Five reasons why Arsenal can still win the Premier League

As things stand right now Manchester City is likely to be crowned Premier League champions once again but there are multiple reasons why Arsenal should not give up just yet.

Here are five reasons why Arsenal fans should remain hopeful despite the current situation.

City are capable of dropping points

When the Citizens beat us at the Emirates much was made of that result yet in the very next game Pep Guardiola’s men could only draw against relegation-threatened Nottingham Forest.

Fixture congestion

Do not underestimate fixture congestion, Guardiola is not really in a position to put out a B side in any of their remaining games and that could see them falter.


Listening to some of their players, Kyle Walker for example, you would think they have already won the title, that sort of attitude can be a winner’s mindset or just complacency and complacency can be deadly.


Yes, City have thrived on pressure in the past and seen off Liverpool but even the best teams can succumb to pressure and as long as Arsenal keeps on winning the pressure will remain.

Tough final three games

Man City final three Premier League games are against Chelsea at home and away to Brighton and Brentford.

You can take it to the bank that no matter how poor Chelsea have been they will be up for the City game and both Brighton and Brentford could be fighting for a European spot and those final two games are away from home.

Just Arsenal Opinion

I accept it will be difficult and the above points may be a bit of a stretch but this is football and the one thing about football is that anything can happen.

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  1. Guardiola could deliberately use wrong tactics in Man City’s upcoming games, because he loves Arteta too much

    The sheikh could tell the players to go easy on other teams, because he doesn’t want EPL to become a one-horse race

    1. Gai, you are been sarcastic you know sheikh wont say that no owners are ever tired of gaining more trophies. For PEP.G it’s all about pride and not “liking Arteta matter” Arsenal only have a chance bar injuries to Holland or KDe Bruinne and I don’t wish them that.

    2. this Arsenal team is a joy to watch when they’re playing their best stuff, and Arteta is the key cog in this footballing machine.

  2. That would be very kind of him🤣
    But he should have started with losing to us on Wednesday

    1. I can think of several teams, even in the English game better than City not to mention European teams. As a quick example, City, European cup winners 0, Real Madrid 14.

      Come back to me when City have equalled even Man Utds record in the League, Cup and of course European cup/Champions League. Until then they are not anything more than the best of a currently, very poor bunch.

      A very good side they undoubtedly are, but better than the great sides of the past in more competitive days? Only history will judge that.

      1. You’re right again Marge. The Invincible era team was better than this Man City team. We should have won everything more regularly back then.. People can always say City have won back to back titles and we didn’t, but I’m looking at the sheer quality of player we had. Our defenders of that time were better than any of the City defenders of today. By the way I’d like to see Guardiola manage a club that didn’t have the financial clout that City have. City had already won two Prems before he came. Also was it so amazing that he won at the Bundesliga giants who have ten consecutive titles. Barcelona was a team that was already well set before he managed them.
        I bet he couldn’t have turned Newcastle around as quickly as Eddie Howe has.

        1. An interesting set of comparisons.
          My view: this MC team would be a challenge for any of those historical teams.
          Their squad is arguably stronger than several of those referenced.

          1. Really?! Citys defence is better than utds in the 1990s? Better than Grahams? Better than Liverpools? All these teams played in far more competitive leagues as well. Haaland DeBryne and Silva could fit into any of these teams. But beyond that not one single City player could displace any of those squads.

            City have bought up the cream of the crop, but currently that’s not saying that much.

      2. U are absolutely right
        City fans open their mouth to talk bcos of a 7 year dominance forgetting the fact that they haven’t enter double digits in any of their trophies

  3. if we can some how galvanize our selves after taking a big battering on Wednesday and get our mojo back for the next 5 games but we needs max points of 15.
    if City go on and close it out then they deserve to win the League
    we still sit top until Sunday and we wait in the wings hoping others now to do us a favour.

    onwards and upwards

      1. It seems unlikely. If they can get off the canvass after the last four games by beating Chelsea, they might get back enough self belief to give Newcastle a game. Heres hoping..

      2. My heart says yes
        My head says no
        They seem to be full of confidence, had there bad patch and in a good rich vein of form where as we seem to have lost our major
        Put it this way. If we fail to put pressure on city by winning our remaining games then we will have to settle for 2nd
        I hope we have a bit more about us to take the season a bit further

    1. Dear alanball08,
      Alan Ball is my favourite English player of all time, so I appreciate you keeping his memory alive. I saw him play for Everton, England and us. In my opinion the greatest English passer of the ball. And I’m not talking about 5 yard passes. He pierced defences with passes of varying distances.
      Good on you.

