Five reasons why Arsenal will do much better next season

It is hard to argue that Arsenal have made significant progress this season in comparison to last season. We are seven points better off and up from sixth to fifth, such is progress I suppose, but the defence stood still and we are clutching at straws calling this season a success in terms of the Premier League. But there are good reasons to believe that we will do much better next season.

Two crucial defenders will return

For a large part of the season, we were without Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin and that has been critical. I am not arguing either player are world class but they are solid reliable defenders and would have undoubtedly been regular starters, and compared to some of the defenders we have they would have done a far better job. Both will be back next season and that will immediately strengthen our defence.

Mattéo Guendouzi will improve massively after his first season

The youngster has come on massively in his first season, he does run around like a headless chicken and can be rash with his tackling but no one can deny that he has not improved. Guendouzi will have a full season’ss experience under his belt, a far better understanding of the English game, and is definitely on the right trajectory. If developed right he could be our next Cesc Fabregas.

Unai Emery now has more experience and knowledge

The same applies to Unai Emery, he will improve because he now has far more understanding of the English game and there are not many managers that succeed in their first season in English football, Pep Guardiola never did, Jurgen Klopp never did, Louis van Gaal the same. Yes, there have been some successes, generally associated with Chelsea ,but the point is that most top class managers need a season to bed in, to get to grips with the intensity of the English game, and Emery will be better served next season for the experience he has gained this campaign.

There will be new signings

There will be new signings, and if we get them right they can make a huge difference and I am confident Emery will get them right. Klopp needed time and then he brings in a top-class defender and keeper and look at the difference they have made. Emery did not have a full understanding of the sort of player required to excel in the English Premier League, he does now and you will see a huge difference next season in the quality of signings.

The dross will be offloaded

The manager will now know which players he needs to offload, he is neither stupid or blind and he will know deep down who he has to sell. We may have opinions on who should be ejected but it is not just about talent, there is attitude and character as well as cohesion within the dressing room, and it will be all these factors that Emery will analyse as he determines who he wants to keep and who he needs to sell.

Surely we should be positive of more improvement next season?


  1. Mmmmm remains to be seen whether or not he gets rid of all the old dross doesn’t it?

    Ozil for me is part of that dross but I doubt mister comfortable in London can be shifted on.

    1 place higher and 7 points is an improvement so hats off to UE and staff for that. But you need funds also and I fear we will again be disappointed by Stan’s reluctance to invest in the club and AFCs self sustaining model.

    But we can dream;)

    1. Totally agree about Ozil

      I think as Arsenal fans we all need to hold Kroenke accountable for lack of success. He allowed the decay to happen. He allowed the Wenger and gazides era to continue too long. And it’s he who didn’t invest when we needed in January and other past windows. If he doesn’t start taking interest in us like he does the LA Rams then we should really boycott the games

  2. I beg to differ about Guendouzi! The boy is bang average! Fits right in our deep bank of mediocre midfielders of the likes of El Neny and Xhaka. Same way I watched Iwobi for a season and I instantly knew nothing good will ever come out of him is the same way I’ve watched Guendouzi and I can say without a doubt he is a rubbish player.

    Weak, can’t tackle, won’t track, can’t defend, can’t win aerial duels, no vision, no crossing, average passing. No unique trait no flair. I am hard pressed to understand why he is included in the team over our current academy players. Once Bellerin is back at RB, AMN will easily take Guendouzi’s place in midfield and hopefully that will be last we ever hear of him.

    1. While Hector and Rob maybe returning injuries to key players are likely to occur to all squads, having capable replacements and a squad deep enough determines how well a team performs, unless we invest heavily we will face similar problems, there is an obvious correlation with net spend and where you finish in the table

    2. Spot on about guendouzi. Too slow and weak for playing in the middle. Dreaming him to be fabregas is hopless dream.

  3. ADMIN, I think you need to put out words and warning that it is not right for people to disrespect others simply because we don’t share the same opinions. There are many many facts in football and anyone can decide to choose the smallest part and decide to either criticise it or embrace it. But there are some on this website that all do is abuse, or use abusive and derogatory words to qualify anyone who refuses to share their opinion or sentiments. We can disagree on anything or agree as it might be, but to use derogatory words to qualify people we hardly know is totally off putting. Because someone doesn’t support your opinion doesn’t mean they are Idiots, or trash, or fools. Yes I have responded to abuses with abuses before on this website but I still don’t think it’s right. Everyone should be able to share their opinions without the fear of their personality being dragged on the floor. A counter argument with respect for others is a good thing but when it is laced with abuses is bad.

