Five Arsenal players in contention for just one forward spot

What forward line will Unai Emery field against Bournemouth?

On paper, Arsenal has one of the most formidable forward line-ups but in reality, it has a one-man look about it.

Nicolas Pepe has yet to set the world alight and Alexandre Lacazette is out injured. So that leaves just Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as the main man up front.

But Bukayo Saka, Reiss Nelson, Gabriel Martinelli, Dani Ceballos and even Mesut Ozil are knocking on the door. All five are desperate to be given a run-out in the Lacazette spot.

Despite being poor so far this season, Pepe is an almost certain starter against Bournemouth. Therefore it is safe to say that Aubameyang and Pepe will occupy the first two forward places. But what about that final spot?

A lot will depend on the formation, does Emery go with Aubameyang as a sole striker with Pepe and one other just behind? What about Auba on his own with two out wide so they can also link up with the wing-backs? Maybe the Spaniard goes with two up-front and just one behind.

I am doubtful that Martinelli will be selected as a starter even though he is on fire right now in front of the goal. That role is more or less solely Auba and Saka looks more accomplished on the left side. Reiss Nelson is a more natural winger and that may well get him the nod.

You cannot dismiss Ceballos or Ozil either, both could easily play just behind Pepe and Auba and the flanks are left to the wing-backs.

I suspect that Emery will go with Saka and so a three man line-up of Auba, Pepe and Saka would be my guess but Emery may yet surprise us all.


  1. Definitely not Ozil or Ceballos
    Ceballos is a central midfielder/CAM

    Emery has said that Ozil hasn’t been deserving in training. He knows better than we do as he is at training. We aren’t

    Reiss-Nelson hasn’t been as good as Martinelli and Saka

    So I think it will be
    Pepe RW
    Martinelli or Saka LW
    Aubameyang up front

    1. I would not believe everything Emery said.

      I’m a pretty decent judge of people, and while he may be a good coach, Emery DEFINITELY doesn’t give an impression of being a straightforward man.

      And surprise, surprise – the player he didn’t want in the first place is EXACTLY the one who “hasn’t been deserving in training”. Now that’s huge coincidence, especially considering how highly Mesut is rated by fellow professionals in the club. But hey, we know better than those who train with him every day, right?

    1. LOL. That’s right Sue. A loss for Spurs would be awesome after 7-2 thrashing and Gnabry scoring 4

  2. Exactly my prediction upfront innit. Saka Auba pepe. Middle will be guendouz xhaka, ceballos. And backline will be Tierney Luis sokratis and Bell/cham/AMN.

  3. Out of topic….I’m starting to watch spuds games more than the Gunners hahahaha
    Losing 2-0 to Brighton with 30 min of 1st half.

  4. On watching Sp*ds I can’t help to say that even with Sokratis and Luiz, we are kings.
    Who ever are upfront we are sure of goals.

  5. Wouldn’t want be in their shoes to say the lease, S.
    And yes Sue, this could turn really ugly for the spuds

  6. From what I have seen this season any team other than Liverpool and Manchester city can drop points at any time especially away from home…

        1. Are you real? You make me laugh. Yes, Mustafi is a star. So far this season he’s not conceded a goal.

          1. Outta here.

            App’ removed, people have got far too quick to jump down your throat !

            Parting comment for what it’s worth, I actually think Mustafi has been top drawer since being called upon.

            Nice posting with those I have exchanged with.

            COYG !

  7. Please, keeping aside emotional sentiments and looking for early goals on any opportunity in all matches starting from tomorrow 6th of October 2019 put aside Pepe and put Nelson. Pepe is a Time Waster who need more training on our one touch one pass/one kick system . No gambling now. Do not hesitate to use Gabriel Martinelli when goals are not coming. So far he’s the only attacker outside Giroud & Welbeck who uses the HEAD with assists from Wingbacks and Corner kicks. Please, please, please,

  8. spurs are bowled out , 10 for two . i know nothing about cricket, so i might have that score wrong ways around, forgive me . but we gotta laugh anyhows, lol.

  9. Brighton were superb πŸ‘Œ
    Wow, 10 goals conceded in 2 games.. and the spurs go marching on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Spurs and United struggling leave a HUGE opportunity for us that we have to take. Three points tomorrow, COYG!

  11. At any cost we shouldn’t miss martinelli in the starting line up
    As I’ve said from before he deserves it more than all the forwards we have it’s auba,martinelli and another one whoever it may be

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