Five huge positives to take from Arsenal win over Nottingham Forest

With the usual caveat firmly placed on the table that it was a Championship side that Arsenal thumped 5-0 in the Carabao Cup, there is an abundance of positives that can be taken from the game.

So many players put in pleasing performances that one can easily identify a long list of positives that can be taken from the game and the hard task is compacting those positives into a list of just five.

Rob Holding

This one is very obvious, he had a great return to action and even scored a goal just a minute after he assumed the Arsenal captaincy, following the substitution of Mesut Ozil. He played as if he had never been away and either Sokratis or David Luiz are going to have to make way on Monday evening.

Calum Chambers

A very fine performance that included three assists but this has not been his only good performance, he has impressed every time he has been called upon and it would be harsh on him if he is benched for the United game.

Kieran Tierney

What a great debut, watching him fly up the flanks with control and actually cross the ball was a sight to behold, for others that may be normal practice but for Arsenal fans, it is not something we have seen a lot of in recent times. You can clearly see that he is going to have a huge impact down the left-hand side, and the fact that he can actually defend as well is another bonus.

Gabriel Martinelli

This young lad has a great future ahead of him and it seems to me that with careful handling and selective opportunities that he is being groomed as the long term replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He is clinical, has great judgement and you just know there is far more to come.

Joe Willock

He is just getting better and better, he is showing growing maturity in midfield and while he is not quite there yet he has all the attributes to be the box to box midfielder we have been crying out for since Aaron Ramsey left for Juventus.


  1. Frankly, the defenders did not have to do defensive works too much, because our midfielders were able to control the game and our attackers did not lose the ball too often

    The pressure is different in EPL, where our forwards get robbed frequently

    However, those players did a good job and some of them must start against Man United, especially the defenders

  2. I cannot wait to see all these players in the same team pushing for the title,they have all impressed me hugely,and there are more youngsters in the squad that are improving all the time,to me they are already better players than the useless Xhaka,Luiz,Socratis etc.

  3. Of course there were positives. But beware. Notts Forest were very, very mediocre. I would prefer to update these positives against stronger opposition. Finally, nothing could be more positive than players genuinely emerging to replace Xhaka and Oezil. The quicker they go, the better for Arsenal.

    1. Yeah I would get rid of Oezil-he has been non existent every game he has fact it’s almost as though he doesn’t exist.I would boot him out and replace him with Ozil

      1. Embarrassing. The German umlaut can be replaced with an e. Hence, Oezil is actually the correct English spelling. It also explains the pronunciation. So if you want to take the piss, check you know what you’re talking about!

        1. Hi Mike. I’m in the states and have friends from Iran who are football mad. They say it’s Ozeel not Erzill.

          1. What letters are on the back of his shirt
            Unless the club intend to refund every fan who has bought a shirt with his name on why don’t we just leave it as it is
            PS- His German short was spelt the same by the way

  4. A thousand buck says Emery sticks with his three lovers on Monday night.
    I hope up front it’s Pepe-PEA-Saka though.
    With our attack, United’s defense should suffer a lot, Oh fifty buck says One on One situation, Saka makes Wan-Bissaka look like his kid brother.
    The only stumbling block is the fact that Man United have played us with far worse team at the old Trafford and we couldn’t win

  5. OT:
    Has anyone seen the interview with Wenger where he states how he would love to manage United and is a dream job? Even goes further to say he has ideas to improve their squad. Now I don’t hold that against him, he is a manager out of a job and United is one of the biggest teams. I just don’t pay the argument that he was with us all those years because of love alone, he was there for the money as well which he got paid

    1. I saw something about it, he said it’d be a dream job for ANY manager.. does that mean he’s interested?? I couldn’t imagine him going there… surely not????

      1. His words

        “Like I said, four players and they can be challengers. For everything.

        “Like I said, Manchester United is a dream job. For any coach.

        “I have confidence, I have courage…and you’re right, I have ideas.”

        1. Well, I won’t mind having Wenger as their manager and having them relegated as a result #TrojanHorseWenger 😀😀😀

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