Five names in the frame as a possible replacement for Gabriel Jesus

Arsenal has lost Gabriel Jesus to a long-term injury and it might force the Gunners to return to the transfer market for a new striker in January.

Mikel Arteta’s side remains one of the in-form teams in Europe and is five points clear at the top of the Premier League table now.

Jesus played an important role in their performances in the first half of the season, which enabled them to move top of the standings and stay there.

The striker probably needs to be replaced because the void he leaves behind is too big not to be attended to. The Sun lists five strikers the Gunners could sign.

The report claims Tammy Abraham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cody Gakpo, Jonathan David, and Dusan Vlahovic are players Arsenal like and could join them.

These players have done well in Europe and could fill the void the former Manchester City man left behind as he spends time on the treatment table.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Three months is a long time, but it is not so long that we have to buy someone to replace Jesus. The striker will be back and panic-buying is one of the worst decisions to make in football.

A replacement could also spend the whole of next season without having the required impact on the club, making the move a wasted investment.

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  1. Out of that list only Gakpo and Vlahovic are attractive propositions, however I think both are unlikely to happen at this point more so the latter. Lot of speculation picking up around Joao Felix, who clearly wants to leave the club and Athletico CEO has confirmed that and hinted they are open to selling him. Make no mistake he is a top quality player, good finishing and passing ability, versatile(can play RW/LW/CAM/False 9) exactly the type of player Arteta likes and would fit in the system we play seemingly but the major stumbling block is Athleti who are asking for crazy money which no club will pay. Our best bet is if we can get them to agree to a loan with option/obligation to buy.🤞🏽

    1. @EastLDN Gooner
      Of all the mentioned striker options, I would also rather we take a punt on Joao Felix. Dude is tailor made for our style of play…

    2. Agree – he’s class and makes sense as someone who can cover for jesus, and play in the same side once he’s back

  2. I go with Cody Gakpo he is the perfect player to fill that space he can operate as a striker or as a winger when called upon so I go with Gakpo

  3. RONALDO!!? A sick joke surely!!

    AS YET WE DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG JESUS WILL BE OUT, so to import a busted flush, ego maniac and football “pensioner” to boot, at ruinous wages with a ruined dresssing room harmony, will 100% NEVER HAPPEN!

  4. A right load of old rubbish that Sun article is then.

    Those players are all wrong for different reasons – some are not strikers (“can play as” isn’t really the same) or they have character flaws that would rule them out straight away in the MA/Edu project.

    I suspect we will bring in a striker who’s new to the 1st team squad, whether that’s a loan recall (very unlikely imho) or another source, but I suspect any new player will be a surprise, someone who’s not been strongly linked with Arsenal before (and yeah, I realise that doesn’t leave many!).

    Although January is not a great time for buying players, there may be a case for doing this business now while we’re top by 5 points. Clubs may demand more, knowing of the Jesus injury, but players will be easier to persuade – they’ll all be thinking “If I can do what Jesus did, we can win the PL”.

    That’s a big if to my mind, but confident players will believe in themselves.

  5. Expectations kills,when will arsenal fans learn , I think Edu/Mikel won’t sign any striker instead they will rely on Nketiah..

  6. For me, we need to look at either Ivan Toney or Mitrovic. Two proven PL strikers who’ll add directness and physicality to our game and who’ll also get on the end of the many crosses we put into the box. I’m sure both would jump at the chance to join a club like ours…..

  7. Jonathan David – not good enough.
    Cristiano Ronaldo – on retirement/at the circus.
    Dusan Vlahovic – on vacation at Juventus.
    Tammy Abraham – likely to be overpriced.

    Cody Gapko – best fit/break the bank to sign him.
    (assuming we are still interested in winning the league or top 4.) A no brainer.

  8. Ronaldo? No chance on this earth that would ever happen, Arteta doesn’t put up with egos for a start! Joke suggestion.
    Anyway add the following to the list to replace Jesus (for the few games he’s now to be absent) Martinelli and Nketiah………oh get over yourselves!

  9. Exactly what I feared all along – the loss of Jesus and the lack of a suitable substitute. And now it’s happened. We should have seen this coming and addressed it the summer.
    This dillying and dallying cost us Champions League football last season and is poised to cost us again dearly.

  10. If we do sign a striker it will be one from the list below:

    Ivan Toney

    Joe Felix is a top talent, that’s unfortunately is in a wrong team, but he’s too much like Jesus, so I can’t sanction such a deal

    But I can’t see the winter pass without a midfielder slipping through the window

    1. The fact that JF plays like Jesus… and since Jesus will be out for 3 months (probably 4) create a strong case for signing JF, at least, on loan with an option to buy…don’t you think so? Just trying to understand “smoke” logic.

    2. Those Strikers will be difficult to prise away from their respective clubs without offering top dollar. Felix isn’t a regular starter under Simeone(5 starts and 7 sub appearances out of 14 La Liga games) and it is common knowledge he wants to Leave the club, Athletico CEO admitted that and hinted they are willing to sell him. His agent is Jorge Mendes who Edu has a good relationship with, so I believe on the part all good. Now the tricky part is reaching an agreement with Athleti, their asking price is ridiculous however we should explore the possibility of a loan with an obligation to buy, which they would have to consider thoroughly as I don’t believe they are in as strong a negotiating position as you would believe with 4 years left to run on his current contract due to their financial troubles and the fact he wants out so publicly. I really hope Arteta and Edu are looking at this option. 🤞🏽

  11. @Rfrancis can see you are thinking and on second thought it might not be such a bad idea after all.

    But you must remember we needed a striker before Jesus got injured and you wouldn’t want to sign two similar players.
    Now that stand to reason why I would have wanted someone who would offer something a little different, maybe a 6 footer that could be use as a target man or a flat track attack bully, eg. Scamacca, Mitrovic or Osimhen, now the latter would be perfect in that regard, don’t you think?

    EastLDN Gooner, every player has a price, but Arsenal has to get creative and aggressive in going about their business although I do get the feeling both Edu and the gaffer had woken up and smelling the coffee.

    1. I agree with you fully especially your point re. 6 foot target man. Let’s hope its not too late to fix this gaping hole in our offence.

  12. The Mudryk transfer looks the most likely, along with backup for Thomas, in the winter window.
    Recall Balogun and we’ve got Nketiah, Martinelli and ESR options for a striker.

  13. My heart 💔 feel for Gabriel J I wish him quick recovery arsenal board of trustees need to fast and Bost the transfer funds for Edu and arteta to fine a better replacement who will adapt to the system easily so arsenal can achieve their goal in this season.

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