FIVE talking points from Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea

5 things we learned as Arsenal were deservedly beaten by Chelsea‏

Our midfield needs a fix – What a most terrible performance I’ve ever seen from an Arsenal midfield. No fighting spirit. They left our defence so open and often dispossessed. It was a total liability yesterday.

We still have the very same problems – Yesterday it was as clear as daylight that we are not a team who chases the ball. The players displayed good ball skills when in possession of the ball but were awful when not.

Organization is Key – everyone bore witness to the ridiculous positioning of our players. Everyone was high up on the pitch including central defenders and our fullbacks played as though they were wingers. You see, the problem is that whenever we lose the ball we don’t regain it quickly the way Bayern do. That leaves so many positions exposed, such as DM, CD and fullback. And many teams have exploited this weakness.

Sanchez is back! – Despite missing almost 2 months of football. He came on and showed hunger and passion and was also arguably one of our best players on the pitch.

Chelsea were on a mission – You could just see from the start that Chelsea were up for it. It was as if they had been preparing for this game all their lives and they utilized Willian and Costa perfectly, who are their most in-form players.

We were certainly naive in this game and we were punished for it. We were very complacent. We insisted on playing our natural passing which proved a liability yesterday. But fortunately every problem has a solution. Only that this time we have to hope. Let’s hope that Welbeck comes back firing.

We hope that Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, and Sanchez become our lethal goal threats and Coquelin and Cazorla will come back and fill the midfield gaps whilst controlling the game with the help of Elneny of course. If not this, then we have 200 million in the bank which can freely be used to add better quality….


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    1. I thumbed you down but I will admit that in my opinion the formation we used against Stoke is the one we should have used in hindsight of course.

  1. yeah i dont think midfielders such as rosicky cazorla and wilshere would have been disposessed as often yesterday.
    and welbeck wilshere and rosicky Even coquelin wouldnt have been bullied of the ball.
    Distribution and passing was weak.
    Everyone tried to have his shot as the lone striker.
    Rosicky wilshere and welbeck would have given us much more energy

  2. And you forgot no. 8.
    There was absolutely NO PASSION for a win!
    Flam looked like a dejected tired old man!
    Ramsey kept on turning his circles and semi circles going nowhere but just him dribbling himself!
    Campbell kept on running like a headless chicken!
    Even Oscar who must be weighing 130 pounds shoved Ozil off the ball!
    Kos comes running with the ball upto half line and then puts the ball out to give Chelsea a simple goal kick! Well what I can say about the captain – skill level at zero – always trying to emulate king henry and each time failing miserably!
    So on and so forth….ABSOLUTELY NO PASSION!!

    1. @pubgooner
      If you had been watching closely, you would have seen the purpose in Joel’s endless running. He was trying to initiate attacks, cover his flank, assist Bellerin as well as trying to shore up the huge gap in midfield left by our new up and coming CF’s Ramsey and Flamini…

          1. This is what FA does for straight red card 

            Denying obvious goal scoring opportunity – 1 match 
            Offensive/insulting/abusive language or gestures – 2 matches 
            Serious foul play/violent conduct/spitting at an opponent or any other person – 3 matches 

            oooops! … Sorry! ?
            Okay… maybe you are a Sunday league ref, after all ?

            But I’m sure that I saw Mertesacker swear and spit at Costa … ???…. Nah … his even too slow for that ???

  3. This match was so important to the club and the fans that Wenger had to allow Flamini as a striker and Ramsey as a ultra attacking player who does not follow the midfield rule of protecting a slow player in mertesacker and all the full-backs in attack. It shows Wenger is a desperate man and giving Walcott the captaincy on a day of such importance to the club was simply unnecessary. This club has no leaders none. i bet mertesacker would have kept mouth shut throughout the entirety of the dressing room period quiet and it seems Wenger has kept the players emotions under control rather then letting it all out.

    1. You seem to be confused, it was Flamini’s job to protect the last man behind, he’s the DM while Ramsey is the CM. Both players were mediocre yesterday but don’t solely blame Ramsey like Flam isn’t in the wrong. Even Cazorla struggles when he’s playing alongside Flamini. Fact is our midfield gets bullied when Coquelin isn’t in the side, I’ve been saying this ever since his injury. If Ramsey had a better partner to complement his style like leCoq he wouldn’t seem as reckless as many claim he is.

      1. @goonerlad
        And you have to stop making excuses for Ramsey’s positional ineptitude. Santi does not struggle when playing with Flame, because he concentrates on breaking up play and recycling the ball back into attack. Aaron doesn’t have a clue as to how this is done. Flame is there to be a buffer and defend. He cannot be expected to break up play, defend and turn defense into attack, while Aaron bombs forward hunting goals. Thats why Flame looks like a headless chicken, running around trying to do more than he’s capable of.

  4. The red card means we
    can’t assess where we are.
    Lets see how we go versus
    Sotn, B’mouth and Leicester
    before going ballistic.
    The Burnley game is a chance to see
    Elneny+ Sanchez in action.
    Against Burnley we should rest
    Cech Koz Monreal Bellerin Ozil Giroud.

    1. If we rest all of them players, we will get knocked out!
      Burnley are no mugs, trust me, we will get punished if we take them lightly!

      Southampton is another potential banana skin,
      We have only beaten them once in our last five meetings!
      But After this game, I feel that we will go on a long winning run in the league!
      The Only games left that I think where we may struggle in,
      Is City and Utd away! Apart from these two, We should win the rest, thats if wenger doesn’t make anymore mistakes!

      Yes, I’m trying to remain positive, now watch some xxxx come along and xxxx that up! ? ???

      1. I love your sense of optimism dude, but I will strongly advise you not to stake a penny on your prediction been right, personally I feel the only games Arsenal can win is the games we have won. Not been a pessimist but just been a realist….we have shown times without number we don’t do pressure, we lack grit and balls, so if the title race goes to the wire, with each match plays dxd under enormous pressure to hold on to the top spot or chase the leaders down you cn be rest assured we will find a way to bottle it, its what we do best……and as soon as we are out of contention and pressure is off, just watch us rack up wins after wins, in time to nab the 4th spot

  5. The ultimate hope hope of every Arsenal fan dis season is that we win d League. What will a run of wins do to us if at d end we surrender d league to City or even Leicester? (Don’t mention Spurs cos Just Can’t win it).
    Arsene Wenger is the problem of Arsenal… No analysis can save U…
    VIDAL, DRAXLER, HIGUAIN, IBRAHIMOVIC, JACKSON MARTINEZ, REUS, etc would have added quality to d team & given us chance, but Arsene Wenger refused to spend, instead we have Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Willshere, Flamini, Mertesacker, Gibs, players who can’t be starters in Spurs aren’t good enough to be in Arsenal… But Wenger Luvs them, and will keep them. And Arsenal will continue to struggle!!!!!!!

  6. Ramsey makes Flamini look awful more than Famini makes Ramsey look bad.. I think Flamini is doin an ok job, Ramsey needs to stop playing like an attacking mid and let Ozil do his job. People are often distracted from Ramsey’s poor play in most games because he scores or assists. I”ve been saying Ramsey isnt good enough for a long time. Much prefer Santi. But this is all Wengers fault though, he should have anticipated an injury/suspension in the DM position and brought in cover from in the summer, someone who would have been in sync with the team by this time.

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