Five huge mistakes that Unai Emery made against Liverpool

There is a lot of blame to go around following the 3-1 loss to Liverpool today but the man that must shoulder most of the blame is Unai Emery.

Even before the game, he made a mistake with his team selection and it just got worse from there onwards.

Bringing on Lacazette for the last ten minutes

When you are three goals down that is when you bring on your best player, in fact, he should have been on from the start but if you are going to have Lacazette as a sub then at least bring him on when there is enough time to try and turn the game around. It was inexplicable why he waited until the 80th minute to finally decide that it would be a good idea to bring your best player on.

Starting with Xhaka

Liverpool dominates possession so why pick a player that has a horrible habit of giving the ball away, that is negative with his passing and slows the game down when you need to counter-attack at speed? I do not know why Emery continues to have such faith in Xhaka, I really do not.

Playing Ceballos out of position

Ceballos was brilliant against Burnley and if you want him to replicate that performance then at least have the common sense to play him in that exact same position, the centre of the midfield to create the link-up play between defence and the forwards. Sticking him out on the wing was brainless, I cannot think of any other word to describe Emery’s use of the young Spaniard today.

Continuing to play out of defence when it was not working

There was a moment in the game when Salah, Mane and Firmino were on the edge of the Arsenal penalty area waiting for Leno to pass the ball out, the stance they took was if they were lining up for a 100 metre race, they were ready to pounce and so finally Leno whacked the ball upfield, that moment tells you how effective playing out of the back against Liverpool at Anfield is. That Emery was unable to adapt to a different strategy just sums up the calamitous performance he had as the manager today.

Not starting Torreira

This goes back to starting Xhaka to some degree but also preferring Guendouzi over the Urugyuan as well. It just does not make sense that you leave an experienced player better suited to a midfield battle at Anfield on the bench and instead go with a headless chicken and Mr here take the ball. I can only imagine what Klopp must have thought when he realised that Torreira was on the bench and Xhaka and Guendouzi were starting.


  1. I wish I am wrong but I already saw this coach last year. Most of the times he is clueless. His team formation and substitution is really hard to understand. I am dead sure we can not win the league with this guy as the manager. We missed the opportunity to get Klopp due to that old goat! how come he brings Lacazette at 80 mns and bench Torreira …simply bullshit! I think this year going to be his last with Arsenal! let’s get Allegri!

    1. Couldn’t have agreed more. Emery 200% should shoulder the blame for the loss! And he was liked that last year! No way he will bring us any CL football!

      1. Brain less manager no idea what team to be on the pitch he is he next wenger benching the best of best players playing with dummy team use less brain less idea less all goes to emery

        1. Arsenal off ball performance has been awful. What determines match results is how a team perform when not in possession of the ball.

    2. Coach Uni is ready to quit Arsenal should have a first team in such game. He can not keep rotating the team like last season please Coach you are shorting our lives slowly D

    3. Emery has no tactical nous. He’s an abject failure. Liverpool were there for the taking but Emery cowardly clueless as he is backtracked. He’ll never be a great manager.’

    4. Immediately I saw d line-up,I knew we had lost it! Ceba on d wings?Guen and Xhaka midfield combo?Laca on d bench to later play just 10mins?That’s a criminal offence!!!His ‘over-formation’ use is his Achilles heel and he will keep shooting himself in the leg with that.A defence of Sok n Luis to be protected by Xhaka and Guen? Really???

    5. I will never forgive Emery for what he did . As far as am concerned, we have no manager. He lost my respect. Iv always defended him but he has no vision or focus. Give him the best fit players from Liv,mancity and Barca combined and he will give you a Leeds United lineup. I miss Wenger. He would never loose trying to defend.

    6. The manager must develop strategy to play different teams in EPL. His player position assignments are awful to say the least.

