FIVE strikers Arsenal could still sign…..

5 more strikers Arsenal could and should sign this season… by ED

Ok, this transfer window is getting a little bit ridiculous in terms of that it is 2 weeks left till the beginning of the season, and it doesn’t seem as if Arsene has got his act together. It’s almost comical the mere insinuation that we could be in the run in for the title. If we have learnt anything from last season it is if you don’t hit the ground running from day one, you shouldn’t expect to build up steam at the latter stages of the season. Anyway, rather than continue ranting on about how annoyed I am about the lack of activity I feel that it is best to help identify targets. In this case 5 more striking options (a continuation of the ones I suggested almost 2 months ago).

5) Javier Hernandez (Chicharito)…. With 17 Goals in the Bundesliga finishing 4th in the league’s top scorers – with only the proverbial ‘freaks of nature’ Abumeyang, Muller and Lewandoski outscoring him; in his inaugural season, I might add. The ex-Manchester United Forward would be a welcome addition to our team. For those who don’t remember Chicharito; despite his slightly average size for a centre-forward at 5ft 9in was well renowned for his ariel presence as well as presenting a real ‘fox in the box’ mentality which really excelled during his time at Bayer Leverkusen. Of course having signed a new contract not that long ago he may prove difficult to bring to the Emirates but a fee of around £25 million should be tempting enough.

4) Wissam Ben Yedder… 17 Goals and 5 assists for Toulouse last season. A very technically gifted striker, he has proved himself to be a real nuisance to defenders in the French League over the last four years and has consistently found himself amongst the top scorers in the French league; which doesn’t seem impressive until you ‘realise that he has done that while playing at the ‘Aston Villa of the French League’ Toulouse ( I mean in the sense that they are always relegation candidates). Of course, his versatility is what makes this prospect particularly interesting; as he presents the ability to offer support as a ‘number 10’ or function perfectly as a ‘number 9’ so tactically offers many attacking combinations which Arsenal have lacked for years (I mean lets be honest most of us can name Arsenal’s starting lineup in our sleep). With Sevilla and our retard cousins in white, to name a couple, circling around the very tempting fee of £15 Million he may not be around for long.

3) Borja Gonzales…A man who despite some very impressive scoring records cannot get a game at parent club Atletico Madrid and has been on loan for 5 seasons since his initial arrival at Athletico. Last season Borja scored 18 Goals in 36 for Eibar in La Liga and the season prior scored 22 goals in 39 appearances for Zaragoza in the Segunda Division. At 23 he has shown a transition worthy of warranting a starting place at just about any club as his ability to adjust to the competitiveness of La Liga and to be consistent at that shows a level of maturity well beyond his age. Given Atletico Madrid’s endowment in terms of players, it would be hard to see Borja getting the playing time he so clearly deserves and at his age he needs. A bid of around £18 Million (Give or Take £4 Million) should be enough to prize him away from the Vincente Calderon.

2) Arkadiusz Milik… The Polish Wonderkid, 21 Goals and 7 Assists in 28 Appearances for Ajax, he has definitely raised a few eyebrows. Tipped as the ‘future of Polish football’, Milik’s style of play mimics fellow Polish international and Bayern Munich goal machine Robert Lewandowski, incredible lay off play, disgusting left foot (I mean this in the positive sense, he literally looks like he would break the net whenever he shoots) and at 22 seems to be developing at a staggering rate, having made his international debut at the Euro championships, and featured in quite a few games at that, has attracted the attention of a few clubs in Europe needing a Centre forward, as he appears ready to take centre stage in one of Europes top teams. It must be noted though, supposedly Napoli have agreed on a fee according to various sources, but no official confirmation from either Ajax or Napoli that a deal has been concluded, I only write this because we could pull off a John Obi Mikel on Napoli with the supposed transfer fee in the region of £26 Million a last ditch £31 Million is mere peanuts for the man branded as the new Lewandoski.

