Five positives Arsenal can take from the 2-1 win over Burnley

For the first time in a decade, Arsenal has won their opening two Premier League games and while it was not a perfect performance today against Burnley, there were nevertheless a lot of positives that Unai Emery can take from the game.

Five positives Arsenal can take from the 2-1 win over Burnley

Dani Ceballos

There can be little doubt that he was the best player on the pitch. He was at the centre of the action and dominated the midfield, he was not afraid to go on runs and when required got stuck in with tackles, which he did in creating the winner for Aubameyang.

The Spaniard is only on loan for a season but if he carries on like he did today then the clamour from the fans to covert his loan into a permanent deal will be almost unbearable for the club to withstand.

Joe Willock

He may not have had his best game, in fact, he played better against Newcastle last week but he is growing into his role and will get better the more games he is given. He is technically good on the ball, his passing is more assured and overall he was impressive for someone so inexperienced at this level.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Today he showed he is far better in the centre than on the wings and his winner reflected a player absolutely full of confidence. The Gabon international is a truly world-class striker and one way or another Unai Emery will have to build the attack around last seasons Golden Boot winner.

Nacho Monreal

The Spaniard is defying his age and has sent a clear message to Kieran Tierney that he is not going to give up the left-back position without a serious fight. The form he is showing means that Emery will have an abundance of riches on the left flank once Tierney becomes available.

In fact, Monreal could easily play on the left of midfield such was his blistering pace and control of the ball today.


Last season Arsenal heads tended to drop when things went wrong, not today, they took the Burnely equaliser on the chin, stuck to their game plan, continued to dominate and eventually claimed the win. This is a team that is showing character at long last.


  1. The most important thing is to give Pepe time to settle in and a chance to prove himself before people start bashing him

  2. 3 points for Arsenal. Competition for spots and playing time will help us push on to get CL.

    Can’t wait for Bellerin and Tierney to join the competition, exciting battles for playing time. Well done to the lads, keep it going, let’s take the fight to Liverpool now, it’s a great time to play them.

    1. Spot on mate. Been telling Arsenal fans here that this team will only get better with the increased level of competition. The healthy competition will help some “determined and serious” players improve their all round game. I mean imagine where Holding/Chambers are playing ahead of Sokratis just cos they’ve made massive improvements in their all round game which almost everyone can attest to or Guendouzi and Willock besting Xhaka and Torreira with their astronomic rise in form. UE will surely be spoilt with chioces cos everyone is ready and hungry to produce positive results when called upon. I just hope they continue to grow as a team and clinch a silverware or two at the end of the season.

  3. hi gooners,from the previous thread,wat I want u guys to see is that ur opinions concerning ceballos and ozil isn’t well balanced,while I want ozil gone for giving us useless performance for huge money,we can’t seriously compare both too much,the difference I saw in that midfield today was the speed, precision and the quick thoughts with which the ball was carried through the midfield,as much as I do not want ozil in dat team I have a feeling that if he was there today instead of willock there would have been more scoring opportunities cos ozil needs the opposition midfield separated from defense to thrive and dats wat ceballos gave us he tore their midfield from their defense but he couldn’t give dat remaining pass dat ozil is so perfect at hence the lack of more goals..dats exactly wats expected from dat tree called xhaka..can’t make a simple dribble,turns like a wheelbarrow,holds onto the ball like it’s hot lava resulting in kicking it somewhere immediately he gets it and worse of it all as slow as a snail..even though ceballos is sweet and ozil could crown it all it’s all a waste if the ozil of last season turns up again

    1. Agree, it’s too early to write off Ozil. He still has a lot to offer on the final third. Of course a physical game like this is not his game, but Ozil will benefit from the competition. Either he man up or pretend to be sick all season lol.

      Xhaka too, for a very long time he got his place for granted. Now the emergence of Willock and Ceballos sort of gave him a kick on the butt. Honestly, will Xhaka run the midfield like them? Sublime first touch, fast movement, with the ability to dribble if necessary. Not only beautiful long pass or through ball here and there. It’s not Serie A ffs.

    2. In Ozil’s best season, he had Le Coq and Santi behind him with Alexis, Giroud and Walcott in front. Just look at Chelsea and Man U 3-0 games, with a good deep lying playmaker and DM as well as fast winger what Ozil can do. From January 2018, Ozil became really crap because Santi was replaced by Xhaka and losing two pacey wingers Alexis and Walcott. Yes PEA came and he is pacey but not used as a winger. from then he had Henrique and Iwobie as wingers. With PAL in front and Ceballos behind him, he may become a great again.

  4. Cazorla gave dat to ozil and now ceballos can give it to him too,,dis takes nothing away from willocks performance which shows a lot of talent and bravery .it isn’t a coincidence that they are both Spanish and both names start with letter c,,guess I’m too carried away

  5. Ceballos showed how much we miss a technical midfielder, and how effective one can be. His linkup, hustle, defending, and creativity made the difference.

    His challenge to win back the ball, and find Auba to win the game was beautiful.

