Five potential deals Arsenal could get if Ramsey doesn’t sign today

Arsenal should bring in one of the following players at Aaron Ramsey’s expense

Let’s face it, Aaron Ramsey isn’t happy with the terms that he’s currently being offered by Arsenal, well at least that’s what it looks like, one could be pardoned for thinking that way, after all, why would his contract negotiations drag on for this long if the manager made it particularly clear that the player is central to his plans?

Like I said, it’s just a thought, quite logical one actually- you don’t have to roast me for it. My point is, there is no doubting Aaron Ramsey’s ability and potential, the man can pop up in any game at any time, (usually crucial times) he’s a team player, not only by virtue of the threat he possesses going forward coupled with what I’d rate as good finishing skills, he also contributes defensively, pressing, chasing back and recovering balls, after all, his lungs have the capacity to accommodate all those tasks. Whether Ramsey decides to extend or leave remains a mystery to all of us, but should he decide that his journey at the emirates has come to an end, here are some players that I thought would be a perfect replacement or great deal for him should we raise the money.

1. Sergej Milinkovic Savic – Lazio. (40 million pounds + Aaron Ramsey ) Okay, hold up, I might sound outrageous here but if Lazio are going to sell, we would have to make a tempting offer and this one would definitely get their attention. Sergej is young, has great aerial ability and vision, good on the ball and has massive potential, he has an eye for goal too and like Ramsey, can hit them from afar, he’ll definitely be a coup should this deal ever happen, Lazio were said to be interested in the player during this transfer window.

2. Kalidou Koulibally – Napoli. ( 30 million pounds + Aaron Ramsey) Again, Koulibally is another player that won’t come easy, but after losing Jorghinho, Lazio may think about parting ways with their star defender through the player plus cash swap deal, it is after all a great deal for both clubs, but perhaps more for Arsenal who are in dire need of a solid, quality CB, some people might think it will weaken them, but if they have a solid backline, I think Aaron Ramsey won’t be missed at all, it is his goals that have made him a fan favorite at the club after all and if he leaves while we’re still a leaky team, it will be disastrous, my fellow Arsenal fans.

3. Thomas Lemar – AS Monaco ( 30 million pounds plus Aaron Ramsey) Flair and technically gifted, the composed winger uses his excellent balance and spatial awareness to outmaneuver his opponents and would be a big threat down arsenal’s left hand side because he has the intelligence, vision and eye for goal to succeed at Arsenal. At Arsenal, he’ll have the manager, players and current sense of optimism around him to help him grow as a player, plus if the wages are right, Ramsey might just consider since Monaco are playing champions league football, and with no doubt, Lemar would like the chance of playing in the premier league. As Monaco lost a crucial player in Fabinho who transferred to Liverpool and although Ramsey isn’t exactly a defensive midfielder, but his ability to dominate the midfield would be a chance too good to pass for the ligue 1 club.

4. Leon Goretzka – Bayern Munich (Season loan to Arsenal = Aaron Ramsey plus 25 million on a permanent deal next season) Simple, Goretzka comes on loan, Ramsey goes the other way, with an option of making the deal permanent with an additional 25 million pounds next season. Bayern are trying to build a champions league winning squad, and Ramsey is definitely a fighter so he’ll be a great addition to the squad. The fact that Bayern are in the champions league will be an even greater motive to convince the player over a possible move, whereas for Goretzka, a chance to play regular first team football and make a name for himself in the globally popular English premier league. If you have been watching him as he develops, you’d know what I’m trying to say.

5. Jose Maria Gimenez – Atletico de Madrid (30 million pounds plus Aaron Ramsey) So they already have Saul, Koke and co, but Atleti are trying to build a winning team capable of competing with Europe’s best and this would certainly be a deal worth considering for them, Ramsey will slot in perfectly, so will Gimenez after having already played more than 100 games for club and country, he isn’t just another youngster with a bright future, he is already among one of the best young center backs alongside Real Madrid’s Rafael Varane and Psg’s Marquinhos.