1) Domenico Berardi… This may come has a huge surprise but hear me out; at 21 Years of age he has pretty much established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Italian Football, scoring 39 Goals and Assisting 23 Times in 93 Serie A, apperances for Sassuolo; arguably last season wasn’t his greatest as he only amassed 7 league goals and 6 Assists in 26 appearances, experimentation tactic wise led to a decrease in productivity . Berardi has the ability to play literally anywhere in attack, boasting attributes of a winger in terms of crossing and set piece taking ability, coupled with attacking midfielder attributes in killer through balls and topped off by a striker’s intuitive nature, eye for goal and ariel presence; this hybrid footballer is exactly what Arsenal need. To make this transfer, even more, tantalising is the clause in his contract that allowed Juventus to buy him from Sassuolo by virtue of their part ownership expires in 2 days, not that they need any more forwards. It’s assumed a fee upwards of £25Million would be enough to see this fantastic player in an Arsenal shirt.

I clearly do not like Wenger’s style of management; as much as I very appreciate of what he has done my patience has worn thin. I keep hearing ‘the right player at the right price’, however this list is clearly an example that I don’t think Wenger is doing enough and I question his judgement and competency when it comes to finding that supposed ‘Great White Buffalo’ (Yes that’s a Hot Tub Time Machine Reference). I’m tired of going through the ritual of come the end of April we’re blaming a lack of goals for our lack of competitiveness. Here is an opportunity to sign some someone and if I hear that he wasn’t able to find anyone, I will lose it. Note I have purposefully avoided Lacazette because there is way too much noise being made on that front. Not saying he isn’t good but I don’t see Wenger paying the fee and dealing with a team that airs its dirty laundry in public.

Eddie D


  1. Horribly sloppy giveaway ball from Gibbs to set up the MLS goal. I just don’t trust him any more at all. Bielek and Holding looking good thus far.

        1. I’m starting to believe this mahrez deal. Damn this media brain washes you…but just imagine we get mahrez,mustafi and take a chance with Ben yedder. Not bad business and easily doable. But with arsenal and Wenger we might with nobody.or just a mahrez or mustafi

    1. Not sure what game have you seen but it is #37 who’s giving the ball. Gibbs is not even in the picture.

    2. @mohawk It was not Gibbs who gave the ball away (Gibbs played the first half and he was solid) It was Bielik who gave the ball away for the goal. However, aside from that severe error, Bielik was very impressive IMO

  2. I know its unfair on the youngsters, but we have no end product, its sscary. Reminds me of the 2006-2008 era when we are fail to score goals comfortably. Adelaide and Iwobi is the only youngsters i can see playing back up for the first team

    1. That’s not on the youngsters. Besides for Alexis and giroud( sometimes) we have no reliable goal scorer. That’s why we need Mahrez and a better no 9. I also fear we will struggle to score again this season

  3. Make it 10. The names won’t excite many of you, but hey, what are the options?

    6. Wilfrid Bony
    7. Christian Benteke
    8. Mario Mandžukić
    9. Mario Gomez
    10. Carlos Bacca

    1. Would like Bony to be honest. Premier league ready, same type of player as Giroud with slightly better shooting and strength, worse intricate play.

  4. Been very impressed with Bielik and Holding, and when the youngsters came on for the last 20 we suddenly looked more likely to score. Walcott and Gibbs were extremely poor throughout and Debuchy wasn’t great.

    1. Same impression on Debuchy. Really, really jaded. All the problems we knew about are still there, no cover, forgets to come back once he’s up leaving the middle guys to solve the issue. Same on Gibbs, the youngsters were there to impress Wenger. Debuchy, Walcott and Gibbs took it for granted. You could easily see that Elneny and Coq played like it was their last game, different attitude altogether. I don’t want to say much about Walcott but is pretty much annoying now when he gets vocal. I mean you can understand Giroud because he at least scores. In my view, Walcott pretty much fscked himself career wise. He could have been a great winger but the day agent puts in his head that his the next best thing after Messi things went downhill. Not sure where he will play. Wenger better be fair and play Campbell as this guy brings another dimension to our game.

  5. Gibbs was horrible! Bielik is a boss in the under 21 games, very similar to Nordveit who was palying alongside Xhaka in Borrusia and now is back in the premier league

  6. Good game overall. Impressive performance by Holding, Bielik and Xhaka. Our midfield looks really good.

  7. Our kids were amazing today, very proud of them! They seem like a good group of players that have a good understanding of one another. Adelaide especially dazzled. Xhaka is going to be so good too. His passing range is excellent and it looks like he can take a corner. Only negative is Walcott who looked so lost upfront. And Elneny still does too many side passing for my liking. I like more energy in the midfield. But good friendly overall.

