction to the fans. To show that Edu and Arteta were really trying but just couldn’t get the big Targets over the line.

    So, in my cynical world, this whole article is rubbish, since there was no actual money available in January for transfers!

    January was intended solely to get money of the books!

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