    7. Jeez u lot are overeacting, man city went to liverpool last season (CL) and lost 3-0. Tactical mistakes were made for sure but you have to consider the circumstances. In the first half we defended very well but conceded from a corner (which is pretty rare these days). We should have been ahead before that, but pepe is still not match sharp, it will come. Callebos is not used to that kind intensity and held on to the ball too long for most of the game. Both new signings will take sometime to adapt to the pace. Willock did ok but how many games, let alone big games has he played? Xhaka, well he is just not equipped to play the style emery wants, hes far too slow. but has by far the most experience in a young midfield, this is the only reason i can see for emery persisting with him. Torreira would have been perfect for this game but is yet to get up to full match fitness which is why i believe he didnt start. 2nd n 3rd goals were david luiz errors, these defenders are used to tugging shirts and because of var old heads are going to have to adapt. On the 3rd luiz couldnt make a challenge on salah because the previous booking he received for the pen. Personally i believe luiz to be too risky to play as a CB in these kind of games. I would have reinstated chambers and played luiz as DM instead of xhaka – he have the distribution but also more mobility than xhaka and can get himself in less trouble there. But there we positive signs in this game when u consider that we were playing the european champions with a relatively young team who have played less than 5 games together (luiz, willock, ceballo and pepe all through the spine). If this game would have come late in the season it could have been very different

      1. I hate people keep saying you know this is the European champion and this and that bla……we just have a stubborn coach he made similar mistakes last season and we were punished, against Southampton, the same Liverpool second leg. Why change your tactic and misplaced players. Do not sub Laca in these kind of games. Liverpool plays height tempo game, so you need a front three to harass their defense too that could only be done if Laca is present not Auba. Xhaka is not the type of player you will need in these games he slow and sloppy. Why not Lucas Tor and Luiz along with Ceba in midfield. Chamber and Papa in CD would be ok. Emery needs to know each of his player chemistry that’s the only way he’s going to be a better coach without that I doubt his ability of succeeding with Arsenal

      2. Thank God for some sanity. It sickens me to read the mindless Bully Boys mouthing off with no hint of an alternate strategy and with zero experience.
        Yes, there were mistakes. Making Leno play out from the back is predictable and allowed Liverpool forwards to apply huge pressure.Rather give Leno the option even if its on an occasional basis to play the long ball. Unai worked on a compact central defence and choose the players who in his opinion fitted this approach. Maybe his substitutions were a bit late but lets not forget the praised heaped on him last year for his substitution strategy.It has taken Jurgen Kloop eight transfer windows to get where he is. Let’s give Unai a chance

  2. Unai need to leave that’s all last season and this season says it all I can’t just understand our style of foot ball ever since Wenger left..

  3. I think emery is playing with Fire if he keeps up with brain farts selections like today. I mean how can you start Xhaka in midfield and push Ceballos to the wings? You know the most annoying part? Telling the players to play out of from the back against a team who won’t give you a breathing space on the ball. Why was Lacazette on the bench? Why wait till the game was dusted before bringing him on?? We expect better against those little chickens down the road next week or emery will start feeling the heat

    1. O6, telling the players to play out from the back against ANY team is ridiculous, simply because we don’t have the players to do it correctly.
      Just as in the Burnley game, it was like watching a sunday league team trying to prove they could play and outsmart the european champions!!
      As for subs, wasn’t the joke always about the 72nd minute substitution saga? What, precisley, did UE expect Lacs to do with just ten minutes to go and with pool sitting on a comfortable 3-0 lead?
      A disastrous day all round, we just have to move on and hope that the little chickens don’t come home to roost next week!!!

      1. Arsenal spent over £200 million (with wages) on PAL, a front 3 second only to pool IMO.

        Yet Emery doesn’t think it worthwhile to start them. Ceballos bossed the middle, offensively and defensively last week, creating our winning goal.

        What does Emery do? Shuffles him outside against arguably the best team in PL.

        Lastly, our best DM (Torreira) master of interceptions and breaking up attacks, is benched for Xhaka who can’t reliably press or intercept passes.

        Bush league tactics, making us look and play more like West Brom or Burnley than Arsenal. Massive failure on Emery’s part, and I don’t think he can compete with Pep, Klopp, or Ponch if I’m honest.

        All our talent, and thats what he fields. A Farreri body with 2 stroke engine.

    2. You summed it up mate.

      Don’t know if anyone noticed, the body language of Aubameyang when they were waiting to walk out? If was as if he’d been told you’re not playing today?! ….. very strange.

      1. Yup, it seems like Auba totally against UE tactic on matchday. Its a waste of his pace and energy, closing opponents with almost zero chances to win the ball back. It would be a different game if Laca was starting to complete the PAL trio.