  8. Really struggling to understand why commentators seem to be all about Conte’s signings yet act as though we’ve done nothing… They’ve done one more move than us. One… And Batshuayi has a lot of weaknesses to his game.
    Xhaka is the business!! Pulling the strings, finding the smallest of openings with pinpoint crossfield passes. Loved what I saw from him today, and that was without Mesut weaving about in tight spaces to give him that central option and get things going around the box. It in no way looked like his first game for us which I’m incredibly hopeful about!

    1. Forget Taylor Twellman and his commenting. I live in the U.S. and must hear him often.

      Sometimes he offers comments based on VERY limited knowledge but pretends he is an expert. Other times, he is just an idiot.

      He claimed Arsenal will fall below 4th this season. Maybe it happens, but I have been hearing that same nonsense for 10 years now. He does not know anything special.

      He claimed France’s Euro downfall would be their CBs. (He says this about CBs a lot) Wrong. Their defense was strong enough to get them to the final. Forget Twellman.

    2. I agree with you on transfer front but for me Chelsea has better team than Arsenal on paper. They have good offensive players in Costa, Hazard, Willian, Pedro etc and in MF they have strengthen by signing Kante and they already have players like Fab and Matic. Only problem they have is in defense which they are still working to strengthen it. We need to do more in transfer market than Chelsea.

      1. When people say ‘on paper’ they usually take opposition players at 100% but rarely do the same for ours…
        Costa, Fabregas, Hazard and Pedro were pitiful last season. Hazard had a few moments of brilliance at the Euro’s but was a ghost when they needed him to step up vs Wales.

  9. I am hoping Coquelin is ok, i think he had a wonderful game, i think he and elneny are the best combo of a defensive pair of DMs arsenal has, any one of them with Cazorla or Xhaka gives us a creative pair with defensive cover.

    I know its just one game but Bielik and Holding looked strong against Drogba and calm on the ball, that young man Bielik is a big lad, image a little more muscle on him and Holding we would have monsters on our hands. To the game we played well in spurts, alot of the players seemed tired, but good win for the , Xhaka splashing the ball all over the field, disappointed with Theo, but more games fitness and finishing can only get better.

    Really would take any of the strikers mention in the article all are goal scores and with arsenal providers i am sure their goal tally would increase

  10. do you take Arsenal for Burnley? our rivals have Zlatan, Costa, Batsuayi,Aguero and u calling Milik, Yedder (is that even a player’s name), Borja?
    are those the striker you wanna win the title with?.
    Hernandez is the only valid option in ur list.

    1. It is nice to get name players -maybe even important. But the “experts” were confident about name players like Falcao, Di Maria, and Depay just for a few examples.

      Chelsea were full of name players last season. How did that work out? Over the last few seasons players like Schurle came and went just as quickly.

      And these same experts never even mentioned players like Vardy, Mayrez, Payet, Kante etc UNTIL they emerged to BECOME name players.

      Bellerin was just an Arsenal reserve a few months back and last season emerged to become the highest valued defender in the world. I don’t pooh-pooh any players who are unknown because you just never know….

      1. Balotelli, Jackson Martinez, Pato, Pedro, Benteke and Remy to the list as well!
        Although this being said we should be pushing harder for Lacazette… I kind of get the impression Wenger’s banking on him forcing his way out a bit.

    2. OOOO, so i guess only Zlatan, Costa, Batsuayi, and Aguero and apparently players who do not have a big price tag such as Yedder, Borja, Berardi, and Milik do not know where the goal post is located and never score goals.

      The thing wrong with some of us fans we are blinded by the price tag and not much concern about the football it self, all of those big name players mention were once valued 100 – 1000 pounds or dollars until some one gave them the opportunity to be on the big stage.

      So goooner wilshegz the same players you ridicule because you never watched them played or ridiculed because they are not famous or have the enormous price tags , may one day get the the opportunity to have that price tag so that you can recommend them to play for arsenal

  11. According to a new article Chelsea are now the most hated club in the world. This is completely unfair.

    ManU was conceived by Satan. It is now managed by one of the worst humans on the planet. And the club is being filled with minions of Lucifer such as the incomparably egotistical a##h%le, Zlatan.

    ManU should remain as the worst and most hated club in the world.

  12. Jese Rodriguez is available now that Real Madrid have decided to keep Morata and he is better than anyone that you mentioned and Lacazette.

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