First one out – But how much will Arsenal charge to let Lucas Perez leave?

It was one of my own personal big disappointments of the season watching Lucas Perez rot on the Arsenal bench, while Giroud was given every chance to redeem himself in front of the Arsenal fans. Even at the beginning of the season, Wenger opted to play Alexis Sanchez as centre-forward even though Le Prof admitted that the left-wing was his preferred position.

Perez couldn’t have done any more when he was given an opportunity. He only played the Spaniard in one Champions League game and he scored a hat-trick, something that Giroud took three years to achieve, but was swiftly stuck back on the bench again. That strikes me as being patently unfair and there is little wonder that the 28 year-old is keen to get back to Spain.

After being left on the bench yet again in the FA Cup Final, Perez was back on the plane to his homeland the very next day, and I suggested that Lucas had already left Arsenal, and now his agent Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle ahas proved me right.

“We have spoken with Arsenal and we have explained that we want to leave,” Lovelle told reporters in Spain.

“They have said that they are not going to put obstacles in the way, but they are not going to give the player away as a gift either.”

So, Arsenal paid 17m GBP to bring him to the Emirates and we all know how hard-nosed Wenger is in the transfer market. So how much do you think Arsenal will demand for him to leave?



  1. Kostafi says:

    I’m disappointed if this materialises. It’s a shame he didn’t get more game time. He was signed as a back up option in case Welbeck had another setback and or to be the 3rd choice striker. With Alexis getting the nod at the start of the season, he was down to 4th choice! I still believe AW missed an opportunity to field a forward line of sheer pace in Perez-Sanchez-Walcott or at the very least replace the out of form Walcott with Perez. The new formation doesn’t exactly open up more opportunities for him. He never got a look in is the shame. Still 1 year in England, 1 trophy, appearances and goals in all comps cant be all bad.
    Lets hope we get a proper striker in return. I hear CAS turned Atletico down, so Lacazette maybe an option again.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Last season I was hoping we would get Mahrez and Kante. Mahrez would have been perfect as he at least had Premier League experience and a Pl title.

    I was then skeptical about Lucas but was hoping he would be our Mahrez with Alexis up front.

    Lucas played fantastic in the few matches he played

    BUT Wenger refused to start him in PL matches. For the life of me I can’t understand this. If he was proving himself he deserved a chance

    Again, Wenger is clueless.

    I believe Wenger Dilly dailied all summer and then decided to get Lucas so as to placate the fans.


    Anyway, it will be better for Arsenal and Lucas for him to leave. Wenger won’t play him and at his age he needs to start

    I can only hope we get a good price and we use it to get another forward. But with Wenger I am never optimistic

    Good Luck to Lucas whatever happens
    He deserves better

  3. sebastian says:

    Im sure we can get 15 mil plus, for me hes proven himself to be a quality player. Im disgusted at how little game time he got though

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I think a lot of Pl managers and foreign would jump at the chance. He really played well the few matches he played.
      Well worth a punt at £15 million

  4. Adam Criniti says:

    If Valencia is truly interested, offer Perez for Gaya and a few million. His transfer value is around $18M and the young lad would solidify the left back position @ AFC for the next decade.

    1. WengerOut Bot says:

      All AKBs can now see the reason we want Wenger to leave, How do you buy a player what £17M and bench him despite the fact that he contributed 8 goals & some assists in few starts he had.

      Ever since Henry & Van Persie Lucas Perez could have been Another Lethal Striker all gooners have been craving to have over the years but the Senile Wenger left in favour of lazy players like Ozil.

      Perez is a fighter, if we could recall that stunning goal against Bournemouth. He keeps on fighting until the last minute. Not like Ozil that will drop his shoulders the moment Bayern Scored 2:1 and subsequently faded into the night.

      Wenger is always out to kill the dreams of fantastic players like Perez.

    2. Arsenal FC says:

      I feel sorry for Perez how Wenger has treated him.He is a quality player and a lot of clubs here and in spain are interested in him so why not ask for a cheeky 20 mil.