        What a shame UE

  4. Emery, like Kroenke and probably others ,are not Arsenal style,better look else where. We need to apply band aid
    treatment for this season (that means replace the manager), the rest is in the laps of the gods (and Kroenke). Only advice, “don`t wait until 2020 to do it”.

  5. I don’t see Liverpool resting any of their stars! Mane, Firminho and Salah start almost every game but Emery decides to bench Lacazette and experiment once again! We just make it easy for Liverpool every bloody time! What up Emery’s sleeve for spurs ? Pepe as left back ? Aubameyang on the bench with Lacazette and Xhaka up front just to confuse the opposition! The man really needs to find a settled 11 because this is just getting ridiculous.

    1. Exactly Kev ,hit the nail on the head ,the other big teams play their best players week in week out ,no reason for laca and Torriera to be on the bench .after 12 months here he still doesn’t know his best formation ,constant tinkering ,odd substitution (Laca coming on in the 80th minute)I couldn’t even tell you what style of football we play anymore .
      All in all not a good end to the day when it promised a lot more when I woke this morning.
      Just hope we are not going to have the usual suspects on here making excuses again for him .

      1. I backed Emery from day one Dan but I’m seriously losing patience with him! Over a year in the job and still as you say tinkering and doesn’t even know his best formation! The only thing is certain that Xhaka will be selected no matter what! I wasn’t impressed during pre season, Newcastle or Burnley although I’m always grateful for the 3 points but we don’t seem to be progressing and I don’t believe we will that much under Emery. His English doesn’t seem to have improved either whether that’s a factor as well I don’t know.. I’m just not feeling that optimistic about the season ahead mate.

        1. At least Wenger had us have identity… What has this clown brought to Arsenal? Starting Guendoz and xhaka against Liverpool??? Why play Cebalos out of position? And something tells me Emery doesn’t like Laca!!

        2. How long did it take Liverpool to get where they are now?
          How many games did pool lose at home last season?
          How long as this team been playing together for?
          How many goals have we conceded from playing out from the back this season?
          Yes you have a right to be upset being a supporter but be upset for the right reasons.

          1. I am totally disappointed, Emery selection was very bad that every one both coachs and football lovers noticed the bad selection, i totally agree with you the write up is very insightful, hope emery will learn from this again

  6. The sixth mistake is to play a diamond medfield and give Liverpool a walk in the park on the wings!!! Incredible blindness

    1. Most of us are not coaches but we know how to watch good football. I find it difficult to understand Emery’s tactics. I 10000% agree with the writer. He better change to calm our nerves because some of us are nervous.

    2. Emery is a bloody coward. And I can’t see him as arsenal coach long term. He doesn’t have a style not the tik taka of pep.nor playing out from the back. He just doing it to copy pep. But there no real transition from back to front, no real attacking style nor defensive. We have two fine goal scores who complement each other why not start both and play pepe as your false 9.

      1. Norwich was not scared of Liverpool, how can Emery be scared that much? Starting the game by defending? It was a heart breaking to watch Arsenal play that bad

    3. In total agreement with you Pires, Liverpool strength other than their front trio is their full backs. Yesterday our mid was narrow therefore we are playing to Liverpools’ strength. It was only about time they will score few past us.

      How could you expect Luiz and Sokratis to deal with crosses and corners for most of the game.

      UE should apologise and admit he got it wrong yesterday. What a shame

  7. Emery was off when he meet Liverpool today going to play one of your big 4 members and not using you best and experience player? This mistake was too much for a well experience coach like him that is a 0% score mark for Emery for today game. And not making changes up to 80 minutes? Before bringing AL This shouldn’t happen again. It is like he really wasn’t serious today. He is killing the teams. Very bad selection today.

  8. Next match against spurs hope he learns his lesson and start Lacazette and Torreira.

    Seems Xhaka is the best midfielder we have in Unai’s eyes so expect him to start all games if available.

    Aubameyang. Lacazette. Pepe

    Ceballos. Torreira. Xhaka.

    Kolasinac. Luiz. Sokratis. A. M-Niles


    E. Martinez

    1. Next match Ozil will be in for Cabellos and expect a 5-1 scoreline.This man seems more clueless than Arsene despite being 20 years younger. Loss or draw to Spurs and get him fired.Allegiri is waiting. And no excuses this time, the board gave him 4 signings this year and 7 last year. Except for Monreal Niles/hector Xhaka Laca this is his team. Go Unai please go and take Xhaka with you.

