Five players that Mikel Arteta has shown he can do without and succeed

Sokratis Papastathopoulos is one player that has struggled to get into the Arsenal team since Mikel Arteta became our manager.

The Greek defender should be on his way out of Arsenal when the transfer window reopens, but he isn’t the only player that has been out of the team for a long time now and that we have shown that we don’t necessarily need any more.

Mesut Ozil is another player that our recent performances have shown is more of a liability to us than an asset.

The German has been frozen out of the team since the restart and I hope he now considers leaving us in the summer, with some pride.

Matteo Guendouzi has also been axed from the team since our match against Brighton. The Frenchman has hardly impressed Mikel Arteta, even before the restart, and now he has shown that he isn’t that important to the team after all.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been tipped to return to Arsenal and Arteta has even said he liked him, but the Armenian would disrupt our current setup, I reckon that it would be best for him to remain at Roma.

Mohamed Elneny has done well on-loan at Besiktas, and the Egyptian might be considered a solution to our midfield problems.

But he was never impressive when he played for us, and I think that it would be best for him to be sold.

Arsenal has reached the FA Cup final without these players and that alone is all the proof you need to show they simply are not needed.

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    1. It’s obvious u r anti arsenal it’s only a blind man that can compare ghendouzi to xhaka, does people watch matches @ll?

    2. Don’t sell Guendouzi he is young and he will learn to keep his mouth shut or he will always be in trouble

      1. I would not use the FA Cup final as a criteria to say this season is a success. Emery reached the European final.

        I am with Arteta in project rebuilding but he does not deserve any credit for this shambolic season. He has done worse than Emery.

        1. I never said the season was a success, I said that he succeeded without those players, a subtle difference

          1. I don’t think youbneed to apologise to Highbury Hero. His attitude is negative towards both the coach and the team and he wants to force those views on others which is unrealistic. All of us have been following the team since Wenger’s departure and it is objective to say that under Emery at the beginning of this season the team had greatly deteriorated. It is also true that there seemed to be no way out for the team. Arteta has done a great job to restore the team’s confidence which will prove a crucial factor next season.

        2. H
          it is a bit unfair to judge MA on this season
          He picked up the reins very late
          Had covid stand down to deal with
          Players who he had to give game too, to assess if they wanted it
          Revamp formations
          Wa a terrible season but at least we have a final to look forward too
          Just look down the road..poor buggers have nothing to look forward too but another doom a nd gloom season ahead of them
          Bet you anything that the moaning spuds will be on in August moaning about the negative style of play. Lack of investment moan moan moan
          Thank god I was born in the right half of North London
          Onwards and upwards H
          Keep well and safe

        3. You my friend are also a cock, Arteta has done infinatly better than Emery. He’s won away from home, the team doesn’t conceded 37 shots per game, all our stats have improved, hes beaten All the teams who are above us in the table at the time of playing them and the team look far more organised and we have a plan.

          Emery did none of the above, he let our best midfielder go without a fight. Precided over an embarrassing defeat in said European final. When we needed to strengthen on midfield he wanted us to spunk 90m on the inconsistent Zaha. Signed David Luiz, who for his positives and leadership off the field is still prone to a howler. had us in the bottom half of the table in the relegation battle until arteta took over.

          Do i need to continue

          1. James Simmonds, Emery did not want Pepe but he was lumbered with the piece of crap 72 million the board decide who they buy M A just has to manage them that is what he is paid to do like it or not