    1. Any personal abuse I see gets deleted straight away, and anyone who does it regularly gets banned.
      We are all Arsenal fans and if we can’t discuss amicably then they are not welcome….

      1. Thank you for the warning Admin – 🙂 Not up in here !! This guy has it on lock down

  4. If we don’t dispose Ozil , we would run into problems getting Auba and Lacazette to renew their contracts. Because it will unfair of them that a player of much inferior qualiity and lesser contributions to the team, like Ozil, is being paid more than them.
    Ozil needs to go this summer. If not, we will soon see Lacazette and Auba refusing to renew contracts with their agents haggling for a salary similar to Ozil’s to match their contributions to the team.
    Keeping Ozil in Arsenal beyond this summer, will put Arsenal in harms way. I’m not a financial expert, but I can already see the doom inherent in keeping Ozil beyond this summer for Arsenal. I hope the professional financial managers in Arsenal see this as well and do the needful.
    Ship him off to anywhere, even if it means paying off the rest of his contract. Just get him out by all means.

    1. yeah, if we take ozil’s 300k pw, we can give our hot striking duo and extra 100k each per week and they will both be earning close to the 300k mark which is a s**T load of money. lacca wont get that money at barca.

    2. Agree about Ozil, but IMO is Arsenal need refresh better quality play maker no.10, stronger fighter smart (my dream if we can find like Bergkamp).. And must add one defender with better quality than Mustafi – Mustafi can be on the bench.
      I like Sokratis, but he must learn how to not often get yellow card.
      Xhaka is not consistent, if not sold and find replacement for him so he should be on the bench.

      1. Ahh bergkamp my favourite arsenal player of all time if only we could get another player like that ??

        1. How true 1 world class player I loved Dennis Bergkcamp we need somebody like him

    3. Yeah I think that as good a player that he is when he is (in the mood) Ozil is going to become a bit of a noose around Unai’s neck unless he is off loaded. totally agree with what you say about our best two players in Auba and Lacca he may have trouble keeping them happy if we don’t get into the CL,they are without doubt star quality and their agents will be watching very closely.

  5. I have had knee ligament damage and my knee had never been the same. I was told that torn ligaments will never recover 100%. It is not a foregone conclusion that Holding and Bellerin will manage to regain their mobility 100% which is crucial for their positions.

    The dross will be offloaded: This club has a terrible record in the transfer window which leads me to fear for their ability to move on the dros.

  6. We can be smart with our signings this summer but all depends on who leaves, which funds come from those sales & wages… if any player decides to run their contract down under the 2year mark then it’s either time to sell to get some money in for the player & cut our losses to rebuild a squad/team that wants to play for the badge…

    I’m a massive Ozil fan but I agree he has to the leave if we are to rebuild, he is a genius on his day bt that’s been very rare you see it or consistently week by week… 350k a week would get us a quality winger & better AM in the process of just paying wages. If we only have £40m budget then some of the so called big boys have to go but again depends on if we win the EL or not & what we can bring in… if we are in the Champions League this season after winning our 1st Europa League then bigger players can be looked at. Ozil shouldn’t be only one;
    Cech, Ramsey, Leich & Welbz is close to or around 350k a week saved in wages already confirmed but no money in as they are out of contract… Elneny, Mustafi & Xhaka! add on these 3players wages then whatever sales we get & we could have a nice pot to play with for a Winger, CB & CM….

    Dont break the bank, Mahrez from City, he may have played last game of season but he hasn’t played enough to stay. A good bid & we could be in discussions… nearly came to us before City. Prem league proven & is quality, left footed RW.