      1. RAA1395 says:

        We benched a17M player….!! OK I have been thinking for 3 minutes what to write next but could not find suitable words….so I will stop here….

  5. JPS_AFC1 says:

    65 million GBP I reckon. Lol. I think this guy has alot to offer, should have played him behind the stricker in the Ozil position. His game in tbe F.A Cup against Southampton was imense in that roll. Good buy Lucas totally understand your predicament. All the best for the fiture. Get our money back and move on.

  6. Tas says:

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger urges fans who wanted him out to give peace a chance now he’s staying

    Ok why not if you can be honest and stop bullshitnq with us fans tell the truth and will back you all the way and let’s some commitment from you and the board by buying as you say top top players

  7. Coldzero says:

    I don’t understand why he wasn’t played? Does anyone actually know why he wasn’t? As when he came on he always looked dangerous. How he has been treated is actually pretty disgusting to be fair.

  8. John0711 says:

    I hear ozil wants to run his contract down and go for free next year to get a big pay off. IF that’s the case spend 12 months with the under 15s fine him a weeks wage for every session missed see who wants you at the end

  9. WengerOut Bot says:

    But seriously if this is not madness,
    How can you have fantastic player in the mode Perez yet be looking to buy Mahrez?

    Only in Arsenal is such possible!



  11. HA559 says:

    It’s a shame he was the best striker bar Sanchez in this team. If he wants to go, do the right thing and sell him for the same or less to go back to Deportivo. £15m tops.

    The best thing would be to get rid of the strikers Walcott and Giroud, especially Walcott. Then get one really good replacement for them. You’ld get ~£40m easy for these players combined. Use more to get a top striker.

  12. HA559 says:

    The most expensive striker (CF) in Arsenal history and he doesn’t get game time, Wenger is a joke.

  13. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Perez plus £20m to Leicester for Mahrez

    1. Jay Dee says:

      Perez should NOT end up at any premier league side. That will come to haunt us directly

  14. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Arsenal will want the amount which they paid for him. West Ham and Newcastle were interested in Perez, not too long ago.

    According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal have been told they will have to slightly increase their offer for Eupen striker Henry Onyekuru in order to comply with work permit regulations.
    That?? ‘slightly’ is said to be £1million ? ? you can bet that will put Wenger off!

    1. RAA1395 says:

      We lost higuain for something like this !

  15. ShameOnYou says:

    So Arsenal is selling Perez, but they keeping the eternal promising youngtser (now kinda old ) Walcott??

  16. Himma1-ti o komon says:

    me think its the squad number given to him….. has anyone noticed that for some time now any arsenal player wearing number 9 jersey (either gets injured – Eduardo, lose form – P. Chu Yung, or is neglected by d manager- Podolski & now Perez….

    Me thinks its a planned work, Arsene knows about it from the beginning…

    Me jst saying though…..

  17. Milton John says:

    It’s sad to see how Wenger treat his players in two different manners. Theo, Ramsey Coquelin, gets chance after chance even though under perform and Perez treated without giving prorer opportunity even though do perform well when given a rare chance. It’s so sad to see Wenger lost his hunger, drive. Wenger can’t lead Arsenal back to glorious days if he don’t change his attitude, approach.

  18. David j says:

    Giroud played his ass off this season. In fact he should have been given even more opportunities. Afterall he was the 2nd best striker in epl for efficiency (goals per minute played). Which begs the question: are you a Perez fan or an arsenal supporter?

  19. Dexter says:

    I’ll like to see xhaka and shaqiri as our central midfielders next season. Sell Walcott, he’s a waste. Sell Gibbs, sell jenkinson, sell debuchy, sell carzola. Sell per mertesaker, Bring in serge aurier as competition for bellerin, bring in kolasinic (allow monreal to leave if he wants to), bring in fouzi goulam as backup to kolasinic, use Perez as backup to Sanchez on rw, use iwobi as backup to ozil, bring in mbappe (very unlikely) or dybala (unlikely too) bring lukaku as cf

  20. Nebsy says:

    17 million plus a pound?

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