Tavares claims that Arsenal have ‘Five finals to go’ after United victory

Arsenal took a big stride in their bid to qualify for the Champions League with the 3-1 win over Manchester United, and Nuno Tavares seems to insist that his side are focused on their goals.

The Gunners know that they will claim a place in next season’s Champions League if they were to win all of their remaining fixtures, with Tottenham as their main rivals for the all-important fourth spot.

Our win today means that United are surely out of the running, with us now holding a six-point advantage over them whilst having played a match less, while all eyes will turn to Tottenham’s tough match at Brentford this evening as they look to join us on 60 points.

Whilst we were impressive in gaining the points today, Tavares gave himself little cause for celebration, with our attentions immediately turning to the upcoming five matches left.

“We won and I got my first goal. It was amazing,” he told Arsenal Media after the full-time whistle.

“We started very hard, we wanted to put pressure on United and we got it. Now we are closer to achieve our objective. It’s the most important. Now we have five finals to go.”

Tavares then described how Xhaka’s goal was crucial in sealing those three points, adding: “It was like ‘we can breathe’. We were closer to winning the game, and we did it.”

Today’s win was extremely important, but Tavares is right about us needing to stay focused on the next few games with so much to play for.

We’ve been harsh on Tavares after his most recent performances, but he appears to have put them behind him this week, and we are seriously profiting from it.

I’m hoping that Tottenham can allow us some wiggle room as we look to close in on fourth, but at this moment in time, everything is looking like it will gear up to be decided in the North London Derby.


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  1. Bees sting Spurs. Hive of activity at the Emirates. as Gooners buzz around Champions League honey pot. Thank you Brentford.A huge swing in the top 4 race. Spurs and United snatching defeat from the jaws of victory while Arsenal despite dire performance win another game we were expected to struggle. We can now afford to lose to Spurs and still get top 4. Westham is huge

    1. @fairfan
      WH is a must win. They won’t be so easy to turn over either…But, if we turn up, we got it…IJS

      1. We play West Ham at a good time for us, sandwiched between their two Europa games.

        I think todays two games were decisive in us getting fourth place.

        1. I think West ham’s best chance of champions League is the Europa league without doubt. Why risk your players when they have a very winnable Semi. If they get to the final it’s Rangers or Lelpzig in the final (why don’t we get draws like that 🙈). Tbh we beat a better Frankfurt side 4-0 away if I remember rightly. Plus hopefully they won’t want spurs to get forth either. Officially the most hated club in London with Chelsea a close 2nd

  2. I really like Nuno. He’s raw but enthusiastic. He doesn’t give up either. Given more game time and a bit of personal guidance, I believe he can develop into a dang good player…IJS

    1. I agree. Nuno has the “potential” to be a great player. It’s his first season and he is still learning. Look how long it took partey to adjust… Also I think Cedric has used up all his lives now. He has put in some good performances whilst tomiyasu has been out but if we want to take the next step is rather have spence.

  3. I agree NYG – great physique and stamina, and a real tryer – those attributes are just as important as tactical and technical skills, which can be taught.

    1. Nuno has talent for sure. But not as a defender. He is very raw and needs careful handling and IF played not as a defender, he will come through IMO.

  4. Even today he gave the boll away too often.. to the point where I was so mad at him.. but he really try but we need Tierney in that position back

  5. Tavares is a disaster player.
    Makes my me nervous when he tries to defend, absolutely poor player defensively from what I have seen so far.

    He is just Bambi On Ice.. Was a complete liability for the majority of the game.

  6. Nuno will come good over time if he plays consistently and he will have that opportunity next season when Arsenal play in Europe and all the local competitions. Those matches will give him the opportunity to be properly coached. We have a good coach in Arteta who I believe can bring out the best in any player who is ready to learn and follow instructions.

  7. I think THE COACH COULD TRY HOM AS A WING FORWARD…..a transition from a defender to an attacker might help unleash the beast in him…..the ball got the world on his feet, but defensive duties are letting him down .

    He need position transitioning

    1. Correct, people need to give him some slack, he has been thrust into action, when his minutes were very limited or non existent and he was heavily involved in two goals against Chelsea and one again today. I really dont know what people expect. Its his first season in the prem, a new country and had his confidence dented. Im not sure he is a LB either.