    Another is for Teilsman at Leicster (on loan from monaco) to fill that void for Ramsey, Xhaka exits… AMN will move back there once Hector is back.

    CB abit more difficult as Holding will be back, as will Chambers, Mavraponas just getting back to full fitness for pre season… all young guns!! Sok & Koss are there to help & lead! Not sure who wouldn’t break the bank as quality CBs are hard to find for a small price these days…

    All depends though on if we are back at the big table again of European football to what we spend, couldn’t only be 40m then with UCL funds, Adidas funds, stadium not got alot to pay… Kronke would need to go then if he doesn’t invest or even better spend our own made millions on the squad

  7. Wait, I’ve heard this before. I’ll assure you of one thing though. If we don’t get players like City’s or better, don’t torture yourself by getting your hopes high. This should be easy to accept, as you’ve clearly seen what good signings have done for them the last two seasons.

  8. If we could not bring a coach like PEP and Crop (the hunters) then let us support our coach to sort the situation we are in now. I believe Unai but if he and stan dont solve the problem of Ozil, there will be still a bad omen in our dressing room. Sack: Micky, Xhaka & Ozil, not because he is bad player, but is to solve the problem which he can cause in the dressing room for his salary he does not deserve . Sack. Now we have atleast 6 players who might start in every single match: Leno, Hector, Sokratis, Torreira, Auba and Lacazette. Bench: Our loan goal keeper, koscienly, holding, Kolasinak, Guendouzi, Iwobi, New attacher( bench subs: Mavropanos, Niles). So, in first 11 we have to bring 5 players: buy a world class defender for 70 M , fastest right winger, who can even play on left, whose mentaly strong enough, who can dribbling, who can help to defend, who can provide 20 assist in a season for 80 M the same as left winger for 70M . Bring Left back for the first 11 who should play a modern left back foolfall for just 50 M. Bring Ramsey replacement for 50 Million. Sell Micky and Ozil to bring 80 million for a brilliant right winger. Elneny and Xhaka to bring 50 Million for Ramsey replacement, sell almost 10 players from academy and loanees with a buy back close to bring 100 million and buy a world class defender for 70 M. Sell Welbeck for 10 million and add it to 30 million rested for 100 million and then you have 40 Million. come up with 80 Million after to qualify for championsleague and lifted the europaleague trophy and add it to 40 M= 120 M. Bring an attacker who will help Auba and Lacca for 50 Million and and then bring a world class left winger for 70 M= 120M

  9. Virtually every professional journalist and pundit on TV and radio have praised Guendouzi as a real talent yet he is still slagged off as “useless” by a person who is entitled to his opinion but is in a large non influential minority thank goodness.He is going to be a real asset for our Club in the years ahead and is highly regarded by most of our fans, his Club Manager and the French National Manager.

    1. Yes Grandad i believe Guendouzi is an asset, its a bit harsh to say he is useless because he isn’t, he’s a young talented lad trying to impress and push for a first team place, he’s a trier, he always wants the ball and never hides on the pitch, Unai will calm him down and make a quality midfielder of him,I wish I could say the same of some of the other members of the squad.

    2. Yes, if Gvendouzi was playing for another team the same fans would have been craving for such a talent.

  10. “It is hard to argue that Arsenal have made significant progress this season in comparison to last season.” Is it really that hard to argue? We had an entire extra half season with Auba, so do you not think having him available is worth at least the extra 7 points?

    We’ve also made more progress in the EL, but again, Auba was not available to use in that competition last year.

    So can you really say that we have improved? The only difference I can see is having a clinical striker available for an entire season and the EL, rather than just half of our PL games.

    1. True,if emery had started playing both of laca and auba together sooner it might have been different in the league!

  11. I agree,I am also positive for next season,we,seen progress this year,we had bad luck with injuries and like emery said recently he,s learnt a lot this season and knows what he has to do,one of them is to add physicality to the team which I think is a good thing we needed it badly this season and many of our draws/losses would have been wins for sure!

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