Five former players and a super computer predict Liverpool v Arsenal result

The big game this weekend is undoubtedly Liverpool v Arsenal and everyone and their uncle is predicting what the final result will be.

Doing a quick search of what the pundits are predicting I have come across three former Liverpool players, a former Gunner, one former Leicester City player and an alleged supercomputer.

BBC pundit and former Red Mark Lawrenson who partakes in a weekly prediction challenge with a celebrity, who this week is rugby league star Stefan Ratchford, has gone with a Liverpool 2-1 win

Another former Red Michael Owen, who does a weekly blog carrying his predictions is also going for a home win citing Arsenal defensive frailties as the difference.

Former Gunner Charlie Nicolas is predicting that Arsenal will lose 3-1, which is not a huge surprise considering how negative he can be.

Former Liverpool great Phil Thompson is in full agreement with his fellow SkySports pundit and is also going with the same scoreline.

BT Sport pundit and former Leicester City star Robbie Savage, has jumped on the 3-1 win for Liverpool bandwagon with his prediction

Finally, BT Sport have utilised a supercomputer apparently and the machine has gone with a 2-0 Liverpool win, that must have taken some serious processing power.

So, they all going with a Liverpool win, cannot say I am surprised to be honest, on paper that looks the obvious and easy call but I remain confident that Arsenal will get a result and it will be doubly enjoyable knowing all the pundits got it so wrong.


  1. I just hope UE shows his players just how the pundits/media view their chances, pin all the forecasts up on the wall and just let them get on with it.

    As I’ve said before, if we don’t concede an eaarly goal, silence their crowd and play without the suicidal nonsense of playing out from the back on every single occasion, we will come away undefeated.

    Our away fans will be tremendous, as usual, if this happens…just can’t wait for the game to start.

    1. Agree with you Ken
      We have the players to hurt them but it will come down to Emery and how he sets up .
      Surely our front 3 are on par with theirs and depending on who he picks in midfield again on par if not better ,then we come to our defence which will probably be our Downfall ,apart from Leno and luiz i don’t see a great defence .

      1. It’s not just about having players on par with theirs. Pool will likely have more dangerous transitions and chances because off gegenpressing, which is something we don’t do. It’s their system that makes even weaker players look good, as long as they are willing to run when they lose the ball

  2. Looking at the last post by Dan, most fans are super negative
    Why not put everything into supporting the boys and maybe they will do the same back

    1. We will definitely support the boys once the whistle blows, we are supporters but we are discussing possible outcome of the match

  3. The machine and those pundits must have not seen how our attackers and young midfielders played against Burnley

    They just consider our defense as the main weakness

    I hope Klopp and his players would also underestimate us, so we can surprise them in Anfield

  4. It’s nothing like been negative they know arsenal can put up a surprise but all things considered we are the underdog here so they called what they have to call (A Liverpool win most likely outcome)

  5. I just hope our fans don’t overreact if we get spanked again. Even if we were fully fit, and in fantastic form, getting anything at Anfield is a very tall order. Winning our opening 2 games, and other results going a little are way, does mean we can absorb an early defeat, and still be in the mix. It’s only the 3rd game as well.

    We go into this game with an under strength team. Injuries, half fit players (Pepe, Torreira, possibly Laca), new players bedding in, and some just not good enough. We’re away against the European champions. A team that is arguably better than our very own ‘Invincibles’. Liverpool have been brilliant in the big games under Klopp. Ironically, it’s their record against the lesser teams that have cost them trophies.

    I fully expect us to lose. I just hope we’re competitive this time. Obviously I’m praying for a win, or a draw, but my brain says Liverpool are huge favourites to win this one.

  6. 1-3 Arsenal win.

    Guendouzi, Willock and Ceballos will have the ball control to get past Pool’s counter pressing, exploit the space behind the pressing player then play the killer pass to PAL to score a goal each. I have a dream!

