Five things Arsenal can take from the Real Madrid game

Well, it was certainly an entertaining game that had almost everything. There were red cards, penalties, a game of two halves and the usual let downs.

It all started so well but you just knew it would not last and it did not and the sad thing is, I am not surprised at all.

Anyway, here are five things that we can take from the game.

Xhaka is not captain material

If we did not know it before we certainly do now. He has zero command of his own game nevermind the midfield or the team as a whole. His first touch, tackling, passing and dribbling were almost non-existant and if he is one of our main midfielders next season then we are in trouble.

If the Socratis is our best defender we are in a worse state than I thought

He did not have a good game at all, he is clumsy and his decision making leaves a lot to be desired. At least one of the bookings was harsh but even so, he knew the situation and to pick up two yellows like that and in one swoop wipe out our advantage is negligence of the highest order.

Mkhitaryan offers almost nothing

What a waste of space, he has almost no link-up play, barely defends when needed and if you think Mesut Ozil is a passenger then Mkhitaryan is a stowaway. Frightening that he will be in the squad next season.

Eddie Nketiah needs more development

He has had a fine tour and he can be forgiven for wasting golden opportunities in the little time he had on the field last night but it is clear that he is still very raw and is in need for more development. Maybe a loan is best for him all things considered.

It is going to be a tough season

Well, what can I say, the performance last night was a mirror image of a lot of the poor performances of Arsenal last season. We are great in attack but the minute we are under pressure we start to fold, the midfield vanishes and any of our Premier League opponents watching that game last night will know exactly what they need to do to overpower us. That team is supposed to be close to the team that Emery wants to go with next season. If it is then we are in for a very tough season indeed.


  1. I know it was pre season, but yesterday showed us again why we cant play ozil and Myki together,

    they dont want to defend, mostly at the end of the game when theyre tired. we lose to much, and in the premiere league where teams are very fit and play to the last whistle we can’t afford that.

    They both had solid games, but their moments of brilliance going forward overshadow their lack of defense, and it shouldn’t be anymore tbh

  2. Totally agree with 4 of these, not sure about Eddie though..would like to see more of him. As much as I like Sokratis, he’s getting worse. Bad enough having Mustafi’s errors, but to have 2 of them – oh dear lord!!!
    What amazes me is UE obviously doesn’t see any wrong in them – Xhaka it’s going to be a tough, very long season… medication at the ready!!

    1. Emery doesn’t have much choice Sue

      Unless Arsenal can complete three purchases before the transfer window shuts down

        1. Dan I stand to be corrected but I guess Emery is only the coach and does no negotiating and recruiting. He can make clear his player requests but the buck stops at Sanlehi, Vit, Edu and Kronks table…

      1. There has been no mention of us selling Mustafi or anyone else for that matter, so does this mean they’re happy with our performances? I am a little worried about playing Newcastle AWAY at the start of the season!

      2. I felt really good with Carl Jenkinson . There was one heart stopping moment early on, but I thought he played well. He played well the whole series.

  3. Xhaka, Sokratis and Mkhitaryan will be our main Gunners, so brace yourselves, fellow Gooners

    Looking at our transfer activities, Arsenal seem to have been waving the white flag

    To save this season, Arsenal should get at least two high quality players

  4. My five things are (similar to above):
    1. Terrible defensive line (need two quality CB and back up FBs)
    2. Terrible midfield (we need A back CM, wingers and a new CAM). Other than a DM we need a whole new midfield
    3. Aubameyang and Lacazette need service. They can’t create goals out of nothing like Henry did. They need creativity behind them and on wings.
    4. United, Spurs, City, Liverpool, Chelsea will finish above us
    5. We can NOT rely on youngsters to do a Man’s job. They don’t have experience or enough quality

  5. Xhaka is poor we all know that, but our coach sees him as Captain material. i don’t know what kind of captain who doesn’t lead by example on the pitch. I wouldn’t mind if Leno is made the Captain.
    On Sokratis? I’m tired of discussing that man, stinginess, stupidity, and ego made Arsenal choose Sokratis over Diallo when Sven wanted him.
    Ergo? We got Sokratis the champion of Sparta from Dortmund, Dortmund went for the man Sven wanted for the small fee we could’ve paid, after a season Dortmund sold Diallo to PSG for a bigger gain. We what? we passed on Diallo to end up with Sokratis, now our defense is even no better than it was.

    Eddie should stay, Eddie going on loan is shït, he won’t get better chances and competitive games outside than he will with us.
    By the way please Kev, you ain’t the only one who follows our U23, neither are you the only one who followed Nelson while he was on loan. If folks could recall, before the season ended I kept saying how I was disturbed and how I noticed Nelson wasn’t improving or showing any maturity with his games, I pointed out some of his flaws while he was on loan and I already pointed out he’s still far behind Sancho and the rest, forget this crap of He needs to play centrally, we’ve been making the same excuse for Iwobi, now we’ll make it for Nelson too? Funny thing is you Nelson is a right winger and yet you want him playing Centrally, (Iwobi the central player is playing the wings, how phucked up are we when our selections are like these?) Nelson isn’t ready to be our starting winger, that’s why I find it ridiculous when people say we don’t need new wingers, Nelson might cut it tomorrow but for now, he’s not it.
    And to say Saka is nowhere near Nelson, I don’t know what to call it, we’re discussing football so I don’t wanna use any offensive word.
    Folks on here might not follow our youths, but I do, so stop saying stuffs that way.
    Also you’re aware, David Ornstein already and also confirmed that Saka is the most highly rated kid in the club even with his age right?