I for one really hopes that Ramsey decides to extend with us at Arsenal, but football is just another side of business and business means opportunities, both for the players and the club and when either one of them or they both feel that their interests are better served by another party, they usually part ways, it just operates at another level of professionalism that we can’t see it as the general/default point of view. My Name is Ophney Thiago Nakambale, An Arsenal fan and student at the university of Namibia, and those were my thoughts.


  1. Phelyx says:

    Desperation. Can the window end asap. Only emery tactics is what that can us this season

    1. Phelyx says:

      *Can save us*

  2. Mirackle says:

    This writer does not know that Lemar is now an Athlectico Madrid player

    1. Amz says:

      I know right. He’s moved quite a while ago mow. Like during the world cup. Had to stop reading as soon as I saw this.

      Very poor research. Probably got the names from a previous article written in May.

    2. poshsegzy says:

      Emery shouldn’t have let chambers go IMO he’s the best candidate to deputise kos Rob should be the one going out on loan letting chambers go us obviously a penny wise pouds foolish idea unless we are signing a replacement today
      (Sir Jon fox what’s your take on this)

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Apparently there is a recall clause in Calum Chambers loan contract to Fulham.

  3. Austin says:

    last I checked, Thomas Lemar is now an athetico Madrid player and koulibaly plays for napoli.
    interesting article but know your facts

  4. McLovin says:

    1. Lemar transferred to Athletico like a month ago.

    2. Goretzka moved to Bayern this summer ON A FREE, he’s yet to play a game for them. And now he would go on a loan to prove himself? Whut? Why?

    3. Bid of 90 millions for Koulibaly was REJECTED earlier this summer. This was confirmed By Napoli. Now they would sell him for 30 millions plus Ramsey?

    All in all this article is very fifaish with little fact checks.

    Off topic now:


    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, the author never checked the facts before posting. Apparently the 50M transfer budget is correctly predicted, hence we would not sign any new marquee player

      But Arsenal’s monkey businessmen always wait till the end of the transfer window before panicly buy a player, to get the cheapest price. E.g. the deals of Ozil, Perez, Lemar, etc

      Soyuncu deal, the deadwoods and the contract rebel situations are the proof that the executives (that are doing the business at Arsenal) are not doing their job properly. How come we got Sokratis instead of Soyuncu and why Arsenal often resell their fringe players with huge losses? I am sure Kroenke would not allow those office politicians last longer than this season at Arsenal

      1. McLovin says:

        Strange thing is that Sokratis cost 18 millions while Soyuncu to Leicester is quoted at 20 millions. 2 million difference! I don’t think that 2 million difference is the problem at this case.

        Signing Sokratis is either on Emery or Mislintat, whichever decided to go for it. Sokratis is very average.

        1. Sue says:

          Soyuncu was 19m in the end!

      2. BenardoM says:

        Soyuncu was never tested for EPL before .We’d rather go for someone who is well experienced as a CB.

  5. Pat says:

    I have a very strange feeling that Rambo will extend his stay with us…

    1. I pray your feeling is wrong and he chooses to move on!

  6. Rajeev rajendran says:

    Read it until lemar… Dude.. lemar is an atetico Madrid player ..

  7. Oluwafemi_Adeniyan says:

    T Lemar now plies his trade for Atletico de Madrid no more AS Monaco.

  8. Shekar233 says:

    I really do not get it..we have lost 2 reasonably good ball playing central midfielders for free..
    And there were 2 similar ball playing midfielders available in the mrket for free…
    Max meyer and bernard.
    One has signed for crystal palace amd the other for everton.

    If not for the footballing reasons …atleast for the financial reason(which arsenal do care a lot about)..we could have brought both of them in…if they clicked then it was great business and if they did not then sell them next season. I am sure they will be valued at a minimum of 15mil each at the least keeping in mind that they both are young…

    Doesnt it make sense to arsenal?
    Pay 80k odd wages to each i.e. 160-200k for a year(both wilshere and santi were on minimum 100k a week) and sell them fpr profit which will give us 30mil from their sales in the worst possible case.

