Five alternatives to Arsenal celebrating after a win

Celebration alternatives for Arsenal players by Jonbo

So Arsenal are getting some criticism yet again for daring to celebrate a hard-fought victory. Behavior that offended the salty former Villa player, turned average pundit, Gabby Agbonlahor.

Although it was great to see his recent comments being used against him, when he had praised Gerrard and Villa players for doing the exact same thing. Must be one rule for one, one for the other I guess.

I also noticed that Ashley Young got some criticism for saying something similar after the defeat, although his answer did stem from a very leading question from the interviewer, who also sounded like an annoyed Villa fan.

Bizarrely, these critics, mostly former and current players, do not seem to understand the beauty of the sport they love. Unlike almost any other sport, emotion is built into the fabric of the game, and I cannot understand why some within the game want to filter it out?

Now that the celebration police are well and truly out, mainly against Arsenal, as other teams do not seem to be receiving the same treatment for the same actions, it got me thinking – what should Arteta and team do after our next victory?

1 – Ignore the fans, walk back inside with their heads down and no smiles, and celebrate in the dressing room.

2 – Don’t even celebrate within the confines of the stadium, just in case a pundit, journalist, opposition player is within ear shot. Wait until you get home.

3 – Acknowledge the fans, but look depressed

4 – Say in the interviews afterwards how much you hate winning. It disgusts you!

5 – Don’t even talk about the win. Pretend it never happened

What are your thoughts for what our team should do after our next win?


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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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  1. i reckon the team should, at the next away win, all line up and do the conga around their ground

    Frack em haha

  2. Love the sarcasm. All our players had better give their shirts away to the travelling supporters after the match ends, because we wouldn’t have won the tough away games without them

  3. Good fun!
    I think we should ask for the points to be sold to an oligarch or a Saudi regime, and the profit should go to cheer up some of our fans, who get depressed over the celebrations.

  4. What about Us apologizing to the opposition team after each winning and telling them come next season we will allow them to win

  5. Does a postman celebrate after delivering his post? Balotelli responded after being ask, why he didn’t celebrate, after scoring.

    Maybe Balotelli was right

  6. Win or loose people will always have something to say.. harsh irony. The winning reactions from the players could be key to building up some momentum. I only hope they celebrate moderately haha 😂 The agenda people cannot handle the form.

  7. But lets remain scavengers till the end of the season,no crumbs at all for opponents remember it’s ALL OR NOTHING.COYG.

  8. How about shaking hands at the end of the game and walking off for a shower and beer together?

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