Five targets Arsenal must surely have set for themselves this season

Arsenal are in four competitions this season, they are a top-six club, they are Europa League finalists and they have strengthed their squad significantly so there is no reason why this season will not be a successful one, the foundations are definitely there.

Of course, it would be nice to do what Manchester City did and win almost everything but we have to be realistic, Arsenal needs to set targets and do everything in their power to hit those targets.

It is highly probable that the club has done just that and I believe the following five targets are more than reasonable.

Still be a title contender after the festive period

I believe this is reasonable, I am not suggesting that we will win the title but to be within striking distance of the top is more than attainable. Tottenham was still a title contender after the festive period last season and if they can do it I do not see why Arsenal cannot this campaign.

Finish top-four

A no brainer, it is unthinkable that Arsenal misses out again, too much money has been spent on strengthening the weak areas of the team and there is more than enough quality within the squad to finish top-four this season. There simply cannot be any excuses.

Win a domestic cup

Why not? It would be nice to lift the FA Cup but the Carabao Cup will do just fine. The fans deserve a day out at Wembley and another trophy in the cabinet would be more than welcome.

Win Europa League

The club owes the fans restitution after the humiliation at the hands of Chelsea in Baku and the only way that can happen is if they actually win the trophy and they will be one of the strongest teams in the competition.

Finish above Tottenham

Not the biggest priority simply because if they finish sixth and Arsenal finishes fifth it would be almost meaningless but not completely. We are talking bragging rights and restoring order once and for all and this target will be on every target is a must every campaign. It is simply a given.


  1. RSH says:

    I don’t see finishing above Tottenham as meaningful at all. I think mentality like that holds us back from being the best we can. In the Wenger years we clung onto St. Totteringham Day because as a club we just had nothing else to celebrate. Finishing above Spuds is small fry stuff. They are not even worth cheering about finishing over. Trophies are our main target in the end. Even Top 4 is just a temporary target for us to eventually attempt to become a team that is actually competitive in Champions League and can actually win the tournament. So I really don’t care where Spurs finish, I only care where Arsenal do. And I feel like far too much emphasis was put on this in the past, and we need to move to where finishing above Spurs is only said in passing and nothing more. A main target? Not even close, even when I put the bragging rights part of it into context.

  2. Declan says:

    I hope a target is also to have a style, to play with more speed and be attractive to watch. Hopefully that will come with the integration of the new players. If the form of Ceballos in our last game is anything to go by, hopefully our style will return soon.

  3. Innit says:

    Finishing above Spurs will be VERY difficult but is possible

  4. Welbeck says:

    I think our topmost priority is to never lose to Spurs again, for the sake of our children’s bragging rights and their right to walk unashamedly through the beautiful red part of North London.?

    In reality, our highest priority will be to finish third, followed by an FA cup win/final, a run to the Europa semi finals at least, a better head-to-head against the top 5 teams and lastly not to lose any derbies, ESPECIALLY TO SPURS!! ??

    We have a very good chance this year with a seemingly weaker Chelsea and a stuttering United.

  5. Sunny says:

    Our main aim should be Top 4 finishes.
    We have to sacrifice all the other competition and focus mainly on PL.
    Our top 11 players should only play PL games and avoid midweek Europa League travels.
    Our Second 11 needs to take us forward in Europa League and Domestic cups.
    We can no way take another injury laden ruined season .

    Lets get back to CL and then can built up from there.
    Although we want to win trophies what is unthinkable is another season without the elite champions league football


  6. Vairus says:

    Raul should give Emery conditions for his contract renewal. Such information should be made public so that come the end of the season,the fans, players and all be knowing whether Emery is still around or we getting a new coach. Wenger caused the players and fans too much anxiety with his contract issue and it affected the teams performance

  7. waal2waal says:

    champions league, english domestic and europa league success are what arsenal should be aiming for year to year. We are a global brand and in order to remain so we need a big, skillful and robust squad to ensure we can compete at every conceivable level.

    As things stand we have talent (yet largely unproven premier league) players among our ranks. The only question remaining is among our mid- fielders who will go on to distinguish their-self as a general? Same question needs to be answered regards to our defenders. I need to see whether (or not) Holding, Chambers, Mavrops and Tierney really can be entrusted “reliably” as arsenal’s immovable object. They all need to prove that they can gel with our more experienced defenders.

    This is going to be the campaign where questions like this are about to be answered.

  8. Frédéric slimane says:

    To be honest this season I would take the return to CL football either through the top 4 or the europea cup,no trophies ,what we need most right now CL football and everything else that comes with its ⁴ prize money,TV revenues….,and making s more attractive destination for better players!!

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