Finishing in the top four is now a realistic goal for Arsenal

Consistency now makes top four a realistic possibility for Arsenal.

Looking at the league table and the number of games left to play it is reasonable to assume that the gap between Chelsea and Arsenal is too great to overcome, however, not everything is so black and white, not at this stage of the season.

Chelsea is inconsistent both home and away and there is no game that they can feel comfortable playing, well, apart from a visit from strikerless Tottenham.

Any team below Chelsea that puts any sort of winning run together will most likely catch them and there is every reason to think that Arsenal is the team to do that.

Manchester United and Tottenham occupy fifth and sixth respectively and they are both just as inconsistent, in fact, I would argue that Tottenham is now on a downward spiral.

Then comes Sheffield United and Wolves. Well, I honestly do believe that Arsenal will be three points better than the Blades and two points better than Wolves over the next 11 games.

Is it still a tall order for Arsenal? Yes of course it is but it is no longer unrealistic to believe that the lads can close the gap on the fourth spot. The difference is two wins and a draw between Arsenal and Chelsea and a winning run will close that deficit very quickly.

Arsenal is in form now, they are unbeaten this year, they are starting to get clean sheets, they are now turning draws into wins, all the ingredients are there for a winning run to develop.

Arsenal fans, myself included, have been negative for so long. The reason was simple, the team made us that way with their performances. Well, now they are putting in the exact sort of performances we have been begging for.

If we are negative when the team is playing poorly then we have a duty to be positive when they are winning. Not rocket science in my book.


        1. Think again. We face the Hammers soon. They are motivated and will cause us problems.

          Fortunately, Arteta is not as arrogant as Arsenal fans.

  1. Saying top 4 is a realistic goal isn’t quite right yet. We need to string 3 or 4 wins together from now and we need teams above to have a couple of losses. We are getting results but we are not playing great, Auba, Leno and Saka are throwing in performances that the others need to match and they aren’t. It doesn’t mean they wont but its too soon to have hope but not realistic. The EL is more realistic.

  2. Realistically I don’t think we can qualify for the via the premier league.

    Our best chance is via the Europa League, which is also difficult but possible if we go on an unbeaten run in the Europa League.

    I have a good feeling we will end the season well.

    By the way Liverpool are losing to Westham as it stands

  3. West Ham going to Anfield and scoring twice is something I never expected, my hope has been dashed.. and I’m gutted…… makes me sick.

    1. That is by far the worst Liverpool performance I have seen all season and yet they still won. They starting to really irritate me.

      1. Not the worst performance.
        Liverpool were good but west ham and fabianski absorbed the pressure well.
        2 quality goals from WHU and 2 stupid mistakes from fabianski and liverpool’s nightmare ended

        1. That sums them up… the opposition or the officials helping them out. It’s like teams are beaten before they even begin! West Ham put up a good fight, gutted it wasn’t enough.
          I can’t wait till that lot are silenced… I’m hoping I see that before the year 2040 😜

  4. Keep the focus on growth rather then spots. We need to be seen as going for more, the attitude, the hunger. I rather see that and finishing outside top 5.

  5. First win the next six games in the EPL. There are 18 points against team we should beat, though there are not guarantees in today’s EPL.

    Then take half the points against the top sides. There is about 3 points there.

    Finally, win the last two games for 6 points.

    Another 27 points. Then hope that two or three of the top six fall.

  6. Let’s not forget we are only 3 pts from 5th place which would qualify for champions league. I see man u our biggest adversary for 5th place and they are as inconsistent as us.

    1. One game at a time and the points will come. Arsenal can’t afford to be complacent, as there are no easy games. Fail to turn up fully committed and Arsenal will lose.

  7. Its correct to think of one game at a time and put in performances which makes games winnable. The EUL and the PL should be balanced because ither one of them will take us to the CL. Up the Gunners!

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