Financial expert says Arsenal will continue to form profitable partnerships

Financial expert, Doctor Dan Plumley, insists the sky is the limit to the amount of financially profitable partnerships Arsenal can be involved in as a club.

The Gunners have several sponsorship deals, with some appearing on their shirts while others have taken other ways to benefit from partnering with the club.

These deals ensure the Gunners remain one of the best run clubs around, and they keep on coming.

Arsenal has spent a lot of money to strengthen its squad in the last few seasons, and it must keep increasing its revenue streams to keep up with the spending.

Success on the pitch helps to attract more brands, and we expect the club to keep getting these business deals.

Sheffield Hallam University expert, Plumley, tells Football Insider:

“The club fits with the product. As a package, you can see why it suits them. From the commercial side of things, clubs know that if they push the boundaries there is no upper limit for them.

“You see clubs striking partnerships in all these spaces and this one that just works.”

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We need these deals to keep money flowing at the club, and we remain a very attractive EPL side.

As the executives work to earn enough money to reinvest in the playing team, we hope the players will do their bits on the pitch.

We have made a stunning start to this season, and if it goes on, we could win the league at the end of this campaign.

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  1. This article doesn’t make any sense. Arsenal are a financial nightmare and all we can see is money being spent, with nowhere near coming in. A successful season changes all that but at the moment, this professor and article are not as it is. The value of the club and meeting financial restraints are a completely different animal. The clubs value is strong but that doesn’t help the football side and running the club. A successful season is the only answer to help the finances.

    1. Also selling players when they are playing well and attracting interest. Nobody wants to pay anything for a player who sits on the bench and gets shipped out on loan to sit on the bench, especially when we are known to let players leave for free.

      Seeing that Chelsea is trying to buy Gordon for £60 million quid. That’s the Everton youngster with only 4 goals. Imagine the value of Saka or ESR!!

      1. @DaJuhi
        But whose fault is it that some of these players have failed to perform and attract potential buyers? Even some of the players we we have loaned out on multiple occasions keep being rejected by the actual clubs that took them on loan at the end these loans..

        What is one supposed to do? You want Edu, Arteta, Kroenke etc to force other clubs to buy our underperforming / no value players?

        It seems like so many of you guys on here have much more sophisticated / magical ways of selling these unwanted players. We are not so keen on retaining them while other clubs too seem to not be that keen on taking them off our hands..

        You should apply for the Director If Football, Edu, Kroenke and Arteta don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to selling..

    2. @Reggie
      I do think that what we are doing now is a reset.. We had to be honest with ourselves by making massive losses on the deadweight players Arteta mostly inherited.. Most of the players we sold had next to no attraction for potential buyers.. And the others were poor attitude stuck up primadonnas that had to be forced out come what come may..

      That is like, sometimes you have to take a few painful steps backwards before you can propel your forwards.. We had a lot of poor attitude players that were becoming a nightmare for our managers, on top of that most had become deadweights for us..

      As someone that into the farming sector too, sometimes you have to separate a few diseased animals from the flock in order to save the rest of the livestock and business. Sometimes you make decisions that involve losing 3/4 of your livestock for the sake of giving yourself another chance in the future.. Sometimes your acres of crops might need destroying due to certain pest infestations. Clear 2 acres to save the other 50 acres.. You take a finacial hit in the short run but benefit massively in the long run.
      We make very tough financial decisions throughout our lives and hope to have a fresh start for the near future..

      I think this is the same tact that Arsenal / Kroenke, Arteta, Edu etc have decided to take.. It’s been painful that we have not made any money from our recent exits but I do think the club chose the long game on this..

      I do think things are going to be much more different with this new crop of Arteta / Edu signing..

  2. I agree with you Reggie. Point is success buys more success and so if we finish in the top 4 with a trophy or 2 in our kitty this season, Arsenal will have much more sponsorships and deals which will further improve our market value and the cycle continues giving large financial benefits to the Club. It is very important to finish in the CL places and given our start to the season and the quality of players we currently have, I am quietly optimistic for this season.

  3. if ars win convincingly on sat. it will make a good
    argument for signing Neto asap. a clean sheet and 3
    or 4 goals is my prediction..

  4. This Fair Play thing is a nonsens,why? If a business end up in bankrupcy then well done for him!!!He has to take full responsibility of a success if so or a failure if so.UEFA cannot/should not interfer in a private owned business…..This leftist way of thinking is buraucratic and kills the free entreprise which,in the case of football,make the show possible…

    1. Pires Sounds to me that you are pleading for a role in Liz Truss’s next Tory Government.
      I do NOT say I disagree with you though. about bureaucracy getting more involved than it ought.

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