First Arsenal transfer set to start FA cup clash?

It might be a push for Arsene Wenger to throw the new Arsenal signing straight into action against Sunderland on Saturday, but with The Mirror reporting that the Gunners are ready to announce the transfer of Mohamed Elneny from the Swiss champions Basel, it is certainly a possibility.

The only thing that has been holding up the completion of the transfer deal said to be costing Arsenal around 10 million euros was the wait for a work permit for the player but that appears top have now been agreed. And with the 23-year old being brought in to cover for the many central midfield injury problems currently affecting Arsenal and with the defence of the FA cup being of secondary importance to our Premier League title chase, I would not be too surprised to see the Egypt international start against Sunderland.

It will probably depend on what happens at training over the next few days and to be honest it is more likely that Elneny will feature at some point but not from the start but I am sure that the Arsenal boss would like to have Mathieu Flamini and Aaaron Ramsey as fresh as possible for the Premier League away clash with Liverpool on Wednesday night.

So could Elneny be set for an early Arsenal debut this weekend?

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  1. pls buzz me when a work permit is granted to EL-neny…

    else we can all forget bout him being available to play against sunderland in the FA cup!


    1. My suggested team:

      Debuchy – Chambers – Gabriel – Gibbs
      Flamini – Ramsey
      Walcott – Ox – Campbell

  2. Well, until I see it on Arsenal website that’s when I’ll know he’s our player. I like him fro his dexterity. But then it would too early for the lad. Let him understand his team mates first in training before being thrown into a match. I don’t want him to make a mistake that can affect him psycologically.

  3. Too early to thrown him in unless he will start training with the team today and even so maybe a feature from the bench towards the end of the game.

    Our transfers take foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! People have been saying the work permit thingy has been dealt with since Monday so where the heck is he? You can understand our luck of patience or frustration because of last summers drama where we only had one player signed and 200 rumors. Hoping this will be different, lets get El in and move on to the next player!

  4. We know Wenger will never do that, throw a new signing in just like??? Never…
    Personally, I can’t wait to see Elneny in action
    And this delayed announcement is making me sooo anxious and restless

  5. Are we really signing Rabiot or is it another ‘aggressive’ rumour??
    The rumour isn’t going away at all, being seeing it since Monday, I even read somewhere that his mum was at the Emirates…

    1. Not sure whether the rumor carries any weight though I would be extremely happy if we signed him too.

      I think Wenger has been following him for a while now and since he has admitted he wants to leave PSG I’m sure we can strike a good deal. His no Pastore or Varreti but the few times I have seen he play his looked good.

      We can offload Rosisky, Arteta and Flamini in the summer so 2 new midfielders in Elneny and Rabiot would be good.

  6. Ozil, cazorla, le coq, ramsey, flamini, wilshere, rosicky, arteta, chambers, iwobi, adelaide, bielik………..El-neny?………….. Then again….Rabiot?

    Toooo many mid-fieldersssssss

    get rid of some….

    Bring in Aubameyangggggggggggg!

    1. Rabiot >>>>>>Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, Chambers, Iwobi, Rene, Bielik, and Flamini AT THE MOMENT!! So only Ramsey, LeCoq, Ozil, Carzola and maybe Elneny can push him out of the team or compete with him. On that basis wouldn’t you rather we sign him?

      Iwobi, Rene and Bielik still have some growing to do while the old and injured folks have be given enough change and only contribute not more than a half of season of play COMBINED.

      1. You know guys sometimes giving an explanation, even a brief one is more useful than thumbing down or giving a thumbs up. In this case, are you disputing whether he is better than those players and would contribute more at the moment or what’s your take?

  7. OT: It pains me that some of our shirt numbers are almost going to waist and good jersey numbers for that matter, i.e.

    Number 7
    Number 10
    Number 9
    Number 8
    Number 1

    These players apart from the missing jersey 9 usually miss most of the games and in the case of number 1 he just doesn’t cut it at the moment. I proposal the players release those numbers for other players or incoming players. E.g. I love Rosisky and I love the number 7 jersey but its hard to get it because he plays like 2 games a season as compared to Alexis or Carzola who have weird numbers. Wilshere should also give up jersey 10 for a better player. Shirt numbers should have some special meaning and connection for the fans, like the jersey number 4, 2 great players have worn it in the past now look who has it. Its like giving the legendary 14 jersey from Titi to Theo (not that his doing much justice to it either) and then a Sanogo, injustice right there.

    Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe the announcement of a new signing can cheer me up.

    1. I think Rosicky and Arteta are goners in the summer.. So #7, #8 and #9 vacant!

      It pains me though Wilshere got that #10 jersey immediately Van Pursestrings left and he hasn’t finished a whole season since his debut.

        1. Funny I said a while back that Wilshere should never have gotten the #10 jersey and got major thumbs down. At that time when RVP left I would have at least given it to Podolski who actually wore the #10 for Germany at that time and now even better since he was sold the rightful player should be donning it, OZIL!!! Sanchez needs to be wearing the #7 like he does for his country as well but because Rosicky occupied it when he was signed it was probably easier to shift Monreal from the #17 to the #18 as at least a 7 was still in the number. Coquelin should no doudbt get the #8 this summer and I would of gone all out for Griezmann (wished we had gotten him as a part of the Vela deal) in the summer and give him the #11 and play him as a RW or second ST. As for the #1, I’m quite ok with our worldie wearing his #33 while his deputy and future replacement occupies the #1.

          1. Oh and finally the #9 would fall right to that unknown World Class ST which I’m confident Wenger will find.

  8. i wont be suprised if this elneny saga turns out to be just a rumour. Remember higuain? Any way hope he’s announced soon, been checking since yesterday every hour for his imminent announcement buh..

    1. It’s done and dusted mate , work permit too, when the incoming player speaks out , You know its true ?

      1. @ Fatboy Didn’t you say if this deal was not announced yesterday someone should shoot you or was that the beer talking?

        At this rate Elneny will be announced during the last hour of the transfer window.

        1. I assume that an application for a work permit can only start once the window is open. If that is the case then friday 1st Jan was bank holiday so application goes in on Monday 4 Jan. Is it realistic to expect HMG to have processed this by Thursday 7 Jan?

          1. This was 3 days ago!

            BREAKING: KingFut can confirm Mohamed El-Nenny has gained international clearance, set to finalize #Arsenal move.

          2. I have just checked the government website for sportsperson workpermit. It says “you should get a decision within three weeks”

        2. I said that you could xxxx me off lol ?
          Typical Wenger move, just to mug me off ?

          Everyone is free to cxxx! Me off ?
          Maybe by the time you have all finished, Arsenal will officially announce the signing of Elneny! ??

  9. Deeney rules out Arsenal move in January

    Watford striker Troy Deeney says he will not be joining Arsenal in January. Asked whether he was Arsenal-bound, Deeney told talkSPORT: “No, no, no. We have still got a project to complete.
    “The pleasing thing from my point of view and from Iggy’s is people want us. That shows that we have been doing something right for the past five, six months.

    “But we have got a project to complete and the gaffer has stated before that whatever happens in the summer, will happen in the summer.

    “It is very flattering. My son is an Arsenal fan so he read it in the paper the other day and I don’t think he is happy that I am staying at Watford.

    As if. Glad this puts to bed this rumor, next!!!!!

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