    1. Iwobi is not on Nelson’s level talent wise.He has played centrally on several occasions and has looked normal.Yes, I maintain Saka is not as talented as Nelson and I dont really care that much if you’re gonna use an offensive word seeing as many love to stoop so low over football related issues.If you have class you have it if you don’t you dont.Nelson was never ready.Also Saka and Nelson were from different batches so if Ornstein claims he’s the most highly rated it doesn’t mean he includes Nelson in the same batch.Jeorge Bird who has followed Arsenal youth football more than you,me and Ornstein has claimed Nelson is still by far our biggest talent since Wilshere.You were the same person that claimed sometime ago that Smith-Rowe was on Wilshere’s level in terms of talent and that is in itself a big lie just like those telling themselves Saka is better than Nelson talent wise.I’ll stick to my guns and should Arsenal let Nelson leave permanently then they are in for a rude awakening.You can disagree with me which is your opinion but no-one is changing my opinion about Nelson and Saka.Cant wait for fans to jump on Saka when he starts showing some average performances.Nelson is a bigger talent and should both develop as expected he will be better plain and simple

      1. “You were the same person that claimed sometime ago that Smith-Rowe was on Wilshere’s level in terms of talent”
        Okay now I don’t know what you smoked today but you ain’t talking about me, I don’t even talk about Smith-Rowe not to mention I compared him with Wilshere, I’ve never said anything regarding that.
        Check the name of whoever said that again bro, you might’ve smoked the same thing Wenger smokes when he made the bid for Suarez.
        I had say stuffs about our kids, and the youth player I hardly or don’t even talk about is Smith-Rowe, everyone here bears me witness.
        Look for another phucked up lie bro

        1. No you’ve said that before but that was a long time ago.That was last preseason.You said clearly that Smith-Rowe at the same age was more talented than Wilshere.It was you and I remember that clearly.Talking about smoking things I guess I can call you a healthy crackhead??

          1. Where have your memories gone? the only discussion and argument I had last preseason or early last season about comparing players is the Prime Cazorla on his day is on better than Prime Cesc.
            But of cus, find lies to build up.
            I’m not one with foggy memories and I know how go track my comments on this blog.
            I don’t talk about Smith-Rowe not to mention comparing him with Wilshere.
            I don’t even have to explain anything to you, knowing you’re full of your own beliefs

      2. Besides I don’t know why you think people are jumping on Nelson or stuffs, It’s not as if I started stating my observations bout the boy this summer. You just say stuffs to have your way, I’m starting to see what folks who said you talk shït meant when they say you want to fee right every time.
        To even say I compared Smith-Rowe with Wilshere is what got me laughing, and I’m like, wow Smith-Rowe out of all people? The same Smith-Rowe I’ve been quiet about for over a season and didn’t even bother checking up on while he was on loan?
        Fabricate better and more lies please.
        Nelson is winger not central player, but of cus as our head scout, you know better as our head academy coach so Nelson should play Centrally.
        Whatever you say coach.
        we’ll keep the average Iwobi who’s a Central attacking midfielder on the wings, while we put your world talent Nelson who’s a winger, as CAM..
        Geeze,what a bozo?

        1. Not fabricating a lie.Last preseason you stated Smith-Rowe was a bigger talent than Wilshere at the same age and I called you out about it.Why would I bring it up if you haven’t said it??This was the preseason which preceded the 18/19 season.You’re seriously deluded.Iwobi has been used at the wings and even played there a lot of times in the academy yet he was never really a winger.Same with Nelson.They are players who should be playing as attacking midfielders.Even Hoffeinheim coach played him at CM at times as he observed that Nelson could be good centrally though I believe at CAM rather than CM.It is my opinion and I’ve not stated it as fact.You were the one who said Ornstein claimed Saka as our best talent but I also told you Jeorge Bird whose knowledge about our youth football far supersedes that of Ornstein said Nelson is the best since Wilshere.