    I just hope someone with a brain between their ears is appointed as the ceo after gazidis leaves.

    1. David Rusa says:

      You can’t lose something you didn’t have in the first place. Maybe we missed out because none of those was our player. However if Ramsey chooses to go on his own volition I am sure we shall get an adequate replacement. All indicators are that Ramsey will sign a new contract. Maybe he was playing hardball to emphasise his importance to the team now that he is the most senior Arsenal player. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      1. Shekar233 says:

        So what you suggest is all those who invest in shares/stock market are fools? If you want to make money then there are such ways which will double your investment within an year. Just because I have 1million, do I just sit tight on it even after knowing that if I invest that in some mutual funds I will for sure make some profit?

        That is what I meant when I said we could make a 30mil profit by just investing 8-10mil.

        I heard that Max has singed for crystal palace for 80k a week, and also Bernard is on 100k a week at everton.

        So summing up their wages it would be around 180k, lets make it 200k.

        200k for a year is around 8.8mil. Let us make it 10mil.
        So we invest 10million over a year for the position we have just lost 2 players…and if they have performed well then it would be good investment for 10million a year for the next 5 years(assuming they stay at arsenal).

        And if they did not do well…then I am sure they will command a minimum fee of 15mil each.(though I am sure in this inflated market Max will get 25mil and Bernard somewhere close to 20mil), so 30mil minimum in return(45-50mil more realistic).

        So 30-10=20million profit in 1 year or (45-10=35mil)
        No wonder arsenal suck at getting low value for the players sold, coz it is the finance team and the one taking the call on transfers that don’t take such caliculated risks.

        Anyway no use in ranting over spilled milk…lets see what can be done in the remaining 15hours of the window.

        And the latest update I have known is that the window closes today only for permanent transfers, but the loan window is still the same as before..i.e. sept 1st.

        If this is true I see a lot of loan deals happening this season may be with an option to buy in winter or next summer.

        1. Shekar233 says:

          *getting high value for the player sold

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Shekar223, I agree with you; getting one or both of these players would have been good business

  9. I hope Ramsey is sold today and we get a proper midfield maestro, the real heir to Cazorla’s throne! Someone technically gifted with close ball control and a good final pass. With Ramsey involved in a counter attack it is always guess work whether or not he will produce the killer pass required unlike Ozil and Sanchez who delivered without fail. Off with Ramsey, he should leave even if just for the sake of change and a new challenge, am tired of looking at his face for 10 years.

  10. omonaija says:

    what a tall dream. If AFC 5 new signings were done this last two weeks, I’m sure people will hail it as a success, but since no late signing seems to be imminent, some fans have started their usually cheap talk.Emery got a ‘lean budget’ and so we should judge him base on this.

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “I hope Ramsey is sold today and we get a proper midfield maestro, the real heir to Cazorla’s throne! Someone technically gifted with close ball control and a good final pass. ”

    Quantic Dream, Goodluck getting Isco ??

    1. Well, I think I can dream. What’s the point of paying Ramsey Isco-level wages(I believe that’s what he is demanding) if he won’t produce like Isco? Sell him and keep the money, no point wasting money.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  12. Sirluq says:

    I’m just tired of seeing those wrong pass when needed most, I wish Ramsey is off today. I want a skilled player who can utilize the ball during attack. Tired of those wenger policy of keep trying same bad attributes player expecting new good result. Ready made player required in winning nowadays not prospect dat wud later end free transfer after failure

  13. Mr Patrick says:

    I’m disappointed Rambo is holding this club to ransom and it’s not his fault if those in charge have done their home work no arsenal player should be allowed to run their contact down like these, Rambo is 27 and these new contract is his last big one so he has already talked to a club who will probably give him 10_15 million sign on fee and 300 k a week then I don’t see the incentive to renew his contract at arsenal, if he doesn’t put pen to paper stick him in reserves it might cost arsenal but the precedent is being set muck with us and the fans their are consequences

    1. Sue says:

      He needs all the money he can get with twins on the way & a new house to pay for ?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sue, Ramsey should have made enough money over the years being mollycoddled by Arsenal to buy 10 houses. He certainly had plenty of time when injured to go house hunting!

