Five reasons why Arsenal must complete Kieran Tierney transfer

The most recent and widely reported Arsenal transfer gossip revolves around Celtic defender Kieran Tierney and is no longer considered a rumour but a reality.

Further credibility was given to the speculation when BBC’s David Ornstein confirmed the club will be tabling a second bid for the 22-year-old this week.

This is all positive news for Arsenal fans and here are five reasons why the club must do everything in their power to push this deal through once and for all.


He is a damn good player, do not be under any mistaken belief that because he plays in the Scottish Premiership that he is not a quality player, he can defend, he is potent going forward and can easily play left back, wing back or as a left winger. I have seen this lad play and he has impressed me and I can tell you this now, he is a huge upgrade on Sead Kolasinac.


He is just 22, he could be with us for a decade and be as good as some of the best-left backs we have ever had, better than even Ashley Cole. He will develop further and unlike a 27 or 28-year-old is not set in his ways with just a few years left. Tierney is the perfect age for Arsenal to start their long term rebuild with.

Huge game experience

This lad has played in Old Firm derbies, Champions league matches and regularly in front of 55,000 people, he will not be overawed coming to Arsenal and playing against teams like Man Utd or Liverpool. He will settle in fast and be just at home playing away at Burnley as he would at home against Manchester City.

He is bloody cheap

This is subjective but for me, he is cheap and worth far more than £25 Million, if he played for Leicester City they would be demanding at least £50 Million and I am absolutely certain that within a year of being with us he will be worth a minimum of £50 Million.

Aubameyang and Lacazette will love him

Our two strikers have been deprived of quality service for too long, in fact, it is a miracle that Aubameyang won the Golden Boot and unlike Kolasinac, Tierney can cross the ball. He will provide service for the front two that they never could have dreamed of after last season.

There are many more reasons why we should sign Tierney, these are just the five that came to mind while I was thinking about the type of signing he would be.

The bottom line for me is simple, Arsenal must sign him, if they fail because of their negotiating skills then I will fear for our club next season.

This is an opportunity we cannot let slip through our fingers.


  1. I read yesterday the second bid of £17 million has been turned down by Celtic.
    Offer £20+ million with add ons and get it done Arsenal.
    Apparently Napoli are also circling around.

  2. “he is potent going forward and can easily play left back, wing back or as a left winger. I have seen this lad play and he has impressed me and I can tell you this now, he is a huge upgrade on Sead Kolasinac.”

    As if Arsenal won’t turn him to a sideways passing player, name one player whose game stayed the same after moving to Arsenal.
    I’ll be okay with him as long as I don’t see Kolasinac on that pitch next season (Sorry Sue)

      1. Is it his personallity or looks or body or football talent you like ?…………it cant be all 4 !

        1. Actually, I just caught a 20 minute glimnse at myself in the mirror and it would be all 4 with me !

        2. Sometimes all, Le Coq ?
          20 minutes?! ? I wonder what it’s like in your van delivering those pasties & cakes.. quick (20 minute) glance here, quick (20 minute) glance there in the rear view mirror, loving what you see ? bet it’s like a white knuckle ride – what starts off as an apple pie ends up as an apple crumble ?

          1. hahaha…..too right………….driving around all the beaches in Cornwall looking at the stunning sights and the scenery is not bad either !…….it`s a wonder I haven`t swallowed my wolf whistle !

  3. we dont have money really?
    how much did we get from,
    1.Europa League
    2.premier league
    3. Tv deals
    4.Addidas deal
    5.Budgeted revenue fro the next season purposely to buy players?

  4. am starting to feel a shamed of my club, i waish i was in London,

    as fans we need to chase out Kraonke from our club, massive protests and boycott of matches from London, I HEAR OTHERS say torists will go but honestly we can make ARsenal no gone area atleast protest massively for 1 year, force this parasite out of our club….Arsenal s abig brand with global fan base am sure we shall get an investor who will be interested in us, Lets unite n say Kraonke out

    1. the man purchased the club with his own cash. this is not a socialist economy. if you do not like his management philosophy shop elsewhere. period. do not insult a person because you do not like the way he is operating his business.