      1. Allegri’s unattractive football worked at Juve because his squad was BY FAR THE BEST in the league. By far!

        Arsenal needs a manager that is proven to bring a 6th or 7th best team to 3rd or 4th place.

        Not many of them around, but they do exist.

      1. You are right Salmin. Apart from his wicked left shooting boot and occasional long pass. There are not much in his game that would improve our midfield.

        It is a mystery why would UE shortlist him as one of our captains

    2. Agree with the lineup, Xhaka played well to his qualities yesterday, making the most passes of any player on the pitch and clever passes, he is quite slow thus Torreira would have indeed been the perfect match. Xhaka helped us to keep the score and to score the goal, he was not the reason for our display yesterday. Emery wanted to play defensive with counter attacks and failed period. Yet with errors on the corner (var could have disallowed the goal and an penalty that Would not have been given last year maybe). He should have played more with long balls and attacking more. Arsenal are ok in defence but our team at the contrary of burnley style are not built to defend but to attack.
      Impatient to see how we will do vs spurs, for sure Emery has a lot of tactical work to do

  9. Emery relys more of individual brilliance that tactical brilliance. His game plan was so simple. Get the ball to Pepe and Auba to burst with speed. It would have worked if Auba and Pepe had converted. I wouldn’t blame him for keeping Laca on the bench but why bring him on late? Why not start Toriera instead of Gounduzi? Why still play from the back even when it’s clearly not working for you? Tactically Emery was out smarted today. However I still give him my support. I see the passion, hardwork and hunger for success in him but in the EPL you need more than that. He should learn to adapt and change quickly. If I were him I would work on myself…

  10. I just can t understand what he was doing today? OP is being very generous there were over 10 mistakes today! The formation, the tactics, the strategy, the selection, the decision to start Pepe, starting xhaka, benching workhorses like Lacazette and Torreria against a team that loves to press, starting and pushing up fullbacks that have No clue how to defend? whilst they’re versing the best wingers and fullbacks in the world over the last 12 months?

    Emery is going to leave Arsenal with his head between his legs when we kick him out! He’s making me wish we got Arteta

  11. I was shocked when I saw the team selection. Can’t understand the logic of allowing the best fullbacks in the league to have all that space. Considering the setup I feel sorry for our players as they did put the work in. If we were gonna play a 442 we needed kolasinac on the left, pepe on the right and lacca with auba up top. Missed a chance to play our best front three as I think that would have pinned the fullbacks. Disappointed but we got a better result than last year. Only positive I can find.

  12. My first regret is not signing Mikel Arteta as the coach. Unai Emery, what are you trying to prove? Our weaknesses are many.
    Maitland Niles is not a natural full back, in the first place. He is actually a midfielderand is not at home in that position. Wenger changed his position as he had no choice as Bellerin was injured. You had a natural full back in Carl Jenkinson, but you sold him. Niles has no business in the first eleven at all.
    Xhaka should be on the bench. He gives the ball away too many times and you made him captain.
    Callum Chambers, playing as a defensive midfielder got “player of the season” when on loan at Fulham. You , Emery did not pursue on that. Guendozi makes a lot of mistakes and loses possession often. Give him some time. He is still young and will improve.
    Leaving Torreira on the bench was committing suicide.
    Leaving Lackezette on the bench is murder. A very physically strong forward like him should be fielded in every game.
    Cebellos was at a loss as you played him out of position.
    Playing around with the line up against a well rounded team, who have played together for some time and are European Champions is unthinkable.
    Very disappointed with you.
    You had already given the game to Liverpool on a platter even before the game started.

  13. This guy not deserving arsenal match.on what basis he pur laca on bench..the same thing he tried last year same result. Laca is our best player..match like against liverpool what he is thinking..he should be fired

  14. Pressing teams like City, Pool or Spurs better to form a midfield with
    Ozil, Ceballos etc need time and space to perform. Look at pool… no real 10

    Aub Laca Pepe

    Kolan Torrera Guendouzi

    1. Actually Ozil doesn’t need time and space to perform. He is the best one touch passer on the team. He is also capable of creating space when he’s under pressure. Xhaka is a player that needs time and space to perform and he doesn’t have the quickness to create the space when he is under pressure.

