Five things Arsenal can take from the win over Bayern Munich

OK, it was just a friendly but I enjoyed the game against Bayern Munich and not just because we won but because the team looked like the Arsenal of old. They looked fresh, they looked sharp, they looked exciting and they looked hungry.

Again, it was just a friendly but that does not mean that there were not a few noticeable things that we could take away from the game and below are the five things, among many things, that I took from the game.

Mesut Ozil

His hairstyle makes him far more noticeable and he defended as well. Could we be seeing a new Ozil next season, a player that listens to the manager and supports his vision? I do know this though, it may have been just a friendly but Ozil looked sharp, he looked like he cared and he looked content. What has happened? Did he get married or something?

Eddie Nketiah

The fans love this young kid and he is exciting, his name was being sung around the stadium at full time and obviously, he scored the winner but even so, he is damn popular and damn good. There will be some very annoyed fans if he is not given a chance next season and instead loaned out.

Away kit

Very nice better than the home kit. Maybe it was because the numbers were better on the back and not that weird yellow we saw on the home kit, I do not know, it just looked far better.

Aubameyang a winger

He was blinding down the wings, yes I know he is supposed to be our main striker but he looks like he could be our best winger as well and if we fail to land Zaha then the Gabon international could easily fill that role as long as we have an out and out striker in the middle.

American fans want Kroenke out as well

When I was watching the game quite a few times I could hear the fans singing we want Kroenke out. That is going to get a lot worse if things do not change. It could get as big and as bad as the Wenger out campaign.


  1. Will we be playing 4-4-2?

    ——–Back 4
    —-Ceballos – Torreira
    Nelson ——– Everton
    Lacazette – Aubameyang

    I wonder if Emery doesn’t fancy CAMs so Özil and Mkhi will be benched.

    1. There is no way Emery would bench both of them, due to their wages

      I predict Emery would have to use 4-2-3-1, to accommodate those CAMs

  2. The only thing I saw in the match was our young lads striving to breakthrough.
    Our defence was same as last season, with error prone Mustafi still in the heart of our defence, thats sucks. we still need a proper Cb. I had a rumour we are after Olympiakos Cb Cisse a 6.6ft tall. I guess he won’t cost much.

  3. Skysports just announced Arsenal have signed Saliba.
    Apparently Spurs didn’t make a bid, just spoke with the player – who I guess rejected their advances.

    Everton at 36m seems to be gaining pace.

    Tierney at full 25m seems to be next on the agenda according to media today.

    Nothing new on Callebos loan deal or Kos leaving.

    On the youngsters, according to squad numbers, nelson Nketiah, ESR and Willock have this year a chance with the first team. Martinelli we dont know yet.

    The younger Baka, TJJ and co are all 17 18 so still a seasons off.

    Nice comments from one article read

    ‘Arsenal have an unusually gifted crop of young players on the cusp of the first team and they certainly seem to know it’

  4. “Last summer there were leadership changes at Arsenal. It had actually been agreed that I would become technical director, so then I would be around the team on a daily basis. But the new leadership had their own agenda and other candidates. On top of that, we had different approaches.
    Previously we had a strong systematic approach to transfers, a mixture of watching things live as well as quality data and video analysis – Arsenal actually owns their own data company. That meant that we acted independently, we knew about all markets and players in all positions that came into question. However, the new leadership work more strongly with what they are offered from clubs or agents through their own networks.”
    – Sven Mislintat

    Actually this is what is wrong with us as a club, the world is moving towards Data analysis to in sorting out transfers, we dumped ours the moment we had it only to live and rub the balls of Raul and Co.
    He prefers his connections? we all know how he goes on about his contacts, blah blah blah, his contacts are yet to pull anything out, the only thing his contacts could give us is a signing worse than Kallstrom in Denis Suarez.
    Even till now, let’s not pretend we’re getting our players through his contacts, Edu is in charge now.
    I’m yet to see a single thing that Raul has done to shoe he’s any better then Gazidis, just another ásslicking self glory hunter.
    So he prefers what clubs or agents offers us?
    Let’s also not pretend as if Edu was the man he wanted from start, he chased out Sven so they would complete that Spanish trio búllshit Ornstein spoke about, he chased out Sven so he’ll bring in Monchi, so they can base our club on Spanish contacts m I’m glad Monchi even refused the job, the only reason Edu is here is because Raul’s plan failed in the first place.
    I don’t know which was worst, last summer during the world cup, we got in our players on time still and got in the right players with Sven.
    This summer, no major competition, and we keep embarrassing the club with our silly bids while Raul led it

    1. What a silly rant! Raul was brought in because of his networks and extensive contacts whilst at Barcelona. It would then be extremely stupid to then ignore all that and simply rely on data analysis for player recruitment. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems a marriage of the two, data analysis based recruitment, supported by networks and contacts would be most effective. Let’s see the completion of this summer window before we start making premature judgements. And this idea that they are somewhat making silly bids, a narrative of the media, just makes you sound petulant and entitled. There are valid and legitimate concerns about Raul’s performance as Head of football, but saying he failed because of the arrival of Edu is just stupid.