      1. That’s not a view shared by a lot of gunners fans from those days. He was indeed a top footballer, he had great vision, a terrific passer and tough in the tackle. Good from the spot too. Unfortunately, he never wanted to leave Everton, joined us because they needed the money, and felt he was left with no choice. As such he was cited as disruptive in the dressing room, and was made Captain in the hope he’d finally settle down. It seemed to do the trick, and he helped us stave off relegation between 74 – 76. Sadly, after a row with Terry Neill he was off and said some pretty nasty things about the club. When he came back with Southampton he didn’t exactly recieve a heros welcome as a result. It was very sad when he passed away so early.

        You’ll be pleased to know he’s seen as a hero by Everton fans, indeed one of their all time greats. My blue nose colleagues said they were absolutely gutted when he passed away.

        1. Marge you know your history. However, whatever went on behind the scenes at Arsenal, I saw him in his pomp for Everton. Also he was the best player in the World Cup final at the age of 18.
          I loved everything about him. Style, ability, swagger. I think he might have been the first player to wear white boots !!!! Either he or Alan Hinton of Derby. I’m pretty old aren’t I.

          1. It was Alan. In the 1970 charity shield. I was too young to see him at Everton, but I did see him playing for us from 73 until he left. He was class, and even if he wasn’t happy with us he still gave top performances, and without him who knows what would have happened?

            You’re only as old as you feel. 🙂

            1. Evgunner, marge and suep
              I choose AB as he wire the 8 shirt and my lucky number because of this. Whilst he lacked height he made up for it in his sheer tenacity and never say die attitude
              A ginger bomb who would have gone at joe Jordan and came out the winner
              A great leader on the pitch and an extremely good footballer with a world up winners medal
              Didn’t know about his rift with TN
              Thanks you guys for a nice walk down memory lane
              I still carry a AB football card around with me in my wallet
              How sad is that..

              1. AlanBall08, thanks for that. Picture cards were all the rage back in the 60’s, I collected them religiously, and you are making me feel very nostalgic. I don’t look ancient, but I am, Marge.
                Saw Alan Ball score both goals against Soviet Union at Wembley (in 68 I think) with my schoolmates. We felt like kings having won the World Cup. Being young and naive back then we thought it only right that England were world champs. Didn’t we invent the game with the Scots afterall ?
                Likewise, now it should be only right for the Gunners to rule once more !!!! Just stay clear of bad purchases.

  4. After the battering we had Wednesday, Newcastle away should be a more even match which we can win .

  5. City dropping points is very possible, Arsenal winning all remaining games very much unlikely. But as they say hope doesn’t kill, it only disappoints. As long as there’s a little chance it can be done.

  6. Don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I’m seriously worried that we may not win another game this season. None of the remaining games will be easy, for various reasons.
    Southampton couldn’t score a goal last night at home to Bournemouth, but look what they did to us. I bet Arteta does not start Trossard against Chelsea and he’ll continue to play Zinchenko at left back.
    By the way, we should stay clear of signing Wilf Zaha as I think he is trouble. Too much hyperbole about him. Also Mason Mount isn’t good enough …in my opinion..

  7. I don’t normally criticize other people’s articles, I usually leave that to Jon Fox, but this is just too painful and desperate to ignore. Please stop. We aren’t going to win and if it wasn’t a mathematical certainty I wouldn’t put money on us dropping out of the Top 4.

    We have been utterly dreadful the last few weeks and it got me thinking that actually our defending has been garbage for a lot of the season, we have just stopped getting lucky where as earlier in the season we got away with Zinchenko always being out of position and Gabriel making ridiculous challenges or Ramsdale playing stupid passes or trying to be a baller. This slide is entirely Arteta’s making, with his insistence on making players who just aren’t good enough play our from the back.

    I recant many of the flattering comments I made earlier in the season when I allowed myself to get caught up in the hysteria of being top. This team is young and has some great talent but is a long way off being serious contenders. We got lucky that MU is in transition, Liverpool’s team is old, and Chelsea are, well, just being Chelsea. With the players they have and are likely to accrue in the summer, we could well see us falling short of the Top 4 again unless Arteta gets his act together.