        1. Sue says:

          There was a little hint of sarcasm in my post Ozzie! ?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            I noted that Sue, I was just reinforcing the point. These professional footballers live in a world far removed from the day to day struggles of ordinary folk.

          2. Sue says:

            That’s for sure!!

  14. Nayr says:

    Ramsey is going nowhere.

    will sign and be captain.

    why would we sell our best player lst season.

  15. Dan says:

    Cannot see any more signings happening probably 2 or 3 players going out but that will be about it!! Def don’t want that Croatia defender he is not any better then we already have so would be a very poor signing!!

  16. ArseOverTit says:

    Emery is doing well so don’t worry..he will have them playing in a more effective and collective fashion than Wenger did over the last 10 years.

    What we should be talking about is the fact that our club can severely go down the pan if Satan Kroenke gets his way and neither usamov or the fans do anything to stop him. If he has complete ownership of this club, we are FINISHED!

    1. Declan says:

      As kev would say, “it’s a done deal”.

      1. Lol. Kev’s definition of a “done-deal” has to be the most complicated I have ever seen. Here I thought a done deal is a signed deal but apparently done deal in football terms is an “I might sign the deal”- deal.

        1. Shekar233 says:

          no no… a done deal is the deal where the player has agreed to sign verbally but chose not to sign it coz he has a psycho inside him telling him that kev will not approve of this transfer as he has to be told first that we have agreed verbally and then will agree it mentally and then half-heartedly and then stupidly…bla bla.

          I wish the definition of done deal by kev is added in the Oxford dict.

  17. Sean says:

    No more signings will come.

    If we were then hijack Soyuncus deal to Leicster (I’m actually annoyed about this one). We were quoted 35m now he’s going for 20m to them?? Chambers replacement is needed & he’s a good guy for now & future!

    Leon Bailey is another we should put 45m down for him, the left footed winger we need. Malcolm should’ve been bought but again we missed a trick on that one.

    Ramsey to a new deal & we should be ready to go but we won’t do anything which means we are nowhere near the top4 if I’m honest. A few injuries &we are screwed.

    Torreira best piece of business we done, really then only upgrade we got this summer bar Emery for Wenger & now Stan 100% control of the club.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sean, agree with you on Soyuncu, Bailey and Torreira.

  18. Innit says:

    i would rather keep Rambo and lose him for free next summer
    then sell him and not get a replacement. We would be weaker w/o him

  19. Dan says:

    I think Ramsey will stay had he refused a new contract we would have sold him in this window which the new manager stated earlier that he wouldn’t allow player to run down his contract like Sanchez did so on that basis would say that a new contract is virtually agreed!!

    1. Mr pat says:

      Nothing is virtually agreed until you sign on the dotted line, it’s destabilising for the club and I think rambo knows perfectly what he is doing and if he doesn’t sign and runs his contract down I hope he moves abroad because a return to the Emirates with another English club wil not be comfortable for him, let all arsenal fans make sure of that

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Spot on Mr pat, Aaron Ramsey has quickly forgotten the support Arsenal has given him during his many injuries and the wages he received while not playing and on the treatment table. He is another Van Persie, an inflated head, but without the same talent.

  20. Joe14 says:

    I’m okay with the squad additions done by Unai ,I believe we’ll challenge on all fronts this season.
    The best and ONLY necessary signing we had to make this summer was replacing WENGER,every other one is a bonus.
    Forward and Upwards.
    Come on you gunners.
    We are ready asf.

  21. Like my felbow arsenal fans are saying Lemar has already moved on we were to sign learning not today

  22. Shahriar says:

    Author, dont u wanna mention Cristiano Ronaldo potential move as a Real Madrid player? ??

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