First team fight is FINE for Arsenal’s new rising star

The chance to establish himself in the Arsenal first team was a long time coming for the Costa Rican international forward Joel Campbell, but after a few years going around various leagues in Europe and then sitting on the Arsenal bench in England, the injury situation at the club left the door open.

Campbell stepped through and has continued to impress since then, even though not every game has seen the best from the young player. I think we have seen enough though, and while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been struggling to make the most of his own chances this season, his team mate has probably overtaken the Englishman in the Arsenal pecking order.

We don´t know how long that will last of course, especially with the brilliant Chilean star Alexis Sanchez close to a comeback, but Campbell has declared that he is happy to fight for his first team place and to take it on the chin if and when he misses out, an Evening Standard report reveals.

The 23-year old Gunner said, “I just see myself as another member of the team. Neither more nor less than the rest of my team-mates. Football is like that.

“It can change from one day to the following one. You’re here today but you do not know where you are tomorrow.

“Today you are in the starting line-up and tomorrow you are on the bench. Football is about moments and you have to take them.

“Obviously when someone works well and conscientiously he will always see the fruits, sooner rather than later.

“I work hard and trust in my ability. And I know that with hard work and effort things will be all right for me.”

You have to admire the attitude and the way that Campbell stuck at it while not playing ad then performed when he got the chance. But will he keep his place in the team when Alexis is fit again?

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  1. I REALLY hope we don’t loan Campbell out again or sell him. He gets better and better each time he plays, he works hard all over the pitch. Very exciting prospect for us.

    1. hopefully wenger can see the boy’s development with his own eyes…… Whatever he does with campbell at the end of the day would be his call!

      I sincerely hope it doesn’t end badly…

      Meanwhile Manure have managed to must a draw and a point(thanks to the toons Lackadiasical 1st half completely deaned and ruined by that penalty)

      Hey!…Come morrow, Lets broaden the gap and Hope the evertonians present citeh with a surprise package too

  2. Some people are too hard on OX
    He is ony 22. A year younger than Joel.
    Have patience. He will come through

    1. I agree, I think Ox is a good little player. I don’t think he deserves to play ahead of Joel on the right wing at the moment though. In fact, I think AW would find it difficult to play anyone ahead of Joel there at the moment especially as he and Bellerin are forming a good partnership on that side. That said, however, it is up to Ox to take that place if he wants it, and if he does I would be delighted.

    2. Ox has been in the first team for 3 seasons now. Joel has gone in front of him in everything, the worst thing about it is that Ox hasn’t noticed this at all. It’s the price tag Wenger paid for him that keeps him in the squad.

  3. The league is very tough all the matches are hard to win or even draw if you didnn’t perform you wipp get hammered
    Bornmoth the team coming from the champion ship got itrube and afobe and grabb.
    Neecastle getting shelvey for 12m.
    Stoke city have real quality is shaqiri and bojan.
    It won’t be easy to win it in may.

  4. It will be a injustice to play Ox ahead of Joel right now. Joel is more hungrier in everything he does. Like Sanchez and Wellbeck these three together will keep running up and down the pitch to win the ball. Ozil has also done this, for this season as well. Recently Walcott does this in some games. Giroud only does this when his CF position is under threat.

  5. Joel Campbell is an important player for arsenal, he is getting better with every game and gives us that different dimension when needed! He is still a good asset and is improving!

  6. some of the touches and passes Campbell made vs Sunderland were very impressive, on a level and pace that I didn’t hold for possible in such a short notice! He has done very well and probably is the perfect piece to the puzzle for all 3 front positions. I like his humble character aswell, must be a dream for Wenger to have players like this.

  7. In Wenger’s latest comments, regarding the Ox,
    he plans on playing him in a more central position from now on. (Box to Box)
    Which would make the central midfield places more optional with Ramsey, Chambers , Flamini, Elneny and the Ox.

    So basically,Campbell has more or less cemented his place on the wings, Even when Sanchez is available, we are more than likely to see Walcott put back into the striker rotation role with Giroud.

    What with Rosicky back in training, I doubt that we will see any other senior signings, maybe 2 or 3 youth players at the most.

  8. I’ve probably been Theo’s biggest fan over the last many years, but I wonder if Theo should be the one riding the bench when Alexis returns. As long as Campbell continues to play with intensity, I’d keep him on the field. Let Giroud and Walcott switch on and off as CF, depending on the opposition, but keep Alexis and Campbell on the wings.

    1. As much as I like Theo I must admit he has now become sloppy and complacent on the wings because all he thinks about is playing centrally, if he focused more on contributing to the team he could’ve had more than 10 goals by now.. I think he should remain a bench player if we get a new striker next season because it looks like he doesn’t want to play as a winger anymore.

  9. Which Arsenal player has 50 international caps, scored goals in World Cup and Champions League? We tend to forget that Joel has a lot of big game experience, the loan spells were very good for him.

    I like his attitude and he is coming good. Wenger seems to rate him, comparing his emergence this season to Le Coq last season.

    Does anyone know what the situation is regarding his contract? Reports in the press say it finishes at the end of this season. Reports in the press when he was loaned to villareal said his contract had been extended.

    1. Joel’s original contract was due to finish at the end of this season. I have found an article on dated 28 jan 2015 titled ” Arsenal Sign Gabriel from Villarreal”. This states that Joel had agreed a long term contract with Arsenal.

      So these press articles stating that Joels contract ends this year and linking him with Turkish teams Becitas and Galatasaray are usual media rubbish. They cannot even research to get contract details correct, one even referred to Becitas as a Greek team.

  10. Joel for me embodies arsenal and who we are…Great talented kid, who had to go through hard time to get a chance and when given the chance took it and seems to be getting better and better with each game.

    When Sanchez comes back it will just be Sanchez on the left teaming up with Monreal (which has proven to be a very effect partnership) and Campbell to play on the right with Bellerin (which we have seen can be a real pacey threat).

    We can attack down both flanks and through the middle..THREAT..THREAT..THREAT!!!!

    Ox has to fight for his place and when we get players back he will even have to fight for a place on the first team bench which would mean our bench would have real power and game changers.


  11. Sometimes I wonder what the hell happened to the ox, he Rilly is pissing me off, I love that but he’s gotta work hard, else in two seasons to come he myt not be a Goober anymore. Off topic, I Rilly ain’t enjoying the wilshere situation, I wanna see that dude do his thing. #getgoodquick @wilshere

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