  8. Glad to see the rebirth of Nuno….still needs to improve in a few areas though, especially the goal celebration knee slide. No need to worry; it will get better with practice.

  9. To play Nuno, we need to play 5 df, nuno, holding, Gabriel, ben, Cedric or tomi.
    Otherwise too risky. We were lucky only one penalty… Btw, Why no Pepe today?

  10. Mikel Is the man with the Midas touch. The proof is that we have a new Elneny better than Mr Wenger’s Elneny, a better Nuno after his horrendous performances, a minor improvement in Xhaka, Mikel is doing a lot behind the scenes, let his work silence his critics who are ready to pounce on him. When Conte lost to BHA, our fans said it’s just 6 months for the man, let me remind them in 6 months our man won the FA! And that is the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

    1. LC winning an fa cup in empty stadiums does not make greatness winning league titles and champions league is what makes greatness let’s not forget we got off the hook against Sheffield utd and Nuno was atrocious yesterday it took for Holding to come on to shore things up, I’m glad we won it’s a massive win but make no mistake on a better day man utd could of scored 4 or 5 and this is a team that is in a complete mess. We Arsenal fans get carried away often let’s just see what happens between now and may nothing has been achieved yet.

      1. Kev
        If we are in mess as you put it, then only the 3 above us are off sound in structure
        The rest below must need major surgery.
        No one here is blinded by the fact we are far from the finished article and a lot of hard work and bit of luck is needed by us just even get a bit closer to the top 2.
        MA as we have said it numerous times here looks like a very good Coach but still earning his stripes as manager.
        In my opinion he is doing a decent job and in my opinion we are moving forward
        Other people Will agree which is fine.
        We rode our luck at times yesterday
        But took our chances and we took the points
        They robbed us at OT and on another day we would have walked away with 1 if jot 3 point. Yesterday was our day
        Points on the board is what counts now kev not performance
        The next 5 games I would rather we won ugly then play pretty and walk away empty handed.
        Onwards and upwards

        1. Part of the issue in some of these discussions is that some people have developed a certain negative narrative and will stick to it rigidly.
          The dismissive way the the FA cup is discussed is really disappointing. This was a great achievement and is rightly celebrated.
          I also believe that Arteta has done a very good job so far; even though the team has its weaknesses.

  11. Isn’t football life funny 😄
    3 games back and some are saying MA is a clown a joker and needs to go and 2 games on some are saying he is king of the hill.
    Nothing wrong with these opinions either way. We are built on emotion and the last 5 games have certainly been a roller coaster ride with downs as well as ups…note how I have finished on a up rather than a down 😄
    Still 5 to go and can I see one or two more twists but I am feeling ecstatic right now to think we are still in the.mix for 4th spot and have faint chance of 3rd
    The spuds are not our main worry.
    We as a teams and that includes us as fans as well need to keep the confidence and belief. it will be hard but its back in our own hands now so we need to Keep believing and see it home
    Onwards and upwards

  12. If I was Arteta and the coaching team now I’d be saying we concentrate on us, that’s all that matters. As Taveres rightly said 5 cup finals 5 wins and 4th is guaranteed. Tbh I have a feeling 3 wins from the final 5 were there. Spurs have tough games like we do. They have Leicester, Liverpool then us, before a Burnley team desperate to stay in the division and a no brainer against Norwich. For that I would say D/W,L,L/D,D,W and 5-8pts.

    We have West Ham, Spuds, Leeds win these 3 and it’s over for Spurs. All before we travel to the Toon and then play Everton at home on the final day. Our possible form W/D,W,W/D,D,W and 11-13pts.

    West Ham is just as big as Chelsea and Utd and we need a Chelsea like performance next Sunday. Hopefully Leicester would have given us even more incentive the game before. But its back in our hands now we need to go on another 7 game unbeaten run 2 down 5 to go

  13. Tavares is a lose cannon too many mistakes in him i dont trust him at all, he cost us at the 1st Liverpool game, a professional player leaving his hand out like that in a penalty box is a disgrace

  14. I really can’t comprehend how anyone can think Nuno had a good game. The guy is going to cost us dearly if we keep persisting with him. I know Cedric isn’t a massive improvement but if we can shift him to left back and get Tomi back at Rb for the rest of the season i will feel much more confident in a top 4 finish.

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