FIVE points from Mourinho’s analysis of Arsenal’s season

And Jose, Yes, Mourinho Analyses Arsenal’s Season! by ND

I know how much that man is hated here and for obvious reasons: he’s arrogant, he talks sh*t most times about Wenger and Arsenal generally, he’s friends with a certain John Terry etc. Oh, before I forget both friends are c%”&s, right?
But sometimes, its those who despise you that tell the truth about you. So the enemy of the (Arsenal) State had something to say about the Arsenal season during the Chelsea Award/Dinner Night. Hear what he said…..

“…The team with red shirts, white sleeves did want to play with two goals. They were scoring some, they were also conceding some. They were fantastic. They scored really beautiful goals, they concede some goals too and they were almost there,”

“But they (Arsenal) asked the International (FIFA) Board to play only between January and April. And they (Arsenal) were told ‘no chance, no chance’.

“You have to play between August and May, so they couldn’t be champions.” concluded Mourinho.

Now, there are a few important points to pick from his words:

(1) Consistency throughout the season is needed to win the EPL.
(2) Solid Defence too.
(3) He agrees that arsenal play beautiful football.
(4) Arsenal were almost there, that’s an encouragement.
(5) Jose will always be Jose. Otherwise, why would he insist that Wenger wrote to FIFA demanding that the EPL title be handed to him based on his performance between January and April? Lol!

So guys, what’s your take on Mourinho’s latest love letter to Wenger?


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  1. Some write-ups are so annoying and this is one of them…what is there to discuss here???

    1. Fuel to the fire / trying to put the fire out. Personally, I like Mourinho, he’s just on the wrong side of the war 😉

  2. Talking about consistency and solid defence is great when you don’t lose a single defender, goalie, or DMF for the entire season.

    1. He can do that when his players are made of bricks not glass. They have had injuries too, but they have competent backups for that situation exactly.

      1. You definitely have just come out of a hole and started commenting. Chelsea did not have injury problems this season particularly at the back. These are Chelsea back ups in defence: Zouma (19 years and zero premier league experience at the start of the season), Ake (19 years and less than 10 league appearances at the start of the season), Filipe (experienced left back from Atletico), and no more. Midfield: Mikel, Oscar, Willian. Attack: Drogba and the QPR boy. Overall these cannot be said to be competent back ups particularly at the back.

        1. Completely agree, Chelsea are so lucky they didn’t have major injuries and that’s why they won the title.

        2. I’ve been on this site for a long while mate, just had a change of username is all. I could say the same for you, but what do I care?

          Bar Debuchy at right back (where Bellerin has been a revelation in) and occasionally Gibbs (who wouldn’t get in ahead of Monreal now) where have we faced problems in the defence? If you’re suggesting the 5 or 6 games Koscileny missed then it wouldn’t have made a difference because we lost 2 of them, so supposing we would’ve won those games (but even that’s not a guarantee) we’d have 6 more points, we’re still 6 points behind mate. Our main injuries have been in the midfield and wingers. Zouma has performed brilliantly when played, so why be bitter about it? What does being 19 years old with 0 PL experience have to do with his performances? Their squad is a versatile one, Ivanovic can play RB and CB very well, Zouma can play CB and DM, Azpi on either flank. They might not have the numbers, but these players can play in either role as good as they can in their main one. Like I said initially, they have players who can take a hit or two, something we could do with.

  3. People are really looking too much into nothing. It was merely a joke, and even though he criticised our consistency he slated United for their obsession of possession football, and City for their poor defensive record. Heck he even made a joke about how they had to park the bus. Whilst I am not a fan of Jose as a man, as a football coach he hit the nail right on its head with all his comments.

  4. mOurinho is biter on how Arsenal treats Wenger with respect despite that he hasnt won EPL and CL for Years. on the other hand we real nees improvement and CONSISTENCE as whenever we start league Strong we usual end poorly and when when we start it pooly we end it strong.Wenger &Co needs to sort these things out…..

  5. For that knob rot to even even mention Arsenal or Wenger on a day when he is meant to be praising his players & talking about Chelski winning the league shows he is scared of us for next season. He see’s us as the biggest threat. Can’t wait to see what Wenger says this time next season in response (Probably nothing) why would you talk about other clubs on a day which should be all about your club? Oh I forgot we are dealing with Mourinho

  6. If anything, I enjoyed this speech. I agree is harsh to blame the club for players being injured (think about the criminal tackles on Debuchy, Chambo, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil etc) but overall I found it funny. Let’s see what he says next season.

  7. Why can’t we forget this man and think of how to forge ahead. Do good business in the transfer market, select the right players and tactics for games, beat him silly and he won’t talk again. Have you heard of Manure, City or Sp*d talk about us recently?

  8. Consistency is very important in winning the league…..Consistency brings a bit of luck too. We were better than Chelsea this year in the league but Chelsea were consistent and had a bit of luck here and there in the 2nd half of the season….

  9. um a Love Letter?…….. I’m not a pervert., neither am i a Jealous Lover…… Why should i intrude?

  10. As Mourinho comments go it is fair enough – almost erring toward feint praise. But as always he won’t (and rightly so) have to spin a negative yarn about his team’s performance. Slightly ironic that Chelsea’s performances dropped off for nearly half a season as well and the reason being they had to play more conservatively because of injuries to one player (DC) and the form going off a cliff for another (CF) – he will be concerned about the fabled strength in depth at his club. No doubt he will correct this.

  11. @Godswill…..they may have been cold as the artic ice….but they pundits won’t cease being running taps

  12. Barking dog seldom bites, Wenger hardly care what he says, (going by his comments)…..!!!

  13. Did Wenger truly write to FIFA insisting that the EPL title be handed to arsenal based on their January – April form? we need answers?

    1. Mourinh should just say sorry wenger
      move on .manage your own club
      He is a sore loser
      a arragont winner

      I heard roman a brim vic wanted a wenger
      he offered a starting fee salary 20 million
      and each season 100 million transfer purse

      mourinho watch out .
      stop gunning wenger

  14. And why would Roman Abramovic want Wenger at Chelsea? So dat Chelsea will go 11yrs without a major title? Plz stop joking.

    1. RA and his money bought trophies with whatever manager he had – Ancelotti, Benitez, Hiddink, De Matteo all won silverware. Jeeez even Avram Grant got you to the UCL final and PL runners-up slot. The world knows the “Really Special One” is Roman not Jose.

  15. I bet Avram Grant is better than a certain French Coach. And to tink that Di Matteo is a Champions League Winner!!! Smtin dt Arsenal kud only dream of in their god knos hw many yrs history. Seriously, let me borrow d words of Ian Wright, “Somebody needs to be sacked”

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