      Are you seriously putting Kolasinac in the midfield three? A better option would be to have Luiz replace Xhaka as the defensive mid.

  15. I agree on all points, apart from Torreira. He’s barely had any minutes before the Liverpool game. I still cannot believe he started with four central midfielders! I don’t think I have seen ANY manager do that before.

  16. I demand put Xhaka out if the team look the way he plays backwards and he is so slow put this turtle out not on the bench please

  17. Emery has to be accountable for this lost. No 2 ways about it. Players not to be blamed…they just followed his instructions. Can only hope that he plays our current best 11 after this. My best 11 reads as follows…


  18. Emery bullshit with thick brain. Why leave an experience player like laca and play willck for 80 minutes. Will never learn and prove to be tuff headed like pharaoh. Should leave club with immediate effect, always gambles in all matches. We even lost in Europa league because of game gambling

  19. Relax guys still early to judge Unai, i know he make mistakes but i think yesterday performance show to the fan that Arsenal can fight again top team but we must wait and be patience.Also new players are just coming in and need time to be fit in.Chill…..

    1. He is always giving the bigger teams to much respect making Arsenal look like a team like Cardiff city

  20. Am so angry with this coach.why starting with guendouzi and willock leaving good players on the bench.guendouzi is to sold.he does nothing on the pitch.

  21. Pls Unary Emry should just leave the club. He is not good at all with his team selection. Come to think of it, what did he achieve at PSG when he was their coach? He couldn’t bring them European trophy with all the players he had in display. Unary Emry is not a COACH FOR ARSENAL, HE’S NOT TACTICALLY SOUND,MAKES WRONG TEAM SELECTIONS, WRONG SUBSTITUTIONS AND BENCH THE EXPERIENCED PLAYERS FOR AMATEURS. EMRY IS NOT GOOD FOR ARSENAL FC

  22. Exactly what I thought. I totally agree! Unai just gave the game away. It stupid not to start Lacazette when he’s such a potent attacker which Liverpool feared before the game. Xhaka is useless on his position, gave stupid balls away and put teammates in difficulty spots. Ceballos on the wing is ridiculous.

  23. Emery has a serious problem setting up his game, especially team selection, no wonda he threw away 4-0lead while in in PSG against barca. Poor mentality in big games freezing out good players&using d weaker ones,I suspect he collet allowances from willock, zaka, miki,& from opposition caches- pep, clopp, soon he will beg even lampard to tip him something. UE loves to fail&will not learn, very big pity.

  24. We don’t have coach please, Mr Emry prefer Xhaka and Guendozi to Torera and Lacazett.we need another coach like Pep G .of man city

    1. Pep and then Klopp, either one could have been the manager but because the stubborn clueless wenger refused to leave. And both their teams took the top 2 positions last season. Whereas Arsenal have wengers useless mustafi xhaka leftovers whose errors cost arsenal Cl place.

  25. Agree Laca should start along with abu and Pépé, in the middle should be terrera Dani and Willock the rest unchanged

  26. Ceballos worked against Burnley because they aren’t half as sharp as Liverpool. It was obvious that despite his skill he is off the pace in terms of playing the ball out quickly enough to avoid the incessant pressing that Liverpoo produce. I don’t understand going narrow either, one can assume that Emery had faith enough in the players to take a barrage essentially by design and then counter. Agree in principle but not against Liverpool with Van Dildo and even the sleight frame of Matip domineering the headers. This post is far too negative for me because I expected nothing and only asked that we had a go, and whilst the plans didn’t work out – we made an account of ourselves and that work ethic sets the benchmark from there so I think this blog is a tad harsh. Torreira is obviously not match sharp so isn’t starting. I think we’d have been better off starting with Laca down the middle and being a bit more positive because they were there for the taking, Liverpool are ruthless but vulnerable.

  27. Had Auba put away those two glaring chances, we would have been singing a different song by now. Howbeit, Emery failed in his selection. By keeping back Laca, it was obvious that the team was going to have problems. Let’s move on, forgive Emery.

  28. Emery @ very fake,how can u bench Lacazette?? Pepe was excellent but lacked a good partner and still benching Toreira made no sense. Gonduwiz also should start on bench on these big matches

  29. My wife is `Scouser` and her comment on the match was simple. If Liverpool had a team like that they`d all get thrown in the Albert dock. I`d go one further and say if
    `Clippy Klopp` was responsible for a display like that he`d follow them.

