Fiorentina boss admits they are willing to sell Vlahovic but are getting zero response from his agents

The rumours about Arsenal trying to sign Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina simply refuse to go away and it would appear that there have been ongoing negotiations with the Serie A Club.

But now there has appeared a strange quote from the Fiorentina’s general manager Joe Barone that makes it clear that they are interested in making a deal with interest coming from England. Barone was quoted in La Nazione as saying: “Some Englishmen have shown up with Fiorentina” he says “but there is no agreement and there cannot be if someone … We, in any case, are available.”

The “someone” he is referring to is of course Vlahovic himself and his agents. Barone was then asked if there was any talks underway with the striker’s team. “Zero” he replied.

“Zero. And if you remember I asked for clarity, I asked for your agent to be clear, but still nothing. No contact.”

This was the translation given by the Metro: Barone explained: ‘Some English clubs have made contact, but there is no agreement yet. We are open [to selling] but there can’t be a deal unless someone [Vlahovic] agrees.’

On the lack of communication from Vlahovic’s representatives, he added: ‘I haven’t heard anything from them. I had asked Vlahovic’s agent to be clear, but I haven’t heard anything, no contacts at all.’

So it is now looking clear that Vlahovic looks to have “zero” interest in discussing anything in this transfer window at least. And we have all heard the rumours that the player is keen only on making a move to Juventus, who are very regular Champions League participants, but whatever his reasons for not talking to Fiorentina, it looks like Arsenal are flogging a dead horse at the moment and should start looking at more likely alternatives…

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  1. Arsenal should leave the player alone and look for an alternative. This is very clear. He is not interested in the move. Find someone else who is willing to play for us .

  2. Arsenal tried signing Emerson, but it didn’t work out and they signed Tomiyasu who has been phenomenal. A bullet had been dodged because Emerson isn’t delivering the goods at Tottenham. So let us look elsewhere.

  3. time is dragging one now like always with Arsenal, they are so slow.

    if he doesnt want to come here then fine, move on to the next target.

  4. it’s now becoming embarrassing, Arsenal should stop this and look for other options.
    A man will end up in premium tears if he keeps chasing that beautiful girl who is not interested in him……stop it mr. arsenal

  5. Move onto Jonathan David who is reported to be an Arsenal fan, Thierry Henry his idol. He has all the right attributes to do well in the Premier League, his all round game is very good and is quite prolific.

  6. Latest rumour: Vulovic’s agents approached his preferred club – Juve (hence no response to us).
    Juve have now matched Arsenal’s cash offer and are throwing in Arsenal target Kulesevski. Somehow they found the cash. Second time in 6 months theyve stitched us up – remember Locatelli who also dreamed of Juve?

    Game over. Pig sick if it’s true, which I suspect it is.

  7. He is not interested, it is plainly clear. Secondly, it is one thing to flourish in the Serie A and another thing to do well in the PL, prime example being Lukaku who is struggling at Chelsea. Better look out for someone from the PL like Ivan Toni or Emanuel Dennis. They are good strikers, quick and strong and they would love to play for Arsenal.

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