      1. Anything is possible. Buster Douglas beat Tyson. David beat Goliath. It’s not over till it’s over. COYG

      2. I’m not one who gets my panties in a bunch when my dream turn into a nightmare, so just let me continue dreaming till kick off

      3. NONNY, I dont think he is dreaming. I am also seeing an Arsenal win here. I like it when everyone think less of Arsenal. We would not be under pressure, and can spring a surprise from nowhere. I believe. COYG

  7. I expect to lose but believe it’s possible to win.

    Reasons I think we will lose:
    1. Playing one of the leading title contenders
    2. Playing away
    3. Defence issues
    4. We only won our 1st two matches by only 1 goal. Even at home we won by 1 goal. Liverpool won at home 4-1

    Reasons I believe we can win
    1. No team is invincible
    2. We have an awesome attacking presence (Ceballos, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette) and better quality strikers (Aubameyang and Laca > Firminho)
    3. Upsets happen in football
    4. We have more hungry players than last season I’m

    So it’s definitely possible and I hope we win. Again I will be happy with a draw

    1. Spot on?.
      We all want to win, it will be an owesome weekend beating the pools at their will even give the boys a new focus that they can arm top of the league table but that should not take away the fact that more than 90% of the teams visiting anfield these days are underdogs and we are not excluded

  8. U23’s tonight…. Holding is expected to play the full 90… pity it’s not live on the website…
    Villa v Everton also… will Iwobi finally make his debut & seal it with a goal???

    We were always going to be the underdogs against that lot… they’re expected to win, we’re not… bring it on ?

    1. IWOBI? SORRY BUT I HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO HE WAS OR WHAT HE DID. I know he is dreadful and hope he never played for us! Apparently, some long ago and quickly forgotten person named Walcott once wore our shirt. I presume he is still conning some daft team into paying him to stay idle on the field. But I truly don’t care. I will be saying similar about Ozil in a season or so. INEFFECTIVE PLAYERS ARE SOON AND BEST FORGOTTEN.

      1. The way I still miss Santi
        He was everything you can
        Wish to have in a midfielder
        Never hides regardless of
        Where Wenger plays him.santi
        Quality ????

      2. Jon, you were saying the same old thing about Ozil last season, also in CAPITAL LETTERS and what happened?…You lost £100 on a bet that you said was a dead cert thing that no professional gambler (as you told us all you were)could resist. Hmmm!!! Sigh!!! Scratch head!!!

        Take a deep breath, realise that the player you were 100% sure would be gone, is still here and hasn’t been forgotten…just like Walcott, because you bring his name upup at every opportunity!!

        As for Iwobi, please do not demean yourself and show respect for someone who never gave less than 100%, never disgraced the shirt and was proud to have represented The Arsenal

        TRUE FANS never forget players like him Jon, no matter what, shame on you.
        Only MY opinion of course.

        1. Yeah Iwobi deserves more respect.

          Around Iwobi’s age, Zaha was deemed a bigger flop at Utd and returned to Palace. Left at a smaller club and given more game time for a few years, Zaha became one of our top targets. Iwobi has the potential to become another Zaha. Only time will tell

          1. Will you sleep tonight ? that’s not like you to miss EE ? it’s on my TV but not really watching it ?

          2. No, probably not ? or tomorrow ?
            I got tickets for the Villa game next month – because I’m after those socks! I want them!! ?
            Can’t believe Iwobi hasn’t started.. they paid a lot of money for him (that’s a lot of money for them!!)

          3. Haha Liverpool aren’t that good ? lol what socks ? he’s probably not up to speed yet because of that African cup ? villa scored ?

          4. Haha maybe not then! Apart from hitting the post, he didn’t do a lot and as for Theo… talk about rusty!!
            Villa played well…
            I bet Bould nearly choked on his gum when that equaliser went in!!

          5. Utterly useless coach or whatever he is ? Iwobi is like Walcott an absolute waste of time ? so what kit tomorrow Sue ?

          6. It’s the 3rd kit.. I do really like it, but am surprised. Thought it’d be the yellow one, for obvious reasons ?
            Having watched all of that game, I think we should be laughing all the way to the bank (55m!!!!!)

          7. Oh I do like the 3rd kit Sue ? haha yeah 2 awful footballers let’s hope 2 more leave by next week ? blue moon you saw me standing alone American werewolf in London ?

          8. I’ve not seen it in years.. always reminds me of Man City ? found it on Prime last night.. and it wasn’t even free! I ain’t paying to watch it haha!!
            Do you watch A league of their own?