  30. Emery will take us nowhere. He will never play the obvious eleven.He believes in tactics but the truth is he knows nothing about fact he knows nothing about football. The earlier he leaves our team the better. His team selection is as poor as his English..what he says in his comments is as confused as his team selection and his general understanding of the game is very poor. He confuses and frustrates our players and to be honest, the players are as shocked and confused about his methods as we all are. WE NEED A NEW MANAGER PERIOD!!

  31. unai is not a good coach,how do u trust guenduzi and wilok who are not proven for our best lacazate and toriera esp when playing liverpool ,bring us alegri

    1. There is nothing wrong with starting Willock and Guendouzi. The only mistake was a tactical approach. Only Xhaka did not deserve his place on the pitch yesterday. Plus UE should have started with PAL trio. You could see how Pepe skinned Virgil, imagine with PAL we could definitely reach better height. COYG

  32. Liverpool played with a three in midfield .The logic was to outdo Liverpool in midfield and pin their fullbacks .Then a uefa pro licence holder bottles up a fine game @ An field ! I would have done a better job than that with the personnel he has @ his disposal .Rule #1. Always congest the mid circle then unleash wingbacks .

  33. The synergy between UE, Xhaka and Guendouzi is suspicious. What a joke of a manager who is about to destroy our dressing room because experienced players like Laca and Toreirra are getting frustrated

  34. Emery punished Arsenal fans yesterday. I don’t understand his thinking. He started the wrong players. Playing Liverpool at home without our best front line and best mid fielders killed the game as our defense line was exposed again due to the pressure from the best attacking front of Liverpool. He is probably playing with the fans and his job let stop that rubbish. Laca was well and he kept him on the bench and Torerra too. What excuse his he to have done that. Is because of next week game. No, win a game at hand and the next one will take care of itself. Enough is enough.

  35. I think Unai Emery has come to ruin our club because he always uses spears instead of guns. I am still comfused why he benched Lacazette and Torreira for Guendozi and Willock? Alegri is available and he can replace him. Alegri was sacked for not winning Uefa Champions League title. EMERY MUST BE SACKED AND REPLACED BY ALEGRI OR TEN HAAG OF AJAX.

  36. I’m still in a deep shock. Emery’s credentials are really doubtful. A coach asking his players to keep playing from the back even when they don’t succeed in getting the ball out of their own half for greater part of the game? You keep asking them to do it even when it’s obvious the tactic puts them under avoidable pressure? How do you define a coach who doesn’t play to the strength of his team? Do gift players opportunities because you like them and want to share in the glory of their success or you make your selections base on their capabilities to impact on the overall success of the team? Even as a parlour coach, I couldn’t make those types of mistakes. Emery just sucks!

  37. UNAI EMERY is awarding liverpool their win against us.
    now he will never ever break JURGEN KLOPP’s record of unbeaten by ARSENAL since he became LIVERPOOL manager.
    And for us no problem,we record one lose.
    Maybe we can do better anytime.

  38. It’s high time we realize Xhaka is not our type. He should follow Iwobi out of this club. A player that has never take on opponents. He sits with centre backs even when we are attacking. No dribbles, something that Luiz and Sokratis do better than him. Doesn’t win tackles, he just commit reckless fouls often. A midfield who easily shakes under pressure, tall but not good at aerial duels. We immediately need a DM in for him.

    1. you just hate Xhaka for Christ sake, against Liverpool he was better than those paired with him in the midfield. What about Guen that was very useless and Willock that was absent throughout his 80mins of play. Do you not think that our manager was wrong in his midfield selection. It should have been Xhaka, Torreira and Ceballos or even Mikhy.
      when Guen was substituted, how did you see our game? did we not start playing better?

  39. I think the manager should be held responsible for the lost for starting the game with the best possible eleven in the team, my verdict is that the manager should GO HOME.