  5. They still have the same old problems. Aubameyang/ Lacazette missed sitters, lack of midfielders, Ozil produced nothing, our fullbacks were too easy to get past and only Aubameyang looked dangerous on the wing

    Emery also used 4-2-3-1 in last year’s pre-season matches before changing it to three-CB formations. I expect him to switch to 4-3-3 in this season, but he needs high quality wingers to do that

    Using no 10s centrally or on the wings will only recreate last season’s problems, because they rarely want to risk their legs. Unfortunately Emery has no other option if Arsenal cannot sell those old CAMs

      1. Declan, I swear people don’t watch matches, but just make comments about players they dislike.

        As for UE having no option, I believe he has a full first team squad players (just two long term injuries to be completed) and he seems more than happy with what they are producing…even with those tired old legs!!!

        1. Ken, I think they watch the games, but don’t understand football and then go on to make stupid comments. I agree with you and Declan, thought Ozil had a good game. Gotanidea made his decision about Ozil before the game kicked off.

  6. The main thing it shows is how desperately we need a CB for this coming season.

    Mustafi played miserably (no hate towards him, just upset the powers that be don’t replace him)

    I believe in a strong spine (ie Gk, CB, DM, CM, CAM, Striker). BUT having strong CBs is vital!

    Our FBs are not the greatest defenders. I consider Bellerin more as a winger really. He had more assists than Ozil last season

    Holding is good but still not experienced enough. I don’t rate Mavrapanos yet. Chambers is a ?. Koscielny will go. Also we have injuries every season like Holding, Bellerin last season. Sokratis is good but he will be 31 soon and he needs a younger but experienced, tall and strong partner

    So we need a SOLID CB pairing
    One will do because we will get Saliba (hopefully) the following season. But I’d prefer we purchase one and get a loan/free transfer for added protection

    I value the CB position very highly

    1. Bellerin and Kolasinac had more assists than our CAMs because Arsenal played with wingbacks, similar to how Klopp utilized his attacking fullbacks and made them produced two-digit assists

      I’d like our fullbacks to be more attacking like Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, but our CBs and DM should be able to cover the spaces our fullbacks leave behind. And their crosses would be more effective if Arsenal play with two wingers that play more narrow to score

      Mavropanos had few chances to prove himself, but he could not handle strong striker like Benteke yet and got injured again. If Emery wants to play with only two CBs, I think we wouldn’t get a new CB in this season

  7. Even if we make the 3-4 signings we are linked with it’s not addressing the real problem defence were signing a young CB and loaning him back so we have not strengthened in the 1 area that’s really needed you can have all the creative and attacking players you like but if you still concede goals you will loose more then you will win been a big problem for years and once again its being ignored which will cost us again this season!!

    1. Dan, I hope Arsenal are not ignoring the CB deficiencies and have bought one for the future in Saliba. Now we have to wait a few more weeks until the end of the transfer window to see if an experienced or starting CB is bought for this coming season.

  8. I was gutted that Neuer was subbed off… he’s such a cocky sod, would have loved it if we’d scored in the first half, just to see that smacked arse look on his face!! Up the gunners!

  9. For their lack of not been decisive in goals scoring, lacking the killer instinct in front of Bayern Munchen goalmouth to not taking their chances making the most use of them to convince. Thus, I have to say that for me, I am not impressed on Arsenal general performance against Bayern Munchen in the International Champions League match played on Tuesday night in USA.

    Defensive frailty was glaring in the Gunners back-four defense-line that comprised AMN at right-back, centreback pairing of: Mustafi/Sokratis and Monreal at left-back was split opened on a number of occasions by Bayern Munchen attacking force which failed to convert the chances they created into goals. Otherwise, the Gunners would have been long buried before Nkethia tap-in the goal he scored that resulted from the disorganized defending by Bayern Munchen defence that gave Arsenal the 2-1 victory they got in the match. Arsenal first goal was as an own by Bayern Munchen whose defender scored against themselves for Arsenal to give them the lead in the game.

    Ozil ran well left, right and center in the match but he was not convincing in taking the chances that came to him to bury them or at least bury one of them. AMN at left-back was ran ragged many a times by Bayern Munchen’s Comman. I hope this is not going to be the back-four defense-line or the starting XI team that Arsenal will play away to Newcastle in their opening match in the PL next season. For, Mkhitaryan singularly looked totally unconvinced for Arsenal in the match. But if that going to be the starting XI team that Emery will play against Newcastle, then, he has to work on the team back-four defense-line to very smart in defending and suffer from any loss of concentration in defending. But maybe before the PL kick start next season, Arsenal would have signed Everton, Ceballos and Tierney and inject the trio in the team to improve it as it plays Arsenal match no, 3 in the PL after they would have acclamatize.

    1. Jeez! What the matter is with you people! It seems your expectation is totally out of whack. I thought over the ninety minutes they played well,pressed well and generally looked organised notwithstanding some occasional disarray in both attacks and defence. Frankly, I thought Ozil had one of his better games, he was active and effective and full of running before he got tired in the latter stages of the match. Our defence was split open a number of times, just as we split up there defenses as well, that is what you get when you play Big teams! And to say we have to work on our defensive organisation is akin to saying you have to keep breathing to stay alive, no shit sherlock!

