Five defenders rumoured to be Calum Chambers replacement in just 24 hours

The January transfer window is open and the rumours are flowing in.

It was always hoped that Arsenal would make a move into the transfer market this January. It is now an expectation following the long term injury suffered by Calum Chambers.

Naturally, because of that injury, it was always going to be centre-halves that the media would speculate about. If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had suffered a long term injury instead of Chambers what sort of player do you think the media would have been linking Arsenal with?

Now, most of these defenders, if not all, have previously been linked with a move to the Emirates, so they are not fresh as such. However, these are what I have personally been reading and writing about in the last 24 hours.

Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich)
Daniele Rugani (Juventus)
Merih Demiral (Juventus)
Nathan Ake (Bournemouth)
Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig)

Now, I am not going to make any predictions on whether any of these players will sign on the dotted line but I will suggest that these five are going to be just the tip of the iceberg.

That list could easily double or treble in size and if Arteta does acquire a new central defender it could quite easily be someone that has not previously been linked with Arsenal.

I do not expect there to be much gossip about forwards or even midfielders, not in comparison to defenders anyway.

So strap yourselves in, this is just the beginning of the month and there are going to be a hell of a lot of central defenders being touted as the replacement for Calum Chambers.

At least for those bored with transfer gossip they can at least sit back and be confident that it is highly likely that a new defender will pop up at the Emirates this month.


    1. Yes, this is what will likely happen and you are likely correct about the reason. I cannot imagine why we would sign Boateng when we have Sokratis and Luiz that are currently not living up to standard. Boateng is another player tht was great in his day but is past his best.

  1. Didn`t we have these same players in individual analysis`s on previous posts?……………and now they have been put into one post!……………….you cant pull the wool over my eyes AdMartin! 😆

  2. Let’s hope we don’t sign Boateng. We have been an old age retirement club recently. I reckon we should get someone young enough to get more than one year out of them.

  3. The first two in the list, have seen better days, the last three are no go for us, we are not in a position to get them. I doubt we will see any of the five mentioned in January, the first two would actually set back our youngsters development as well. Just my opinion.

  4. I would make Demiral my number 1 choice, higher than Upamencano.
    Guy is a beast and more likely to be available due to Juve’s CB stocks. He will also be cheaper.
    He would suit the premier league as well in my opinion. Him and Saliba would be rock solid

    1. Arteta is head coach and my hope is that he is supported in the transfer market for the players HE WANTS. It is his career that is dependent on the ability of the scouting and player recruitment choices made.

  5. It’s really a catch-22 situation. Mavro, Chambers, Holding, Saliba were to be the CB’s of the future, with the older players as backup. Now suddenly, 3 are injured and 1 on loan. Do you pay money for someone to fill the gap, and then next season have all the fans crying for him to be sold when all are fit again? Or do you persevere with what you have (Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz) and get them defensively organised like they were against ManUtd, thereby avoiding a hasty decision that might later be regretted.

    This is no easy decision, guys and girls. To compoind the problem, an expensive player (like Upamec) will want a 3 year contract at least, now with Saliba there, Holding doesn’t get to play and wants to leave. Is that what we want? Maybe Boateng on a free transfer and for 1 year only would not be such a bad idea after all.

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