  40. Its like he doesn’t have a starting eleven. I would like to have a front three like Liverpool does. Pepe Lacazzete and Auba. Emery should stop his nonsense of tactics. I don’t blame Luiz for the penalty but the midfield for allowing that pass to Salah

  41. I seriously think Unai deserves a team like Everton, west ham, palace to manage.. Since when does a big club like Arsenal playing away from home go very defensive, it’s really embarrassing lower teams have better shots at goal than Arsenal when we are playing away.. we have the deadliest attackers and yet we can even have shots on goal..Seriously UE is going nowhere with this team, f*** his tactic and tactical reasons.. no player is thriving and it seems no one is having the determination to play by looking at his team selection, Laca has proven again and again why he should start and pair up with Auba but Unai is killing his morale, for Laca is “ Fuck i have played well but still get benched on the next game” Travelling fans travel that far to see results not to endure his bullshit selection, every game i dont feel excited with UE team selection, no wonder he only does well with team like Sevilla, with PSG he did do well and with Arsenal its worst.. till date i have not heard any player who praises him or anyone saying good things about him.. its time for Arsenal board to step in and i don’t understand Freddie Ljunberg is now the assistant coach but he doesnt have any influence but the spaniard assistant UE blue eye coach have more say on the bench.. its time to bring Martinez or Arteta or Allegri.. fans must start to voice out for UE out.. lastly teams who goes to finals will will play a hard fought game, but we went to Europa finals to get thrashed 4-1.. i rather see Napoli in that finals rather than Arsenal.. Unai has to go.. its obvious

  42. Emery should have played all his attacker lacazate in the centre abu and pepe on the other side

  43. And am quite sure on next match he wont start torreira and the front three ALP.against our rivals. Unai Emery needs to understand epl properly .

  44. Emery is just fool of rubbish, a confused man. No experience coach would play against LVP without starting a warrior like Lacazette. Laca is known for disturbing defenders, he came in and force Van-Dijk to commit a yellow card offence. If he is sub on time he would have forced a red card on the colossus and at least a goal

  45. I think the club made a decent effort in the market (bar Luiz) with the tools they had. So in a way, we can say Raul maximized the possibilities in this transfer window given our financial constraints. However, this is not a manager who can take it from there and add something to this squad. In fact, I think he makes us look worse than we are.

    We need a manager who can make a squad play better than the sum of its parts. UE is not that man.

    I hope Raul will act quickly.

  46. The coach is to blame for this loss. He made too many mistakes in his choice of players, positioning. Almost the same mistakes we got accustomed to during the later stages of Wenger. Is he another Wenger in the making?

    I could not believe the logic of starting with Xhaka and leaving Torreira and Lacazette on the bench. It simply does not make sense to play Lacazette for 10 min and expect 3 points. I hope Emery got a rude awakening with this result and will make corrective decisions this week with TOT.

    What a mess this was!

  47. if we need winning we must read the match Unai Emery is the father f our lost yesterday can we face a champion club Liverpool with that eleven stats
    Willock deserved out and Xhaka yesterday Cebballose deserved to play the same role he played against Burnley Lacazatte must start and Torreira
    if Arsenal continue without a specific xi we will end up 6th

  48. Very disappointing with the line up. Why Torreria is on bench. Auba did not impress today. The manager must start with Torreria and Laca.

  49. I think Torreira was not fit enough to start, he was in Copa-America don’t forget. and with his fitness problems from last season, Emry doesn’t want to push him and that’s understandable. so enough about that.
    and not starting Laca was also logical, instead starting two pacy strikers to go on fast counters. and it partially worked as we created some chances in the first half.
    so let us not carried away. we lost to a better team, Emrey experimented with some new players like Cabellos and Pepe witch is not that far fetch, and we are still gelling and will get better.

  50. Let’s be realistic-Unai definitely should have started with Torreiro not Guendozi and he should have brought on Lacazette just after the re-start agreed. But he needs to find out the best positions for our new boys i.e Ceballos and Pepe. At the end of the day the score could have been closer and there was positives from this game. Too many armchair managers who think they know better. Do these armchair managers have a crystal ball and know whether players are carrying minor injuries etc (I think not). Remember, Arsene left a lot of stagnation to be cleared up with the team and it takes time. Unai has won trophies at all the clubs he has been in-charge of and he will for Arsenal. Keep the faith.

  51. You don’t have to be a football expert to know that this was a rudderless coach. How do you leave Laca and Torreira on the bench and start with Xhaka and Willock? How can you insist on playing from the back as if you have the finesse of Barca?

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