    1. Ben you are right. I said earlier today that I’m fearful we may not win another game this season. Some will think this ridiculous, but all the remaining games will be difficult for various reasons. The lads have an addiction for
      harem-scarem, topsy-turvey performances where we have to either come from behind with late goals or throw away leads. Why can’t we win boring 1-0, 2-0 games like champions
      usually do ?

  8. Didn’t Alan Ball arrive at Arsenal at least a season too late and his heart was never into the Neal – Howe Sergeant Major project. I’ve never forgotten one of Ball’s anecdotes where he describes the new manager lining up plastic soldiers at a team meeting and telling the Arsenal players, ” this is us and that’s the opposition”. According to Ball our players were holding back their smirks and could barely mask their contempt at such a lack of sophistication.

    1. ha ha ha hah hee hee hee. Joe, Alan Ball was a really hip dude. I can imagine him laughing out loud at Don Howe in particular. I’m going to bed with a warm glow in my heart just thinking about Alan and all the joy he gave me when I was a boy.
      Thanks for that story.

    2. He arrived in December 71′ and was sold to us rather than wanting to join. He never played under Don Howe as the Don had left to manage WBA before he joined, and Ball left the club in December 1976, while Howe rejoined in the summer of 1977. So the story, while fun, is untrue.

    3. This is one of the reasons fans went off Bally. Neill was never the coach in his time at Arsenal. Wilf Dixon was brought over from Spurs to coach, and Neill did the man management. Ball didn’t like Dixon (he’d been coached by him before) and famously had a pop at him during a coaching sessions. Neill and Ball didn’t get on either, and the friction between player, manager and coach was only going to end one way. Ball was involved in quite a few attacks on the club after he left, and that left a nasty taste in many fans mouths.

      A real pity as he was undoubtedly one of the greatest players of his generation, and without him the prospect of relegation would have been much greater.

  9. Morning
    He was a bit of sergeant major not mant managers could say I played for them , coached, care taker, Full manager. Thought he was great coach but shouldn’t have been manager
    Could spot a ypung talent and Brought a heck of a lot of youngsters through . Rocky being one so i thank him just for that for allowing me to being able to have watched a legend
    Adam, mers ect

    1. Hello there.
      Don put alot of good service in as a coach and
      was a decent player too. Rocky and Ian Wright are from my neck of the woods. I played against Ian a few times and he wouldn’t talk to me until the day he ran rings around me. After that he was extremely friendly, always offering me tickets for Palace games. We used to get on the 185 together on his way to Palace training.He went from zero to exceptional seemingly overnight. He’s actually a Millwall fan you know.

    2. Howe was a great coach and organised our defence superbly. It’s always amusing to imagine a combination of George and the Don. We’d win every trophy in sight, and the league stats would be H. W19 D0 L0 F19 A0 A. W15 D4 L0 F15 A0. The four draws would of course be at the NW reds, and the other challengers. 😄

      As a manager though he never had the man management skills to pull it off.

      Its noticeable that after the Don retired, we had only one more season, the invincibles, before defence issues started to creep in, and within three had already become a major, and unresolved problem.

      1. 1-0 to the Arsenal indeed. Why can’t this team win some sober games 1-0 or 2-0 instead of putting us through heart-stopping, helter-skelter games as they do. Actually earlier this season I started to believe when we dumped Chelsea and Leeds 1-0 away from home. We were really lucky against Leeds that day, they should have put us to the sword.
        Come back Don all is forgiven.
        Blimey Zaha’s only just gone and actually scored a goal. Still, Arteta please do not ever sign him.

  10. I watched Thomas Partey almost beating himself up after the first two draws. He is dealing with matters affecting his football and has scored low 3’s in the last 4 games, yet was still played. He looked like he has some mental struggles at the moment. A right minded Partey was our main man, yet he was so poor he should have been dropped earlier. Police matters are hard to keep out of mind, when jail time may be around the corner. How was Leandro Trossard not started in all 4 games. Our best player when he played. Was it due to loyalty to the players who got us to the top? I hope not because it’s a duty to put the ‘best’ team out, so to not play him was akin to self harm. To see Viera start a game was insane. Deliberately playing with ten and a half men was stupid. Sorry it has to be said.

    1. Yes it’s sad seeing Partey struggle at the moment, but I thought the accusation made against him was just pure hocus pocus !.

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