      1. They forget it is their second game of pre-season and that the players are rusty. They played well in my opinion. Ozil was sharp, his combination play was good and his hunger was visible. I’m not his biggest fan but he had a good game.

  10. It means absolutely nothing as it was a friendly. Arsenal always perform well when there’s no pressure to.

    In regards to players, and not just Ozil, but Mustafi, and Xhaka also. Does anyone honestly believe they’re going to be any different this season? If they’re going to be playing regularly, then we’re in trouble. We cannot rely on deadwood.

    1. I’m sure if they had lost, you wouldn’t say it means absolutely nothing. For God’s sake, seems some of you are in a perpetual state of moaning and just sucks the life out of everything. As for not expecting any improvement because certain players are still in the team, you better gird up your loins as you are in for big disappointment.

      1. I enjoyed the game, and we played well, but I was just pointing out that it’s a meaningless game, that will have zero impact on the season.

        In regards to my posts, I will admit that most of are not joyful ones, but that’s only because I am a realist. It’s hard to be happy about the club, the owner, the players, the performances etc.

        I will not be disappointed or angry, because I already know what to expect from the likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi etc. It was just the same with Wenger. I, like many other realists, would know exactly what was going to happen (or not) with Wenger, even down to the order, and almost the exact minute of his substitutions. When you already know the outcome, and accept it, it’s a lot less stressful.

        1. We have another Realist in the chat Ken ?
          Which can only mean one thing ,he’s never going to be wrong .

          1. Dan, if I was that depressed, even before the season has started, hari kari would be my first signing…not on loan but as a permanent deal!!

            Thought Ozil had a good game, looking fit and raring to go. They seemed to be aware of the tactics as a team, and as a group of players looked to be enjoying themselves.

            Are you able to get to the Emirates Cup next week with your lads?

      1. Iwobi was one of our better performers last season, and given his age, and improvement last season, I am intrigued to see if he’ll improve even more. With Ozil, we already no they’ll be no improvement given his age, and wealth, and I am sure it won’t be long until we see his disgusting attitude again. Mustafi is done, and as we saw with Switzerland during the summer, Xhaka will continue to make key mistakes.

        1. I’m in the process of moving house so that would be a no On the Emirates cup ,and I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway ,haven’t actually been for quite a few years now ,maybe one day when we have a new owner .ill stick with my Hereford season ticket for now.
          Regarding Ozil I only saw 20 mins of highlights but he looked sharped and played well with the top two .still have my doubts about Emery but let’s hope he can change that this season .

          1. Good luck with the move, hope all goes well.

            Have just commented on the latest Kos rumours…UE doesn’t need this kind of c**p going on does he?
            I din’t even blame him for the mess, it’s just unbelievable that so many on here thought it would all change when one man left.
            Kronkie and Gazidis has left us with so much sh*t and UE has to deal with it, just as AW tried to do.

            NOW I feel sorry for UE as well!!!

  11. Some arsenal fans never see the positive in anything. They won didn’t they? and bayern put out a strong side too.

    1. Thank heavens UE sees it the way we do and not the coming of the Apocalypse…let’s just have the official confirmation regarding the three or four big signings.

    2. pre-season results dont matter. how many great preseasons have we had and then bad EPL starts. This is just players getting back into shape and UE testing some of the young players. Kovac doing the same thing.

  12. I can’t believe we are not giving Bielik a chance. His versatility and potential would be helpful this season but we persist with Mustafi

    1. I think it’s the level he played at that’s the problem. League 1 to the Premier League is a big jump, especially for an inexperienced player. I would still give him a chance over Mustafi though, as it would be tough to get any worse, and we’d save ourselves 70/80k a week.

      1. If that is the logic we are using then it is very dumb. Rob Holding came from Championship, Mavro came form Greek league, Guendouzi from French lower leagues and straight into Arsenal XI.

  13. Imagine allowing yourself to be fooled by Ozil yet again, lmao. Also, Arsenal tend to get good pre-season results and then fluff it up on opening day. The performances of our experienced players mean nothing. Good for youngsters tho

    1. RSH, let you and me remember your first sentence and converse with each other during the season to see who is being fooled yet again.

      So, if Ozil had played rubbish, you wouldn’t have been slating him and saying the same old same old, rather than it’s just a friendly?

      Come on RSH, every performance means something doesnt it?
      All the players are out to prove their worth to UE and Ozil is no different to any other player.

      1. good man kennith, defend the lazy one til the death. one day ozil will be gone from the club, then i dread to think what you will get up to then, lol.

      2. I dont care if he plays good or bad during pre-season. We all know that when the season starts it will be same old Ozil.

        1. and that doesn’t only apply to Ozil. If Mustafi had a blinder, I would still expect him to be garbage come the actual start of the season. These players are proven trash in my eyes.

          1. Let’s wait and see regarding Ozil and, just an aside, they think and talk very highly about you.

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