      1. So you are saying Kroenke IS Arsenal , that’s a pathetic thing to say. Don’t tell Arsenal fans what to do. #kroenkeout

    2. Thanks Okiror, I assumed you are fellow Nigerian because your name sounds like ours. What you propose will or might put out us out of everything you and other fans want if it won’t get us relegated. Tell me this brother is that what you want. Arsenal is making so much money to be able to compete financially. Except you tell me Kroenke is preventing the admin to spend that I’m not with you on your solution. Do you know every penny Abraham put into Chelsea was a loan and it is almost a billion and the club has to pay back according to a Chelsea fan I know.

      1. mobella am from Uganda..


        1. Thanks for that clarity. We can buy 200m players in a transfer window. Beside, we don’t have to pay 200m completely in a season. It can be paid fully over a period of years. There is no way Real paid almost 400m they have spent so far on players outrightly. Nobody has info on what really is happening in that regard. So media has to fill the void with rumours and lies in order to sell paper.

  5. Five Reasons why we won’t sign him

    1. We are cheap and offer bargain basement transfers on the whole.

    2. We are slow in negotiations are just to identify soon enough what is required (or both). This could be two reasons;)

    3.if a bigger club is aware of his talent they will just pay the money and the transfer will happen with him joining a club that can win trophies.

    4. Our ‘too many cooks’ strategy of recruitment where no ‘one’ person calls the shots on who is hired and fired.


    Happy Monday!

  6. Half of Scotland is having a go at us for low balling them in their opinion, even ex Arsenal players and are Celts are telling us to pay more and saying it’s an insult. They’re a bit protective of the lad, and I believe seeing VVD and Robertson at Liv may have some to do with it, how much did they go for. Celtic aren’t a team that over-charge, but everyone chiming in on this one just when it’s us that’s interested in one of them is not making things smooth.

  7. Got a feeling this will be our line up next season, considering everyone is fit;

    Auba – Laca – Zaha
    Torriera – Xhaka
    Tierney – Papa – Holding – Bellerin

  8. Totally agree and as usual AFC are showing themselves up in the market. All the other top clubs et their target and buy, AFC send out roumors, destabilise and offer peanuts, then lose the best to others. If we sell Toreira (because he was tapped up by his ex manager) then charge £55 mill. That would buy Tierney and one other. I cannot believe that AFC are so inept, I thought they would have alist by last Christmas of who they need and would have contacted every club by January to organise the buying by May?? Why this silence that winds up the Arsenal support world wide? The board is a disgrace and has been since MRS BRACEWELL SMITH sold out for extra profits, as if she didnt have enough money already.

  9. If Celtic want 20m I say give’em. Tiereney is far better than Chilwell who is being prized at 50m plus he’s young and has a massive resale value.

    1. But what would happen if he took your crush’s place in the team would you then go support Brentford where Iwobi will be playing ?

        1. A CAM?Even his own country wont play his There such is his complete lack of ability.And YOU feel he should play that role for Arsenal?God Almighty please help us

  10. Arsenal are capable to man up to sign Tierney but if the resources to do the business is there available at the club and the business will not be at overcharged one. A reported 2nd bidding of £17m by AFC for the player is not an undervalued bidding but a good bidding price for a left-back that is not at any of the top club sides in Europe 5 top Leagues. But if Arsenal succeeded to sign Tierney this summer, I believe he will further develop in his football as Arsenal will surely improve him as he plays in the PL. If i were Tierney, I will prefer transferring to Arsenal this summer rather than to remain at Celtic for another season or transfer to another top club side elsewhere other than Arsenal who wants to sign him this summer because of the belief and confidences they have in him he can help the club to reach higher and greater heights in all competitions next season winning titles.

    Therefore, when Arsenal return to Celtic with their last bidding to sign Kieran Tierney this summer that is considered to be appropriate bid to sign the player, say, £20m + add ons, Celtic should accept the Arsenal bid for the player and close the deal to allow the player play for Arsenal. Doing so will in my own view ignite a kind of transfer deals partnership to begin between Arsenal and Celtic from then on which will be benefiting the duo club sides that playing in different Leagues across North of the border. Arsenal never forget any good turn done to them. They’ll also do to Celtic a good turn in future when Celtic are in need of some kind of favour from them.


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