          9. Haha yeah the blue moon ? I wouldn’t pay to watch any film ? haha no never watch it Sue I’m guessing you do ? how’s the nerves ? ?

          10. Well, I couldn’t watch it last night as RVP was on it ? I saw a clip online though, one of the team captains is a gooner, so he had a few.things to say ??
            Tomorrow when I wake up, the palpitations will start ?

          11. You might toss and turn all night and dream of firminho leaving Sokratis on his arse ? hahahaha I bet he did you should have been on it ? so pool fans think it’ll be between 4-0 and 7-1 arrogant scouts tw*ts I’ve been to anfield twice and I’m telling you Sue they are a hard bunch to listen to! They get this reputation as the best fans in the world get up close to them and you’ll see how arrogant they are! English version of Celtic fans!

          12. I’ve never been up there, Kev & tbh it’s not top of my list either.. I cannot stand the accent, or that bloody song & I really don’t like how big headed they all are.. I’m surrounded by it, but that’s down here & half of them have never been to Anfield!!
            Haha imagine it – I would have quite happily bitch slapped him!! ?
            4-0 & 7-1 my arse…don’t they make you sick.. surprised their heads will fit through the turnstile!

          13. Each to their own but never understood why southerners support northern teams don’t understand it! All they do is make fun of us anyway! Haha yeah it’d be a tight squeeze ? i would pay to see that ??? I’m doing a Kevin Keegan but I will love it if we beat them ??

          14. I know your daughter like city but that’s for aguero isn’t it ? haha yeah Sue ? let’s remember they scored last minute equalisers against us in 2 games as well the 2-2 and 3-3 ?

          15. Haha yes mainly for him, although it used to be Joe Hart!!
            Oh I know, Joe Allen (& Cech) killed me that night!! I just hope we defend well for the whole 90!!

          16. I remember the slow he was to get a hand on it that would have been bread and butter for Leno ✋ haha Joe Hart speaks Italian, poor Italian but still speaks it ? 90mins ? Your asking for a lot ?

  9. If we can shackle their two players firminho and robertson plus outplay one of their “spoiler” midfielder everything is possible to beat liverpool

  10. Arsenal have a new team….they’re not underdogs…..stronger defence….stronger midfield and attack….

  11. As far as I know, football is unpredictable. Arsenal can pull an upset. We have a serious side this season, the attacking tro of gunners could be more dreadful this season. I bet on trio Laca, Auba & Pepe to do the magic. Liverpool 2 v 2 Arsenal. Possible both team to score / draw.

  12. Of course all the anti-Arsenal predictors who have all predicted Arsenal will lose the match to their darling club side Liverpool will all shut up their mouths after seeing how wrong their have been in their predicting a loss match to Arsenal after the Gunners have decisively beaten Liverpool in their backyard tomorrow in the PL. By the way has the SuperComputer been getting the results correctly after making predictions and the results of matches played are known? One thing I’ll want Mark Lawrenson and Michael Owen to take onto considerations before have predicted a win result for their former club Liverpool which they hadn’t. Is, Arsenal are genuinely billed to beat Liverpool at home tomorrow in the PL and they will beat them convincingly in the match without any ambiguity and disappoint all their detractors in their naysayings against Arsenal.

  13. —————leno—————






    We have to have someone on bench who can change the game wish we have a better option on flank other than martineli

      1. Yes Sue…..I thought i`d keep it realistic with a hint of delusion. I came by this score by playing Rock, Paper , Scissors with myself and by making sure I didn`t cheat I kept my hands down my trousers ! 😆

  14. Suprise, Suprise Suprise from all of these guys above.

    Ars 2 – Liv 1 or Ars 3 – Liv 1

    Good luck all!!!

  15. why all this Negativity? we are beating Liverpool tomorrow, hw can Arsenal fans accept defeat even when d match have not started. this is football folk. 11 vs 11.

  16. Who gives a hoot about what those tossers think? One thing people should know is football is a 90 mins game and the team who takes his Chances wins the game and can envision the arsenal doing that tomorrow. COYG!

  17. Arsenal will win the match in a convincing manner I strongly believe. SUE pls do well to congratulate me when it happens

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