Five reasons Arsenal taking Jerome Boateng on a free transfer makes perfect sense

There have been many rumours this week linking Arsenal with a move for the Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng, and although the ex-Man City star is now 31 years old, I think he could be the perfect solution for Arsenal as a short-term replacement for the injured Calum Chambers.

Here are my reasons for saying this…..

1- First of all, very few people consider 31 to be too old for a central defender, in fact it is thought that experience is an advantage for a cool head in that position.

2- It is also a fact that it wouldn’t take Boateng long to settle in, having already spent a year in the Premier League with Manchester City.

3- Also, despite Chambers injury, Arsenal still have many central defenders on the books, and we will get William Saliba arriving in the summer, and hopefully Chambers will be much closer to recovery as well, so a short-term solution makes perfect sense rather than a young hopeful who may not make the grade.

4- He will be cheap! It has already been revealed that Arsenal have little funds to play with this month, and the latest rumours are saying that we could sign him without a fee as long as we pay his wages. As the Metro reported this morning…

… according to Bild, the German champions would be willing to waive the transfer fee for Boateng if the Gunners paid the 31-year-old’s salary in full. Boateng’s current contract with Bayern expires in 2021 and is worth around €230,000 (£196,000) a week.

5- Although Boateng is considered surplus to requirements at Munich, the fact is that he has already played 15 times for the German giants this season, so he will not need much training to make sure he is at full fitness levels.

So, if you put all those factors together, do you agree that Arsenal signing Boateng makes perfect sense?


  1. It’s a no for me…reasons being that if he is still that good Bayern won’t be considering letting him go for free.
    Secondly I think we already have two defenders that are over 31 or more if am not mistaken, there for I think the club should go all out and sign a defender in their prime…a Nathan Ake or a demiral or even Connor coady/boly would do for me

  2. No, because we already have six healthy CBs

    Better gamble on a towering target man, such as Bas Dost, Yussuf Poulsen, Nicolai Mick Jorgensen, Wout Weghorst and Bruno Petkovic

    Having a lamp post in the front can vary our attack immediately, if we can’t score in the first sixty minutes

    1. gotanidea, this is the Arsenal transfer policy, which has the Club where it currently stands; when the Club needs to strengthen the defense and midfield, they spend scarce funds on another attacking option!

  3. OT:In the 90s Arsenal had player called David Dicks when he was injured the news paper reported that”Arsenal to play without Dicks”the coach was upset and the news paper changed the story to”Arsenal to play with dicks out”a record number number of women attended that Match. #factsfile.

  4. At the risk of sounding negative I think Arsenal fans need to realise that Bellerin,Holding and Chambers have had serious knee surgery. They may never be the same again. That is why whispers are heard saying that the club are unsure as to Bellerin’s prospects. If this is true then we do need to add some young top class defenders over the next few months to go with Saliba. Let us hope he is as good as we think.

    1. Together wirh many other fans, I have never rated Bellerin at all as a defender. He has no instinct to mark closely, plus he is too frail in physique, usually outmuscled and cannot head. In fact he has not a single defensive asset IMO, other than recovery speed. Were he not constantly caught upfield that speed would not be so needed anyway. I want a far better and proper defensively sound RB to replace him and as he is often injured I see no real role at Arsenal for him at all.

      1. I’d cash in as soon as an interest arrives, with saliba and Tierney in back 4 I’d still have holding ,and Chambers in front of back 3

  5. Sign Boateng on loan makes perfect sense he’s a veteran defender,though his wages are quite high we’ve never offered that for a defender.The situation though is dire he can be loaned to steady the ship for the rest of the season as we look for a young proper defender to partner saliba for the long term.

  6. I would make Demiral my number 1 choice, higher than Upamencano.
    Guy is a beast and more likely to be available due to Juve’s CB stocks. He will also be cheaper.
    He would suit the premier league as well in my opinion. Him and Saliba for the next decade….drool

  7. we need a Defender I don’t trust Socrates, Mustafi, Holding we need Quality center back like Koulibaly I like him so much if Arsenal can get Koulibaly we will not have problem in defence

  8. No – disaster waiting to happen. Boateng has become painfully slow and prone to error- a Bayern retiree who would be as bad or even worse is NOT where we should be looking

  9. If it was for 6 months the it would be a no-brainer, but £200k pw until 2021 isn’t free. That’s probably about £15m for 18 months play. This has David Luiz mkII written all over it. He’s lost his pace and, with it, his all round game. If he was still any good, Bayern wouldn’t be so keen to offload him.

  10. Its not free, his wages are 200k a week, its a loan as such. It says it all, they have been trying to get him out for a while and have no takers because of his wages. Withh FFP, i doubt we will take, we are trying to lower our wage bill. He is very prone to errors, even though he is experienced. Not for me.

    1. I do not see this happening either Reggie, mainly for the reason you state. At those wages he is actually far from cheap and rather than buy another ageing fill in CB I would rather stay with the dross we already have for THIS seson. I have long ago written off this season as a rebuilding one only and Boateng would be a retrograde step IMO. I still hope we MAY bring in a proper and younger quality CB this month. Ironically though, it is now less likely to happen,now that Arteta is here and has banished relegation fears, since we all know how Kroenke thinks. Investment value first, second and third and fans and glory nowhere.

  11. Jan won’t ever be time to buy full time players we all know that, so exspect a loan deal and someone to plug an hole only, once saliba arrives and Tierney back along with holding and Chambers {who I rate the last 2}we need a back up that’s all, well keep sok and bellerin and shift modafty and the rest of the ones we’re carrying wk in wk out.

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