          1. I did Prime Cazorla is better than Prime Cesc and not the Smith-Rowe bullshít you keep saying please.
            I can even recall you’re the one I had the Cazorla-Cese debate with before others on here joined.
            Stop saying I said Smith was on par with Wilshere

          2. I was wrong and have apologised for the misunderstanding.I disagree on Saka being better than Smith-Rowe and also prime Cazorla being better than prime Cesc who is easily the best midfielder we’ve ever had so far in the Emirtates era.We can all keep our points to ourselves now.No need to stoop so low over debates

          3. apology accepted I’m sorry I called you a bozo.
            Nelson or Saka, we’re fans and they’re our players, I don’t really care but all I want is to see us get an established winger

      3. Hi Kev please when you talk talent we always talk of iwobi dribbling and running into a deadend I beg to think that trait is also applicable to Wilshire

  6. This season just like the last will be a wasted season for Nketiah if he doesn’t play more.The guy is a youngster and is still finding his feet It would be better for Arsenal to send him on loan but because the club uses our two strikers in the pitch at he same time he’s somehow forced to remain here which will make no sense for him if he doesn’t start.
    Nelson should do a ‘Sancho’ and move to Germany and then prove himself.Criticism is accepted but rants about him being nothing special is out of place. It was this same mindset that made Arsenal allow the likes of Ismael Bennacer and Reine-Adelaide to leave both of which will come back to bite the club like Gnabry.The same will soon to be done to Belik too.

  7. If we have only £45 million in funds then get two players like:
    Ryan Fraser and Rugani.
    That would at least give us a good winger and decent CB for less than £55 million.
    We can sell a couple of players ie Elneny/Koscielny to make up the difference

    If we have more also get:
    Back up RB

  8. Xhaka as Captain OMG!

    I can remember a game when in the penalty area he bent down to adjust one of his socks just as the opposition scored.
    How can a player that makes so many errors….. whether its losing the player you are making, poor passes or giving away stupid free kicks possibly be considered for being a motivational Captain on the pitch.

  9. “Nelson should do a ‘Sancho’ and move to Germany and then prove himself”. Maybe you forgot he already went to germany and played last season, look friend I don’t have anything against any of our players but please stop saying things like i followed Nelson on loan like you are the only one who did, am French but I was in Germany for 2 months last season and he wasn’t even even in the starting 11 of a team that finished 9th in the German league but what do I know, Kev always knows best.

    1. Yeah yeah whatever you say That doesnt rake away his talent which even Jeorge Bird has attested to.He knows more of our youth players than almost everyone at the club.He has said Nelson is the best since Wilshere and when someone like him speaks about a youth player he’s mostly right.He also said we will regret letting Ismael Bennacer leave which is clear today.If you don’t rate him as much as me then fine but I rate him higher than any of our academy players and that’s just an opinion

  10. I learnt that I should have no expectations for this year regarding AFC.

    So what else is new!;)

  11. My 5 takeaways…

    1) Liverpool

    2) Man City

    3) Tottenham

    4) Man United

    5) Chelsea

    *Arsenal will fight it out with
    Wolves, LC, Everton, Watford, and
    WH for 6-10

    1. You will be disappointed to see Arsenalfc amongst the top 4 this season….doesn’t look good for now but the missing puzzles will fit good at the end of the transfer season.
      I am smoking some good shite at the moment….

  12. Let’s also look at some positives guys.

    1. Martinez was solid in goal, so we won’t miss Cech much. In fact, Leno must be looking over his shoulders right now.

    2. Joe Willock is ready for first ream football. He looks light years beyond his age.

    3. There’s still some 2 weeks to go to the end of the transfer window. Much can still happen.

    It isn’t all doom and gloom!


    1. God bless you, I was about to ask that isn’t there anything positive to take from our arguably best match if the preseason?

    2. Thank you sir, I was about to post some positives as well. So much focus on the negative is making me crazy. I agree with your points and I’d like to add that our young forward players were awesome when they came on. It’s too bad Nketiah wasn’t able to finish his chances because we definitely deserved a goal in the last 15 minutes. Nelson, Saka, and Nketiahwere also direct and all have pace. I’m excited to see what they can add this season.

  13. I think Emery is the main problem, for the fact the club don’t cash shouldn’t be be Emery as a could not find a way out. His stupid decision to bring D.Suarez in January cost us to loose d sporting direct director who had sign all d players we brought last season. Now, on his own he could not reason a solution, getting satisfied with our defense performance, how much was pochetino given, while at Southampton and spurs, still he was able to build a good competitive squared. Now I don’t in this U.E any longer

  14. Who has suggested that Socratis is our best defender?As far as I am concerned Holding was our top defender prior to his injury but anyway it’s reassuring to know that we are singing from the same hymn sheet as far as the calamitous Greek is concerned.Yet another waste of money.

  15. Maybe it is just me but dont see much in what Willock does , whas a bit excited by Olayinka though. Jenkinson has hopefully helped his cause with the preseason. Mustafi ,Xhaka ,SOkaratis ,Elneny,Miki, Ozil are doing more har than good to this club surely everyone can see this by now .
    I have to accept it will get worse before it gets better .
    We wont make any profit from our dead wood why not sell the for pennies now and save ourselves the heart ache .

    Ozil had one good tackle and a shot on on goal through the preseason .
    Xhaka one good pass to Nketiah throughout the preseason
    Miki one shot on target .
    Mustafi less said the better
    Sokratis a red card to show for the wrestler
    Kosc should be as good as gone
    Monreal should be receiving his pension now .
    Even if we sign players if we cant get rid of this elements it may not count for much , Would you play Smit Rowe or Nelson when Miki is on the bench even when you know he would coast through the game .

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