    It’s those little things that can decide a game, like today; difference between 1 point and 3 points.

    It’s only one game, he has talent now we need that consistency like Carzola brought.

  6. Carzola, I really missed him. But its a part pf football that injuries happen. It was such a joy to see hi play the beautiful game. Hope Ceballos is going to remind us of the glorious Santi…

  7. Against Liverpool we need to start the same lineup with 3 changes. Main changes are add Torreira and Pepe. Also replace Wilock for either Ceballos, Nelson or Ozil.


    Liverpool away scares me so we need to play our best

  8. Have to admit mightily impressed with Ceballos today!

    Honestly looking forward seeing Ceballos alongside Xhaka or preferably Guendouzi with CAM Ozil and front line of PAL!!! Maybe not versus Liverpool next weekend though…

    Have been checking up on Martinelli and really looking forward seeing more of him as well!

    Exciting times at last!

  9. Aubameyang just gets better & better!
    Laca did really well to score.. what a pair we have in them 2! Bloody brilliant, love ’em!!
    Imagine how good things are going to be when all our sick notes are back! Things really are on the up.. new signings are looking goooood, the youngsters have stepped up & have been really nice to see Kolasinac back….buzzing right now oooh to be a gooner!! ❤

    Pat… I hope you’re happy with the win, honey! ?

    1. Sue we have a pair of world class strikers, we haven’t been so lucky since Bergkamp and Henry.

      Special honorary mention to Arsene Wenger for the youth prospects we have on display.

  10. So did ceballos made you feel that you dont need Ramsey?if so then i agree. Upuograde. Of Auba and Laca were defending thrn why cant ozil defend? I offer to sponsor Ozil witj cerelac for the remainder of his contract

    1. I think UE understood that Ramsey is an Oddball. From midfield he do score goals, he has pace but you cannot use him as winger (Arsene tried), he cant read game well to act as CAM or playmaker or B2B, cant defend well to use as DM. Apart from being injured, Jack was at least good at something, but Ramsey is jack of all trade, master of none ala Lampard who does well in a defensive minded team like Chelsea or a defensive league like Serie A.

  11. On another note – Ozil was sick AGAIN!

    Wonder if this is really the truth or if club is trying to offload him after all along with Mustafi who is clearly being shown the cold shoulder?!?

    We are stronger with him in the squad but accepts if club decides to to let him go and who can argue with that seeing first two games with different set up with all three midfielders contributing and seeing both Wilock and particularly Ceballos step up!

    1. He was dropped from the lineup and the bench. The shock is too much for him so he ended up sick lol.
      Or self-image preservation.

      Ozil had full pre-season and the timing of his sickness is bizzare. It always coincides with tough physical games.

  12. For every shot on target against us, arsenal had 3 in return.

    I actually felt the game was controlled. Like all top teams we scored in the first 15mins. The chances there after during the rest of the game came in the figure of 9 on target – of which most were excellently saved by Pope. 68% procession is equaliant of 61minutues, it’s ok.

    I was not too concerned that we only walked away by the odd goal, like against Newcastle – but in both games I felt we knew what we needed to do to get the win.
    This is good to see when we have many players out or not fully match fit.

    In many ways it’s not just the new signings we need to bed in but also Willock and Nelson who are new to the squad…so all in all many options, and much competition is driving better individual and team performances.

    Against Liverpool next week is the first acid test.

    It’s a game too soon for our new look squad as PAL haven’t yet gelled or Ceballos and Torreria haven’t played together or Ozil hasn’t played in the new role currently being occupied well by Willock.. but I am looking forward to seeing where we lay in the current status of where we are as a club

    Still concerned by Arsenal fans..or some. I read on BBC matchday comments by one fan that he was disappointed because we should be winning 5-0!
    Burnley are a EPL club and here to stay. They had Lennon and Rodriguez coming off their Bench and had the likes of Hart and Bardsley in the wings. It will take a few months still before this squad, with it’s new boys all find themselves knowing each others movements, needs on the pitch, what positions to take up… once we do, maybe knocking a team 5-0 isn’t far off.

    But for now, il take the 1-0s

  13. The way Arsenal/Emery plays is a recipe for a fast breakaway by the opposition.The gunners slow passing game always gives chances to the enemy to initiate a fast counter.So it did in the Burnley equalizer.
    I like Pepe with his forward runs. This would give defences less time to organize.
    Liverpool lie in wait . If the gunners are slow,offensively and defensively,they could let in another 5 goals.

  14. We pick on winning without playing our strongest teams, which is a sign of championship winning side. If we can keep up this run of good form until January, I’ll be very confident of a top three finish.

  15. The £72m dribble by Pepe!!! Awesome.

    Lineup I want to see vs Liverpool:

    1. Monreal was not at his best yesterday. Burnley wingers were having a lot of space on that side; that’s why Emery later changed to a back-3 with Kolasinac added on the wing-back position.

    2. Mkitaryan provides our midfield with high energy, quick passing and closing down… And he’s the only CAM we have with a powerful shot.

    Happy weekend gooners.

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