Five reasons why I think Arsenal are still on course for the EPL title

Who doesn’t know that Arsenal has been at the top of the world’s most challenging league since the season began, only relinquishing the top position for a few days.

A quick glance at the last two seasons makes it obvious that no one anticipated that Arsenal would compete for the EPL title this year. Arsenal have been soaring this season thanks to a few more incomings and outgoings, as well as Arteta’s maturation as a Premier League manager. The Spaniard has constructed a ship that will not sink like the famous Titanic. Indulge me as I take you through some reasons why Arsenal might just be the newest champions in town come May 28th.

1.Squad depth

Believe it or not, Arteta has had at least 2 players per position this season; it is just that at one point he wasn’t keen on rotating, but he has opted to recently, and it has worked. This season, Arsenal has been boosted by a strong bench. Players like Smith-Rowe (who is just making his comeback from a long-term injury), Trossard, Jorginho, Reiss Nelson, Holding, Tierney, and Tomiyásu are all quality players who could all play for the English top clubs.

2. Luck with injuries

Injuries haven’t hit Arsenal as hard as they did last season. This season, Arteta seems to have the perfect answer for every injury.This season, even the injury-prone Partey has been available for most of the games. But even so, he and Jesus, who are key to Arsenal’s project, have missed games due to injury, but Arsenal have continued to perform.

3. Gabriel Jesus’ comeback

It’s been “confirmed” that Gabriel Jesus is back. Considering how revolutionary the 25-year-old was for Arsenal before his injury, there is no way we can take his return lightly. Jesus has a way of unlocking Arsenal’s attack; he positively influences Saka and Martinelli’s games.

The Brazilian has missed the last 13 games, and everyone thought Arsenal would be in chaos during this period, but Nketiah has superbly deputised in his absence, and now even Trossard has done so in Nketiah’s absence. But now he is back to finish what he started.


Arsenal, Barcelona, and Napoli are the three perfect examples of teams that have been consistent this league campaign. A team needs to be consistent to sustain a title push, and Arsenal has been just that this time around, even though a few weeks ago they had trying times (losing to Everton, then drawing with Brentford, and then losing to Manchester City), but they got over this poor run with win after win.

5. The Emirates Became A Fortress

The Emirates has been a fortress for the Arsenal team this season, driven by a wonderful atmosphere from the fans. The fans have been with Arsenal through and through. Case in point: even after going down 2-0 to Bournemouth, they didn’t stop pushing the team. They’ve pushed Arteta’s boys to make unbelievable comebacks, and long may they continue finding their voices. At the Emirates, only Manchester City has luckily managed a league win over Arsenal this term.

Ultimately, should Arsenal win their next three fixtures and maintain a five-point lead until mid-April, then I think the title will be theirs to lose.

Sam P

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  1. I’d be more confident if Crystal Palace can hold Man City off and we win against Fulham

  2. Off topic, but man I love Spurs! Are they the greatest bottlers off all time? Doesn’t matter how bad a season we’re having, Spurs will always put a smile on any Arsenal fans face. Kane has completely wasted his best years.

    I agree with most points of this article, although I would disagree with the injury luck. May not be as bad as usual, but still has been bad enough this season.

    We lose our brand new first choice striker for a lengthy period. Zinchenko was also injured early on. We just lost another new signing in Trossard, hopefully not for long. It seems we’re juggling Partey well, but he could pull out at any point.

    Every team will expect injuries, especially when you’re a top team playing around 50 plus games, but I wouldn’t say we’ve been lucky this season in that respect.

    1. Totally agree we have been without our first choice striker for nearly 4 months. Imgaine if Spurs or City lost Kane or Haaland for that amount of time.

  3. But still we need a prolific 20+ goal striker in the team next season for us to run the season and compete with the likes of man city and others. although the team is not doing bad.

  4. Well, to a point I agree that the title is Arsenal’s to lose specially if Jesus returns to full fitness very soon. That said, at this point all our 3 first choice strikers, Jesus, Nketiah and Trossard are having injury problems although Jesus is slowly returning to full fitness but I am not sure whether Arteta will risk him by giving him lot of minutes so soon after his return. However, I feel Martinelli will make a good no.9 at this point in time and his combination with Nelson on the left should be great for the team. We should stop conceding easy goals and tighten our defence since a sound and strong defence is the foundation for victories.

    1. Have you compared our away games with that of City? We still have to play Liverpool, City, Newcastle away. How many of those games do you think we will win?

  5. The reason I think favour is still with City is because we have to play away at Liverpool, City, Newcastle & West Ham where as their run in is far more favourable. Given City beat us already twice this year and we havent won at Anfield in many years I think this is a 50/50 at best. We need City to drop points! But we are 100% still in this

  6. I’ll wait till the last 5 matches cause it’s still not much different from 07 season.

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