  1. Poor mesut..that guy his suffering but many people fail to understand, we have been hearing a lot of reasons for his absence”back injury,not respectful, not doing well in training “etc all are lies from the board in which we fail to understand ,admin martin…this pressure is on him that he is getting 350k we want him to perform miracles anyhow ,but it is unfair..let me ask people that says he’s finished bcus he isn’t assisting,how many assists do our so called able and agile ,hardworking in training and constant so called arsenal midfielders have altogether this season?not up to KDB’s 19.. But the blame is only on ozil because he is on 350k..look at Dave de Gea ,collecting the same amount and still making a lot of blunders and errors in man U ,yet,their dressing room is like one family ,they come out to the and support him,yet he is still playing,no one knows he is on high wages…look at Cristiano Ronaldo when he isn’t on form at the beginning of the season, his coach came out ,talked to him publicly gave him some corrections, yet he still plays ….mesut ozil is suffering inside bcus of a certain reason which I’m yet to know, but these excuses aren’t gonna convince me,never cus I understand everything…ozil has played lesser games yet he still has the most chances created than all his teammates this season…let’s wake up admin…and support this guy,he isn’t someone that talk too much but i know when he leaves ,the truth will be told…Thank you..


    1. Ozil has more chances created than who? are you talking about Bernd Leno? Secondly , Ozil has been given more than 6 years to earn his 350k . when was the last time he actually played like 350k a week? If you get the big bucks , you are expected to perform miracles . There really is now two ways about it.

  2. Elneny might be considered a solution to our midfield problems??!! Oh sweet
    Jesus, not in my eyes!! I can’t believe he’s been given the no.25 shirt….
    Yes, Sokratis is off to WWE…
    Mkhi can stay in Italy….
    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if MG and MO never play for the Arsenal again….

    1. If Elneny is in Arteta’s plans next season then I’m worried Sue I’m very worried if I wasn’t already really worried πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈhe should be given the number zero shirt along with half of the great pretenders πŸ‘Š

      1. Just imagine it if he appears from the tunnel in the starting 11 come September 12….bloody hell, the season will be over before it’s begun πŸ™ˆ
        Got to get rid!

        1. Haha your face would be priceless if that happens Sue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ did you see Van Dijk with champions League and premier League trophies? So Liverpool have done the double? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          1. Man city should parade the fa cup along the league cup Sue it seems last season’s success counts for this season too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          2. You didn’t hear much about their treble… but Liverpool, it’s all rammed down your throat – enough to make you sick!!

          3. Did Arsenal win the treble in 1970/71 with the European Fairs Cup, the First Division Championship and the FA Cup?

      2. Hes been given 25 because Saliba was given his number 4. Stop reading between the bloody lines for Christmas sake

  3. With 85 players now on the payroll after the new scholar intake, I am pretty sure that there will be more than 5 departures.

    I am expecting more like 15, just because players sign a new contract or take a new squad number means diddly squat. David Luiz signed a new contract with Chelsea last season, only to move to us 8 weeks later.

    Mkhitaryan is gone, he has already been signed by Roma a deal for next season at least with Arsenal more than happy with the fee they are receiving and getting his Β£175k a week off the books. His shirt has been allocated to Saka for next season, but unlike Elneny he has not been given a new number.

    Luiz has agreed a new deal on a lower salary, but if someone comes in with a better offer he will be allowed to leave. Sokratis is being frozen out to try and force him to leave, same to Ozil. Those 3 earn together in excess of Β£500k a week.

    Mavropanos will not return either, he simply signed a new contract to protect his value as he was going to enter his last season, as too Macey.

    Kolasinac and Mustafa will be allowed to leave for the right offer, so too Xhaka.

    Arteta needs to bring in his own players so don’t expect to see too many of the current squad still here next season.

  4. Seriously!
    Ozil played only 18 games and yet he is the most player created chances!

    Arsenal team now a days is the worst copy I ever seen.

  5. I think the coach is right in Matteo and Ozil firstly Ozil is the highest paid but his performance at last has been very poor and the formation he uses now dosent suit him and secondly the boy Matteo showed indiscipline in the Brighton game you dont do that when a team has more than 30 players when there are some who want that jersy once they are given you wont get it back

  6. What this article clearly shows is that there is indeed untapped value is this current squad. The key question for this transfer window and the future, is whether the Club is capable of making the bold and tough decisions that are required without alienating the fan-base and loyal supporters. I would go one step further and even entertain selling HB, AL as well as one of our GK’s; this would add at least another 100M conservatively to the transfer budget. Image what we could do with this increase. I believe we are still an attractive destination for top players.

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